Sterling Scott stopped by to talk about her new spanking romance, My Pirate Wife



Evelyn was so determined to escape her pirate captor, she never considered that, when the opportunity finally arose, she might not want to leave him…

Abandoned by her family, Evelyn Douglas is working as a cook in a brothel when her long lost Uncle Henry finds her and convinces her to accompany him with promises of high seas and adventure. Together, they set out for Jamaica and the New World. At first, all is well, and Evelyn takes to seafaring like a natural; even learning to navigate. But then they encounter pirates.

Evelyn is taken hostage, and the pirate captain John Howell strikes a deal with her uncle. Henry Douglas has six months in which to return to England, collect the ransom money, and return to the Bahamas to rescue his niece. In the meantime, Evelyn will serve her new master, John Howell, in more ways than one. With nothing but her wits to protect her, she struggles to stay alive until Henry can save her.

Evelyn knew that nothing would ever be the same when she and her uncle set sail from England, bound for the New World. She knew that adventures awaited them on the voyage to Jamaica. However, being kidnapped, ransomed, and sold into slavery were not the sort of excitement she had anticipated. Nor does she expect to realize that, when she does find an opportunity to escape her captor, her newfound feelings for him ensure she doesn’t really want to leave…



Hours later, she heard, “Boy… boy… BOY!” Realizing that it was Captain Howell calling for her, she ran up the stairs to his cabin.


“Aye, m’lord.”


“I had to call you three times.”


“It won’t happen again, My Lord.”


“Not to worry, I know how to encourage you to keep your mind on your work. Drop your breeches and bend over the desk.”


Her mouth opened, to beg for mercy, to attempt resistance.


No, that’s what he wants. He will spank me in the end. If I resist, his men will hold me down. Making him angry will only make him spank harder.


Evelyn’s experience with Mr. Fulford had taught her that a strategy of appeasement was best, the best way to minimize a punishment. She untied the rope and let the breeches drop to the deck. She bent over the desk and displayed her bare bottom for him. Mr. Fulford had taught her the position. Standing on her tiptoes, she placed her hips on the edge of the desk, then she bent forward until her elbows supported her. She crossed her ankles, locking her legs together.


“I see that this is not your first spanking,” he said.


She said nothing as she waited for the inevitable. She hoped he would hurry before someone came into the room.


Captain Howell began his punishment with a gentle caress of her smooth, pale skin. His hand lifted and came down hard with a resounding SMACK.




Evelyn was more surprised by his suddenness than the pain, though it was a sharp swat. He continued landing more hard smacks. “You do have a nice firm ass. You must be more active than a socialite sitting all day creating lace.”


Thinking the spanking was over, she started to rise.


“We’re not done.” A hand pinned her to the desk. He started spanking again. Each smack made her bottom sting, these swats were more severe. She whimpered as tears began to well up in her eyes.


Wowzers! I wonder what happens next? I guess we’ll all have to one-click on the link below to find out. Come on, you know you want to! Happy Reading! ~Morganna

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