Maddie Taylor gives us a French Kiss!

received_1714803638737343Thanks for having me back for a guest spot, Morganna.  Today, I’m brought along a little taste of my newest Decadence Nights novel, French Kiss.  It’s packed with the action, intrigue, suspense, hot doms, sassy subs and BDSM club action you’d expect.





Arturo Durand is a dominant and a sadist who is an expert with a whip.  He’s also an MI6 agent, torn between duty and protecting the woman he craves like none other. He swears to prove her innocence at all costs and claim her as his own.


Marilee Hoffman is a lonely submissive and a masochist suppressing her deep-seeded desires.  Struggling with loyalty to a ghost and what she needs to be fulfilled, she finds the one man who can at last make her whole again.


Will betrayal forever rip them apart?





In this scene, Marilee’s safe dom for the evening has been called away.  Ready to go home unsatisfied, Dex, Club Decadence’s master dom has other ideas…


My naughty excerpt:


The power of his gaze locked on hers, sending frissons of desire racing through her.  It was too much all at once and she took an involuntary step back.  Unfortunately, she forgot where she was and ran out of floor, teetering on the edge of the top step behind her.  Her arms flailed trying to maintain her balance as strong hands came out and encircled her waist, pulling her to safety.


“Faites attention, ma chérie.” Silky smooth, his cautionary tone needed no translation.  As he looked down from his superior height, he didn’t let go, pulling her in a fraction closer until the tips of her breasts brushed up against the front of his shirt with each inhaled breath.


Mesmerized by his beautiful eyes, she couldn’t bring herself to look away.  Not pale or dark like she’d thought earlier, but a mixture of colors falling somewhere in the middle like summer leaves just as the season is waning and turning to fall.  There were little flecks of yellow scattered throughout the irises and at the edge, a ring of dark forest green, so dark it was almost black. They were stunning, and as she stared up into them like a love drunk fool, the little lines at the sides that said he laughed often, crinkled as amusement crept in.


She blinked once, then lowered her gaze.


“Good save, my friend,” Dex praised as he looked on.  “Mari, this is

Master Arturo, I though you two might get along.  You don’t come often and I’d hate to see you leave disappointed tonight.”

She glanced briefly at Master Dex.  The message behind his gently worded invitation was clear.  It was extended, not as a request, but as a directive.


Under his scrutiny, and that of the Arturo, whose gaze she could feel on her face, his fingers flexing subtly on her waist where he continued to hold her, she mounted her weak argument.  “It’s a three-hour drive, sir.”


“Which you made with the intention of carrying out a scene with Reyn.  Unless you’ve also had an emergency arise, time should not be an issue.”


She swallowed.  For some reason the Master Dom was insistent on her having a scene tonight.


“Of course, you always have a choice, but I think if you decline, we will need to schedule some time to have a serious discussion about what you hope to get out of your membership at Club Decadence.  Every few weeks or a once a month visit makes me feel as though we’re taking advantage and that your fees, which are nothing to sneeze at, have become more of a donation.”


“Do you have a problem with me, ma petite?” Deep and resonant, his lightly accented English flowed over her like a warm, relaxing shower, his French heritage clear in his rolling r’s and soft v’s more so than his endearment.  She melted inside, never having heard such a seductive tone.  At the same time her panties dampened with lightning fast arousal, her lips became dry and her tongue stuck to the roof of her parched mouth.  She would have swayed on her feet, if not for his firm grasp.


When she didn’t answer immediately, one arm slipped around her, anchoring her close while his free hand rose to capture her chin, angling her face up to his.


“Mari,” he prompted.  “I believe an answer to a direct question is the polite response.”


Suddenly, she wanted to scream.  Yes! I have a huge freakin’ problem with you.


But she’d been raised to be courteous, and after years of living as a lifestyle submissive, it was ingrained to be respectful of any dom.  So she lied, in a soft tentative voice, “How could I, when I don’t even know you?”


He studied her upturned face at length with his hand lightly curled around her jaw, holding her still for his scrutiny.  She returned his regard, feeling she had little other choice.

This close, exuding dominance from virtually every pore, it was no mystery why she’d been drawn to him even before she’d seen his handsome face.


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The Blurb:


At thirty-eight, Marilee Hoffman finds herself a widow with an empty nest and an empty heart. She is lost, floating aimlessly through life as her family and friends, even the boutique that bears her name, move on without her. After losing her husband and master of eighteen years, Mari has vowed never to open her heart to the pain of that kind of loss again. But she is still young and has needs that only a dominant can fulfill. She searches for what she craves at a distant BDSM club, but as her limits are tested, she refuses to submit fully and leaves unsatisfied time and again, suppressing the submissive and the inner masochist that she truly is.


MI6 Agent, Arturo Durand, is assigned to stop the leak of weapons technology that is being turned on his fellow agents with lethal force. His mission leads him to south Texas, where he calls upon Tony Rossi, an old friend and colleague, and his security team for assistance. The sadist in him is pleasantly surprised to receive a guest membership at Club Decadence, the BDSM club that Tony and his partners run. Arturo finds it is the perfect place to unwind and fulfill his needs while the investigation drags on.


One night, when Mari’s easy, non-threatening dom is called away, she is paired with Master Arturo for a scene. Having seen him wield his whip masterfully, she knows on sight, he is dangerous to her vow to keep her heart uninvolved. There is an instant spark and as the weeks go on, Arturo breaks through the barriers Mari has erected around her wounded heart. When new leads in the investigation implicate a terrorist group and Mari’s dead husband, Arturo is also shocked to find that his new submissive has become his prime suspect. Can he fulfill his commitment to the crown while protecting Mari and proving her innocence? And when his identity is revealed and she is hurt, thinking he has played her from the beginning, can he convince her that she was more than just a mission and somehow keep her as his own?


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