Extremely Late Free Friday Story

I got caught up in the holidays and did not get last Friday’s story posted, so here it is. I went with a bit of nostalgia this week, I hope you enjoy it! I hope everyone has a Happy New Year! Happy Reading! ~Morganna



Em smiled as she studied the golden charm bracelet that circled her thin wrist. It jingled happily with every move she made. She fingered each little charm wistfully as she remembered.


Emily Calhoun had been a very spoiled eighteen when she first met Rainer. He’d come home with her brother Frank during the Christmas break. Rainer and Frank were roommates at college.


For Emily it was love at first sight.


She followed the two young men everywhere they went eager for any attention Rainer sent in her direction. Since Rainer loved flying, she often found herself at the airfield outside town watching from the ground while he and Frank soared in the blue sky above.


Rainer for his part was enamored of young Emily, yet felt she had some growing up to do.


Every vacation Rainer came home with Frank and he soon became a big part of the Calhoun family. Each time she saw him Emily fell a little more in love.


Then the war came. Frank and Rainer enlisted while they were home. They were to leave immediately.


Emily lay crying on her bed. She was heartbroken Rainer was going far away to be killed.


The bed gave as Rainer sat down next to her, “Don’t cry Em. We’ll be back before you know it.”


“Please don’t go. You don’t have to go,” Emily cried as she threw her arms tightly around him.


“Yes I do Em,” He said softly disengaging her arms and kissing her gently on the head. “I’ll come back for you.”


“Don’t you bother Rainer Banbridge! If it’s so easy for you to leave…then do so!” She flipped back to her tummy giving him her back.


Rainer smacked her upturned bottom, “This is no way for you to behave. Now give me a proper goodbye.”


Emily winced at the sting in her behind but stubbornly refused to turn and face him.


Rainer sighed as he stared down at her mutinous back, “Come on Em, please don’t be this way.”


“Just leave if you’re going!”


“Goodbye Emily. I’ll see you when I get back,” then he was gone.


Emily cried her heart out then jumped up in a panic. She hadn’t said goodbye! What if he was killed and she hadn’t said goodbye? Emily raced down the stairs in a frenzy only to find Rainer and Frank had already left for the train station.


Emily tore out of the house, catching up with them at the corner just before they stepped into a cab, “Rainer!”


He turned and caught her in his arms when she flung herself at him.


“I’m sorry Rainer…I didn’t mean it…I didn’t…I’ll miss you….I…I love you….Please don’t forget me,” The words came out in a rushed sob against his chest.


“Oh Em, I could never forget you,” he whispered against her hair. “See that you don’t forget me young lady.” Then he pulled a little package from his pocket and pressed it into her hand. “To remember me by until I’m with you again,” he smiled and kissed her nose before setting her away from him. “Grow up while I’m gone little girl. I plan to marry you when I get home.”


Then he jumped into the waiting taxi with Frank and they were gone.


Emily clutched the tiny package all the way home tears still streaming down her smiling face.  Once in her room she opened the package. Inside was a charm in the shape of a tiny golden plane. It was enchanting; the intricate little plane had two engines on each side with moving propellers and the little wheels on the bottom moved too. Emily slid the little pendent on a chain so she could wear it close to her heart while she waited for Rainer to come home.


Rainer had of course come back for her when the war was over. Under the fond gazes of her parents and brother he began to court her openly.


Then came the wonderful day when he asked her to be his bride. They were sitting under the arbor in the rose garden enjoying a beautiful spring afternoon.


Emily had been surprised when he dropped to one knee before her.


“Emily will you marry me and come be the queen of my castle?”


She had gasped in delight when he’d pulled a golden bracelet from his pocket with a little castle made of gold dangling from one of the links. The twin turrets were toped with pearls, the base surrounded by sapphires and rubies like a gem-studded moat.


“Oh yes please.”


He’d smiled as he fastened the bracelet around her wrist, “I know it’s not the traditional ring Em, but I wanted you to have something that was uniquely yours.”


The plane was added on the bracelet next to the castle and a family tradition began.


