Bringing a little primal your way on WIP it Up Wednesday!

Hi all! Currently I’m working on a shifter short for a multi-genre anthology with the guys from Two Dude’s Brews & Books, Jeff, Jeremy and Jack. Yes, that is three dudes, I noticed too and I’m not a dude at all. 🙂 This is an excerpt from my story, Primal Heat. Hope you enjoy it! Happy Reading! ~Morganna



“Stupid? Delusional? You better stop while you’re ahead little girl. I like a little role play on occasion but you aren’t going to get away pretending this whole scheme wasn’t your idea to begin with,” he told her firmly as he stalked towards her. “Now, would you care to explain to me why any of this was…ooompf”


She stopped his words by rushing him and ramming her tied hands up into his chin while kicking him hard in the groin simultaneously. Unfortunately, she hadn’t checked her momentum and ended up knocking him on his ass with her sitting on top of him.


Kyra blinked down at him in surprise from her precarious perch on top of his chest, gasping when she saw the fierce gaze meeting her own. In a flash she was off him and running as fast as she could towards the tree line.


If she could make it to the trees she might be able to climb one and hide until it was safe to come down and seek help later. She pumped her short legs as fast as she could but she could hear him behind her and then she felt a rush of air over her head and the biggest tiger she’d ever seen landed in front of her causing her to skid to a halt.


Kyra looked to the left, trying to find somewhere to go a menacing growl brought her attention back to the beast stalking towards her; she swallowed hard and backed a step away for each one he advanced.


“Look…ummm…I can see where we might have gotten off to a bad start…but you did kidnap me…and I…now see here stop stalking me! It’s rude…and you’re making me nervous…stop it!” she groused at the big cat as it continued to advance. “I don’t taste very good at all and…and…” she squeaked when her back came up against a tree.


Kyra closed her eyes as she felt the tiger’s hot breath on her face preparing for the worst.


The deep chuckle was unexpected, “I bet you taste just fine, delicious in fact…we’ll find that out after.”


Her eyes sprang open to see the cat had returned to his human form, his very naked and impressively aroused human form. Kyra took in the huge erection then snapped her eyes shut again. “Do you mind? You’re naked!”


He laughed again then grabbed her around the waist and tossed her over one broad shoulder with a shake of his head, “I’m always naked when I shift back, tigers don’t wear clothes.”


She blinked, dangling down his back and unable to help ogling his well muscled backside as the muscles bunched beneath his skin. Trying hard to ignore the way the sight of his nicely put together form and scent made her body react. He could probably smell her arousal, the pool of moisture gathering between her thighs…her breath began coming faster as she sank deeper into the pool of desire his evocative scent was pulling her into.


Kyra shook her head trying to escape from the haze of need beginning to swamp her senses; this is why she’d left the shifter community. She’d never wanted to feel this way, powerless to resist the mating heat.


The thought of him tasting her as he’d suggested, his tongue lapping the moisture from her weeping core sent a shudder through her, then she frowned remembering his words.


“After what?” she asked hesitantly.


“After your spanking of course,” he said matter of factly.

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