A Saint Paddy’s Day Spanking for free Friday

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I had to post a day early so as not to miss the lovely occasion. Hope this post finds you well and you make it through the day without being pinched…well not too hard anyway. 😉  Happy Reading! ~Morganna

Pot O’ Gold

Maggie slammed on her brakes…something had run across the road in front of her. She grimaced when she heard a light bump. “Oh noo…I hit it.”

Climbing out of the car she went to investigate. Maggie straightened and blinked when she saw the tiny green man sitting on the road in front of her car rubbing a hand through his green hair.

“I…er…are you okay?” Maggie was a little unsure what one said to a gnome like green person. What was proper etiquette when dealing with a…leprechaun?

The little man gave her a resigned look as he got to his feet. “You’re a clever lass to trap me thusly.”

“Huh?…But I didn’t…”

With a little tap of his pointy green shoes with golden buckles he swept the tall green hat from his head, “Shamus O’Shannessy at your service.”


“Now I’d prefer not to part with Me Pot O’Gold if it’s all the same to you.”

“I would never take your gold! That would be stealing! I have no need of your gold I can take care of myself!”

The little man blinked “Tis sure that you’re a feisty one Miss Maggie.”

Maggie took a step back, “How do you know my name?”

“I make a practice to know those who hunt me.”

“Why I never hunted you! I wouldn’t…I..”

“Ahhh Lass you’ve been calling out to me for years. Your need is like a siren’s song to one such as me.”

“What!?! I don’t need anything!”

The man studied her with a sad shake of his head. “Your need is so great it near breaks my heart. What’s your Pot O’ Gold Maggie?”

“What are you talking about? You don’t make any sense at all,” Maggie said beginning to get exasperated then felt immediately guilty for the turn of her thoughts. The poor little man must have hit his head harder than she thought. What was the protocol for injured Leprechauns? Did they have an Embassy? “I’m sorry Shamus. Does your head hurt? I can take you to a hospital.”

Shamus threw back his head and laughed. “What would I be doing in a hospital? I be fine Lass..but I do need to take care of our business and be on me way.”

“What business?”

“Why the business of yer wish gel.”

Maggie sighed, deciding to humor him. It was all a dream anyway…there were no such things as Leprechauns.

“Bite yer tongue gel!!”


“No such thing indeed. Here I be in the flesh and still ye doubt.”

Maggie blinked twice…this was all so strange…and couldn’t possibly be real. She took a deep breath. “All right. I wish for…”

“Nay lass. That’s not how it works.”

Maggie frowned down at him. She was a bit disgruntled that he’d stopped her from making her wish. “What?”

“I’m a special sort of Leprechaun. You can only be wishing for what you need most in the world.”

“A million bucks would have gone a long way to meeting my needs.”

Another sad shake of his shaggy green head. “Oh Lass…most real needs have naught to do with money.”

“Fine. I wish for whatever it is that I need most! There…I made my wish… Are you satisfied?”

He chortled with glee and spun in such a rapid circle he almost made Maggie dizzy. Then he spun to a stop at her feet and doffed his hat with a little bow. “It was a pleasure doing business with ye Miss Maggie my Lass…find yer own Pot O’Gold before its too late.” Then with a loud pop he disappeared right before her eyes.

Maggie blinked and shook her head then blinked again. This was surely the most bizarre thing that had ever happened to her. She certainly couldn’t share the story. Everyone would think she was crazier than a loon!

“Oh geeze…maybe I hit MY head,” Maggie climbed back into her car determined to put it all behind her.

Cord frowned as he parked in front of Tansies Tavern. He had hardly believed it when a co-worker had told him that Maggie was working there. Little Maggie May was a thorn in his side. He’d been shocked when his friend Luke had called him and said Maggie was moving to New Orleans. Why on earth would her family allow her to move half way across the world all alone? Then he’d met Maggie. She was a force to be reckoned with, independent, beautiful, confident and feisty as hell. It had taken a matter of days for him to fall like a ton of bricks.

He’d tried to court her but she kept him at a distance, telling him that she had to make it on her own before she settled down. Her blasted independence! Every time he saw her she seemed to have lost a little more weight and the bright sparkle was fading from her glorious brown eyes.

Cord walked into the bar and froze in his tracks. There was Maggie decked out in a tiny green bustier with a little black fringe that was supposed to be a skirt, fishnet stockings and big silver platform heels. Her golden hair spilled to her shoulders in luxurious curls that she flipped at the customers as she strutted across the top of the bar.

“Now gentlemen…Maggie is so pleased that you’ve decided to follow her from the parade to our establishments St. Patrick’s Day bash…but give the girl a little air,” Came the booming voice of the bartender.

Maggie smiled again down at the leering men as she dodged their hands from her place on the bar. What a way to make a buck!

Suddenly a hand locked around her leg and pulled her from the bar. Maggie was shocked to find herself pressed against a very large and seemingly unwashed gentleman. She sniffed and held her head back.

“Please sir…let me go…I’m not on the menu.”

“I want some of what you’ve been promisin girlie!” He said with a growl before pressing a wet kiss into her neck.

A roar of rage echoed through the tavern and suddenly Maggie was free and the unwashed man was lying in the middle of the floor.

“Cord!” Maggie gasped as her brother’s handsome friend shackled her wrist in his hand and turned to face the rest of the mob of leering men.

“Anyone else?” He asked with a menacing growl. The men shook their heads and bellied up to the bar as a single unit.

Cord nodded with satisfaction and began towing Maggie towards the door.

