A little hanky spanky excerpt from Primal Heat live today on Amazon in the anthology Twisted and Sinful Stories!


Hi everyone! I’m so excited release day for my anthology with the dudes is finally here! Twisted and Sinful Stories is a group of stories by Jack Crosby, Jeff Treliwiecz, Jeremy Croston and Me! We have brought you four very different tales with something for everyone. A mermaid orgy, ghosts, murder, mayhem and a little spanking…what more could you want for 99 cents? I hope you enjoy the excerpt from my story Primal Heat, happy reading! ~Morganna


“I asked you a question young lady. Kyra?” he swatted her bottom, a tinge of exasperation in his voice.

“What was the question?” she asked.

“Are you thinking about how naughty you’ve been?” Quinn asked again.
“Sure,” Kyra hedged, who wanted to admit to a man that had just spanked your bum that you’d really like to jump his bones now and do the nasty. Four more sharp smacks landed. “Owww…I’m sorry…I just can’t seem to focus.”

He chuckled, “Just what may I ask are you thinking about?”

Her head fell against the wall with a thump as she groaned with embarrassment, “I…please don’t make me say it…”

She gasped when to long fingers slid into her from behind almost lifting her up on her toes as they drove deep into her wet heat. “How wet my naughty little mate is,” he
said as he used his other hand to push her hair off the back of
her neck so his lips could nuzzle there.

Kyra moved her legs further apart as she began to ride his fingers helplessly, when his teeth closed over the back of her neck in a sharp nip she came apart with a soft little
mewling cry.

“There’s a good girl,” Quinn said as he pulled his fingers free from her grasping sheath. Turning her limp body to face him Kyra looked up at him from her slump against the
wall and watched as he licked her essence from his fingers.



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