Sunday’s Six of the Best!


Hi all! For Sunday’s six of the best I’m offering up a snippet of my Tiger Shifter short story Primal Heat coming in an Anthology with the guys from Two Dudes Brews and Books!


Quinn began to stalk towards her once more, the intoxicating scent of her arousal filling his nostrils despite her denial to the contrary.


Kyra retreated with his every step forward then she seemed to shake herself and stepped towards him with a glare, shaking her small fist at him, “Stop stalking me! You’re making me nervous!”


“Good. You should be nervous,” Quinn told her with a feral grin.


“Asshat!…ohh!” she cried as he finally lost patience and pounced again, going down on one knee and tossing her over the upturned one. “You can’t do this!”


“I not only can, I will…you will learn not to lie to your mate and you certainly will not call me names,” he told her as he worked the ugly tweed skirt up over her hips then pulled her panties down her writhing legs and completely off.


“You aren’t my mate!” Kyra yelled.


“Yet another lie,” he said as he brought his hand down hard low on the under curve of her bottom making her yelp. Quinn brought his hand down ten times hard in the exact same spot.


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