“Wait! Cord what are you doing? I can’t leave I work here!”

“You just quit!”

“I did no such thing! I need the money!”

Cord dealt with Maggie’s dragging feet by tossing her across one broad shoulder. The whistle from the bar made him glance at her bottom. The nonexistent skit displayed her generous curves to all leaving only a thong and fishnets to conceal her most personal of secrets. Cord glared at the whistler shielding the area as best he could with the palm of his hand.

“Cord Danvers you unhand me this instant!”

A well-placed slap to her vulnerable bottom was his only response.

“Oooowwww! Cord! How dare you! Put me down!”

“My wish is your command!”

Cord stood her on her feet then pulled her quickly across his lap as he sat on a nearby bench. The skirt of her uniform or lack thereof left him nothing to raise to expose his target area. He brought his palm down hard against her upturned bottom.


“I have waited…I’ve waited for you to come to your senses…loving someone doesn’t make you any less independent…if anything it makes you stronger…I’ve had enough of your protests!” Cord hand continued to fall as he read her the riot act leaving a blistering sting in its wake.

“And THIS place…THIS outfit…what were you thinking?” If anything his hand began to fall harder when he was reminded of the situation he’d just removed her from.

“Ooooooowwwwwwwww…I’m sorreeeeeeee…I hated it…but I was broke…oooooowwwwwwwooooooo…I’m sorreeeee!”

Maggie found herself pressed tightly to his chest her tears wetting his neck. “When I saw that man’s hands on you…oh baby you scared me,” Cord squeezed her tight.

Maggie looked up at him and touched his cheek. “I’m so sorry Cord…I should never have taken that job. I won’t fight you or what I feel anymore.”

Cord loaded her in his car to take her home. As Maggie looked out the window she saw a flash of green and a little voice whispered in her head. “What’s your Pot O’Gold?”

In an instant everything clicked and Maggie turned to Cord with fresh tears in her eyes. “Oh Cord I’ve been such a fool.”

Cord frowned as he parked in front of her apartment then grinned and pulled her close. “I’ve been trying to tell you that for over a year Maggie me girl, but you know your punishment is far from over.”

Maggie nodded and led him inside.

Once they reached her apartment Cord wasted no time pulling Maggie back over his knee.

“Cord can’t we talk about this?” she asked nervously as he pulled the thong and stockings down her legs leaving her bare from the waist down with the exception of the almost non-existent skirt.

“I’ve done all the talking I plan to do young lady,” he said sternly. “You’ve led me a merry chase but now it’s over and as far as I’m concerned you’ll never spend another night away from me.”

She shivered enjoying rough power in his deep voice as his words rolled over her, Cord was taking control and she liked it. Then he began to deliver crisp slaps all over her bottom with no discernible pattern.

Soon Maggie was wriggling in an effort to escape his hard hand, but Cord tightened the hand around her waist holding her easily in place for his punishment.

“I’m sorreee Cord! Please…I’ll be good I promise!”

Cord’s punishing hand then gentled as it began to rub across her tender flesh in a gliding caress that left Maggie lifting her bottom for more. Each pass of his hand over her hot bottom brought him closer and closer to her core, where her body readied itself for his possession.

Maggie moved her legs apart eager for his fingers to touch her and relieve the ache of her need. Then one long finger sank deep as his thumb played across her clit. Cord worked her expertly with his fingers until she came with a gasping scream over his knee.

Then Maggie climbed off his lap and got to her hands and knees on the floor in front of him, looking over her shoulder, “I need you Cord.”

Cord watched as Maggie pressed her chest down with her hands and elbows pressing to the floor. She gave him a mischievous little grin over her shoulder; her blond hair swirling about her face. Her creamy breasts were spilling from the top of the bustier and the little skirt left her rosy bottom on delightful display.

Cord wasted no time dropping his pants and kneeling behind her on the floor; he delivered two sharp swats to each bottom cheek before fitting the head of his cock to her weeping slit.
Maggie raised her hips in an effort to bring him inside, but instead her began spanking her again hard as he eased just a fraction of an inch inside, “Who’s in charge Maggie?”

She tried to buck back and take him deep but one firm hand on her hip held her in place as he spanked her while teasing her with the head of his swollen cock.

“Who’s in charge Maggie?”

“You are Cord! You’re in charge! Please…” she begged.

Cord lunged forward and took her to the hilt with one hard thrust, then he stilled his balls pressing tight against her body to give her a chance to get accustomed to his girth and length.

“You feel so good inside me,” she panted wriggling around to get the friction she craved so badly.

More searing swats fell hard and fast, the searing heat shooting straight to her clit and almost sending her over the edge.

“You’ll take what I give you Maggie Mine,” then he was riding her hard and deep; pulling out almost to the tip of his cock and then slamming back inside.

Maggie pressed her chest completely to the floor and spread her legs even further apart to take him even deeper. Each slam of his cock against her cervix spiraling her higher and higher until she shattered around him with a hoarse shout.

When she would have collapsed bonelessly to the floor Cord held her in place, “We’re not done yet love.”

He continued to move, altering his angle to hit a spot inside her that made her clench down with every inward thrust as his hand reached around to catch her clit between his thumb and forefinger to send her over the edge again.

As she came around him, Cord pressed deep and began to grind against her while pinching her clit hard.

This time her back arched and she opened her mouth in a silent scream as her body shook and her sheath began to milk him until he gave her everything.

As Cord wrapped her close to hold her in the shelter of his arms, Maggie smiled knowing she was home. She’d found her Pot O’ Gold.

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