A hot bottom in the corner for WIP it Up Wednesday


Hi all! It’s WIP it Wednesday! Remember work in progress so be nice when you read this excerpt from what I’m working on, tentative title Aurora’s Reawakening. Happy reading! ~Morganna

“Good girl,” he praised her and she frowned at the warmth that filled her chest. She didn’t want to feel warmth or anything else for this man. Shock filled her when he stood her in the corner with her pants still around her knees and her red ass on display.

“Oh hell no!” Aurora snapped as she started to turn around only to be stopped by a firm grasp on her arm and a series of swats on the under curve of her ass that made her swing her hips in a futile effort to avoid them. Tears of embarrassment coursed down her cheeks as she found herself back in the corner with her nose firmly planted.

“Now while you think about how this meeting could have gotten off to a better start I’m going to sit down and go over the edits you sent last night at three in the morning. Apparently we need to get you on a better sleep schedule too, that’s entirely too late for you to be up writing.” He said firmly as he sat himself back down.

Aurora kept her own council as she stood in the corner plotting revenge. Donovan might have the upper hand now but sooner or later he’d leave and once he was out of her home he’d never get back in again if she had to buy several vicious pit bulls and a killer raptor.

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