B J Wane is over with a steamy and spanky excerpt from Her Master At Last!





When Jack Sinclair worked for Morgan Tomlinson’s parents when she was a lonely, neglected little rich girl, his friendship became her lifeline, and she swore she’d marry him someday.  Twenty years later, Morgan is still determined to belong to Jack-the one man who has always been there for her and has helped her battle her insecurities.

After breaking off her unwanted engagement and with her mother’s criticism about her less than slender body ringing in her ears, Morgan flees to Jack in the midst of a snowstorm and finds herself stranded at his mountain retreat.  Jack has always feared losing Morgan’s friendship if he gave in to his desire for her, and worried his demanding tastes would be too much for her.  But Morgan’s determination to expand their relationship proves too much for Jack to ignore, and her need for a bare bottomed spanking becomes dire-to the point he bares her bottom and puts her over his knee in front of all his guests at the retreat and gives her the spanking she’s been asking for.

To Jack’s surprise and pleasure, Morgan responds beautifully to the sexual marathon he puts her through as he teaches her what it means to belong to him.  Even when he plans a night for he and his best friend to pleasure her together, Morgan finds it more pleasurable than she ever thought possible.

Yet when her family’s demands threaten to drive a wedge between them and cause her to run back home in order to protect him, will Jack finally be the one who chases after her and doesn’t take no for an answer?


Oblivious to the late hour and not thinking he might be asleep, she ran out the back kitchen door, across the green expanse of lawn and down to the guest house.  It wasn’t until she saw the small Volkswagen sitting next to Jack’s truck she considered he might not be alone.

Youth and alcohol gave her the courage to move with quiet stealth up to the window where a bright light shone and she could hear a woman pleading for something she couldn’t name.  Apparently Jack didn’t care if anyone saw or heard them as the shade was up and the window open to allow the warm summer breeze in.  Peeking over the window sill, Morgan drew in a shocked breath at the sight of a naked, attractive blonde draped over Jack’s lap, hands braced on the floor, ass in the air, legs spread and held apart by his large foot. 

Morgan gaped watching him swat her already bright red buttocks, eliciting a gasp from the beet faced woman.  When he moved his hand between her legs and his big finger slid with ease through her drenched folds, her own pussy dampened with need.  Unable to pull her gaze away from the erotic sight, she spied with rapt fascination on the couple, both awed by the woman’s eager response every time Jack smacked her ass and then fingered her pussy, and jealous over his obvious involvement with this woman.

Jack continued alternating his slaps with fingering her pussy, the woman’s squirming backside and the dampness coating her swollen folds obvious signs the heat and pain from the smacks were a huge turn on.  When the blonde screamed with the release of her orgasm, Morgan couldn’t help but cup her crotch, rubbing her clit through her jeans.  Picturing herself in the place of the woman, the thought of him treating her to the same pleasure/pain had her untried pussy clenching in need.  She must have made some sound, because before she could duck down out of sight, Jack’s dark eyes switched from the wriggling, red buttocks over his lap to land on her red face.

“God dammit!” he roared, making her cringe.  Knowing it was useless to flee, she stood up and tried to put on a brave face as he came storming out the front.  “What the hell do you think you’re doing Morgan?”

At six foot four and over two hundred pounds, Jack was a big man, but Morgan had never feared him.  Still feeling the effects from her heavy drinking, she gave him a cocky smile and sassy reply.  “Sheesh, Jack, I didn’t know you were a kinky perv.” 

“That is not funny, Princess.  What’re you doing out here so late?”

Feeling brave even though she had never seen him so angry, Morgan threw her arms around him and then went stock still when she felt his huge erection against her stomach.   Looking up into his rigid face, she stated naively, “Jack?  I’m eighteen now and…”

“Forget it.”  Grasping her arms, he pulled her away from him.  “You’ve been drinking and you don’t know what you’re saying.  Come on, I’ll take you back up to the house.”

A perverse part of her couldn’t let it go, just had to egg him on.  “Are you going to tuck me in?” she needled him, knowing she shouldn’t push him but not caring.  She wanted what she wanted, and she wanted Jack.

“Morgan.”  The dark warning in his tone told her she pushed him too far.  He only called her by her name when he was really upset with her.


Thanks so much for having me, Morganna!

You’re welcome at my place anytime BJ! Thanks for the hot excerpt! I don’t know about y’all but this is definitely on my TBR list. In fact I’ve already got my copy, you better hurry and snag yours! Happy reading! ~Morganna

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