A little professional punishment on Free Friday…


Hi all! Hope this weekend finds you ready to play! Have a lovely holiday! Happy reading! ~Morganna

Session One



Daria sat quietly on a couch in the lobby as she waited for her appointment. Butterflies filled her tummy as she watched the clock. Ten minutes until it was time…such a short amount of time and then it would finally happen.


She’d get the spanking she’d always dreamed of…a man was going to take her in hand literally. Daria had longed for this her whole life…a strong dominant man scolding her and spanking her bare bottom for her bad behavior.


Then she found Twin Moon’s Discipline online, an agency that fulfilled the role of disciplinarian to single women without guidance. At first it seemed crazy but the more she thought about it, the more her bottom tingled with anticipation.


For a monthly fee, she would get some rules, direction and consequences. Two hundred and fifty dollars a month seemed reasonable for what she’d be getting. What was the point of a gym fee if you never went? Without late fees at the bank there was money saved as well, in the end this might end up being almost economical.


At least that was her reasoning for the new monthly expenditure.


“Daria Sloane?” a deep voice called to her from the hallway.


She started, standing slowly in response to the beckoning voice. He stood patiently in a doorway watching her closely. He was tall with broad shoulders and short dark hair. His deep blue eyes pinned her in place where she stood nervously pleating her skirt between her fingers.


“Come along young lady. I reviewed your file and it seems you and I have quite a few things to discuss. Don’t dawdle,” he commanded.


Daria jumped again and then scurried to his side, with down cast eyes. Her eyes came up with a gasp when he caught her firmly by the arm.


He said not a word; he just propelled her down the hallway and into a large office with heavy drapes covering the windows.


“Sit,” he said as he guided her to the big chair facing the desk. Once she was seated her sat facing her, one hip planted on his desk and crossed his arms as he watched her. “Firstly, do you understand what’s going to happen in this room Daria?”


“Yes Sir,” she said softly, trying to hide the slight quiver in her chin.


“Explain to me what’s going to happen,” he instructed.


“I…ummm…you’re going to punish me…” she said almost too quietly to be heard.


“How am I going to do that?” he asked.

“You’re going to spank me,” this time the words came out in a breathless rush.


“So you fully understand the contract you signed last week?” he asked with a raised brow.


Daria found herself getting irritated. Did the man not want to help her? “Yes I fully understood the contract I signed; if you don’t feel you can help me maybe I should…”


“I would think if you fully understood the scope of the contract you signed Daria you’d do well to watch your tone. I wasn’t trying to say I couldn’t or wouldn’t help you. I was merely making sure you really wanted and needed what you signed up for…I find women who sign up on a lark out of curiosity are likely to be disgruntled afterwards. In the future attitude will add to whatever punishment I feel you have coming.” He told her.


“Oh…” she felt out of place under his suddenly stern regard.


“Yes oh. My name is Jacob; you will refer to me as Sir when you are being punished. Outside this room or when you aren’t in trouble Jacob will do. Do you understand?” Jacob asked.


“Yes,” Daria replied.


“Excuse me?”


Her eyes widened as he seemed to straighten, “Yes Sir. I understand.”


“Good girl.” Jacob stood and picked up a file, she could tell it was the paperwork she’d filled out. “Speeding tickets, red light tickets, late to work…quite a list you have here. Do you have a problem paying bills on time?”


She flushed, how did he know? “Yes Sir.”


He nodded, “I’m not surprised. Its common when a person is late to work, fails to pay attention to traffic laws that they also fail to deal with day to day business like they should.”


Daria started to bristle, frowning at him.


Jacob merely raised a brow again, “Am I wrong?”


She immediately deflated, “No Sir.”


He nodded and stood, removing his suit jacket then he started rolling up the sleeves of his dress shirt. As Daria watched her stomach dropped to her knees, he was getting ready to spank her. It was really going to happen…in fact at this point it was out of her hands…one of the stipulations of the contract once in a punishment room the punishment was happening.


A large hand was suddenly in front of her, held out to help her to her feet. Daria looked up at him nervously as she placed her much smaller hand in his.


He smiled and pulled her to her feet and led her across the room to a cabinet. He opened the doors and she gasped. Paddles, canes, hairbrushes, belts, straps even a tawse…all the implements she could think of lined up on the back wall of the cabinet or on the shelves.


“Daria, I want you to pick an implement, either one of the paddles or a hairbrush. Pick one and then bring it to me on the couch.” Jacob instructed her.


“I don’t think I can…” she whispered.


“You can and will young lady,” he said firmly.


She gave a shuddering sigh and then picked a small thin wooden paddle. It reminded her of the ones that were at the grocery store with a ball attached but a little more sturdy. Taking another deep breath she turned to face him.


Jacob had already seated himself in the center of the couch, he eyed the paddle clutched tightly in her hand and nodded. “Good choice.”


Daria moved slowly to stand in front of him and handed him the paddle. He took it from her hand and then caught her arm once again and pulled her down over his waiting lap, scooping her close against him and smoothing a hand down over her skirted behind.


“Why are you here Daria?” he asked.


“What?” a sharp swat landed on her skirt covered bottom making her jerk with a gasp. It hurt even through her skirt.


“Why are you here over my knee about to get your bare bottom spanked like a naughty child?” Jacob asked.


“Because I was bad, I got a speeding ticket and a red light ticket,” she told him nervously.


“And?” he asked.


“Because I need you to help me be better,” Daria said softly.


“Yes and you young lady are going to find I take my job very seriously.” Jacob informed her with a pat to her upturned bottom.


She looked over her shoulder at him in alarm, “What?”


He laughed, “You heard me. Let’s get your punishment over with, and then you can have some corner time to reflect upon your actions.”


“Corner time!” Daria exclaimed with a hint of outrage.


Jacob chose that moment to toss her skirt up over her back and jerk her panties to her knees, “Yes. Naughty young ladies who have to have their bare bottoms thoroughly spanked finish their punishment by standing in the corner with their red bottoms on display.”


“I can’t do that!”


“But you will my dear. You will and I bet you’ll do it with very little fuss. Do you know why?” he asked.


“No Sir,” she said warily.


“You will do it with little to no fuss because I’m about to light a fire in your naughty bottom that won’t soon be extinguished.” Then his hand landed hard on her left bottom cheek.


“Oh!” Daria jerked in surprise, but before she could completely absorb the sting of the first swat the second, third and fourth fell in quick succession in the exact same place. “No not there again!”


Her pleas fell on deaf ears as his hand continued to fall in the same area until a full ten swats had been delivered then he moved to give the right side the same treatment.


“Warm ups over.” He announced, pulling her in tighter and then bringing one leg out from under her to clamp it down over her knees. Then he lifted the small paddle she’d chosen because it looked so harmless.


That little thing stung like a bitch and she was howling from the first swat. By the time he got to ten she was begging…by twenty she was promising to be good until she turned ninety-nine…by thirty she was sobbing limply over his knee.


Her bottom felt as if it might burst into flame at any given moment and she was sure it was swollen to gargantuan proportions.


“Right now,” Jacob said standing her on her feet and tucking the back of her skirt into her waist band. “To the corner with you.”


He was right; she went without so much as a whimper planting her nose in the closest corner as quickly as possible.


She wasn’t sure how long she stood there like a well chastised child but before she knew it he called her to him. Jacob gave her a tight hug and congratulated her for taking her punishment so well.


Then he dried her tears and helped her to set her clothing right before leading her back to the lobby.


“I’ll see you at your house in the morning for your next session.” He told her with a wink/


Daria gasped, the next session was in the morning?


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