Mark S. R. Sterling is visiting to talk about his new book, Stranded with Charlotte



Sometimes the best path between two points is not the straight line.

A voyage of self discovery awaits Jon Howard as he travels across the country for his mother’s funeral. Leaving his beloved Charlotte, North Carolina behind, Jon and his troubled psyche travel to Hawaii where his detested stepfather awaits. Along the way, both his soul and the airplane break down. To pass the time, his fellow stranded travelers each tell a short story of their own sensual discoveries. Through these tales, they teach Jon not only about sex, but also about life, love, and, forgiveness.

Karen is not sure why she is attracted to the shy engineer. His gentle manners and the fact that he has a job are a welcome change from her previous lovers. When fate intervenes, and the couple finds that there is no room at the inn, they discover what truly binds them together.

Reality eclipses his dreams, and Jon discovers that the distance he has traveled has been much farther than merely achieving his destination.

It may be too late to change the past, but the future has yet to begin.





Jon touched her face. Her lips parted. He stooped and haltingly kissed her again.


Taking his hand, she led him back to her room. Jon watched her close and lock the door. She attached the safety chain before facing him. After a glance, she looked down to her shoes. She clasped her hands behind her back and twisted in a coy, schoolgirl fashion.


“Sir, how did you want me? That is, how did you want to position me for my spanking?”


Jon cleared his throat and glanced about the room. His mind spun through the scenarios he had seen played out in the videos. There was no straight back chair. Both the reading chair by the window and the office style desk chair had arms. He sat on the corner of the bed.


“Over my lap, of course.” He tried to sound firm and confident.


With some hesitation, which Jon thought might be real trepidation, she lowered herself across his knees. She reached up to the head of the bed and pulled a pillow under her face. Her hips were squarely over his thigh and she opened her feet a foot or so apart. She dug the toes of her sneakers into the carpet.


“May I have a safe word, Sir?”

“Yes.” The confident tone in his voice came easy. “If you say ‘horse feathers’ once, then I will know to be more gentle. If you say it twice, I will stop your punishment. Otherwise, any pleas you make – any begging for me to stop – will only be a sign that my spanking is getting its job done. Okay?”


“Yes, Sir, I understand.”


He placed his left arm across her waist; his hand gripped her side and pulled her snug against his belly. His right hand lightly touched her bottom. Jon gave Karen a caress followed by a gentle squeeze. He had never touched a female bottom before. Her flesh was so delicious to hold.  She invitingly wiggled. He lifted his hand and lightly patted her tush. While he had watched endless spanking videos, and performed this exact act many times in his dreams, this was Jon’s first spank upon a real woman’s derrière.


He paused. How hard should I swat her?


Karen wiggled again. He swatted her other butt cheek – a bit harder.


Now that was an absolutely delicious excerpt! How often do we hear about a dominant’s first time? This is a must read for me! Come on and hit one of the links below and claim a copy for your very own! I did! Happy reading! ~Morganna


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