They were married six months later in the small church she and her family had attended since she was a child. It was a beautiful ceremony and it was obvious to all in attendance that the groom and bride were totally besotted with each other.


Em chuckled as her fingers touched the little capital building next to her castle. Rainer had taken her to Washington DC with him on business not long after they were married. It was the scene of their first disagreement as man and wife.


Rainer had instructed Emily to remain in the hotel while he was in his meetings and told her that when he was finished for the day he would take her wherever she wanted to go. Em always having been the independent sort felt that was silly so she’d gone off exploring on her own.


She’d gotten back to the hotel and found a furious Rainer waiting on her.


“Where the hell have you been?” he asked with his hands planted on his hips.


“I was exploring. Don’t swear at me Rainer,” Emily admonished him.


“I told you to wait here.”


“Yes, but why should I be cooped up all day while you’re in meetings?” she asked with a small pout.


“I don’t want you wandering around a strange city by yourself Emily.”


“For heaven’s sake Rainer, it’s not the dark ages! I was fine,” she said with no little exasperation.


“Be that as it may, I told you to stay here,” he reminded her with a frown.


“I’m not a child Rainer; I don’t need you to tell me what I can and can’t do!” Emily stomped her foot to emphasize her point.


To say Emily was a bit surprised to find herself dangling bottoms up across her husband’s knee was an understatement.




“You will obey me Emily! Especially when I am trying to provide for your safety and my own piece of mind,” he brought his broad palm down across her upturned backside with a resounding smack.


“Ouch! I don’t remember saying that I’d obey you! Ooooowwwww!”


“You might as well understand here and now Emily Ann Banbridge that I intend to wear the pants in this family!” Rainer drove his point home with several well placed slaps to his wife’s posterior.


“OOOOWWW…yes Rainer….oooohhhhh….OOOOOWWWWWW!”


Then he’d lifted her skirt and pulled her panties completely off, dropping then on the floor by the bed.


“No Rainer! Not on my bare bottom!” she’d cried.


Rainer ignored her pleas and began to spank her bare upturned backside in earnest bringing it to a bright red hue under his capable palm.


Emily had been surprised by her reaction to the spanking, it hurt but with every swat that fell though she’d yelped and then cried she’d also gotten wetter and wetter. Her arousal had embarrassed her.


Then Rainer had parted her thighs and slid two fingers into her wet achy channel, “Did my naughty girl enjoy her spanking?”


She was mortified, “No.”


He’d immediately removed his fingers and delivered several stingers to her already sore sit spots, “Lying will get you more of the same young lady. There isn’t anything wrong with getting aroused because I took you in hand. It’s the natural order of things baby. Now, I’ll ask you again. Did my naughty girl enjoy her spanking?”


Emily sniffled, her bottom was on fire but she needed to feel him inside her again and her need far outweighed the embarrassment she felt. “Yes Rainer, please I need you.”


Rainer put her on the bed face down and lifted her to her knees, “I’m going to give my naughty girl exactly what she needs.”


She looked over her shoulder watching as he unfastened his pants and his cock sprang free…long, thick and ready. He moved behind her and spread her wide before driving inside her to the hilt in one firm thrust.


Emily’s back arched and she cried out in pleasure as he filled her completely the strength of the thrust causing his thighs to slap against her punished bottom. Then he began to pound in and out of her in a relentless rhythm, each slam of his thighs against her heated flesh reawakening the heat and sting of her spanking but the pain seemed to blend with the pleasure until she was bringing her hips back to meet every hard thrust.


“Yes Rainer…harder…please Rainer…I need…” she panted, lost in their shared pleasure in a way she’d never experienced before.


He knew exactly what she needed and began taking her even harder one hand reaching around to pinch her clit between two fingers while the other began to slap down on her ass every time he pulled out.


All Emily could do was moan as the pleasure continued to build to an almost unbearable level. Suddenly her world went white as she exploded with pleasure, every muscle in her body shivering and shuddering as she convulsed around his cock as it continued to drive her even higher.


Then she came again screaming his name and this time he followed her over the edge with a muffled shout.


Then he moved to lie sideways on the bed, pulling Emily into his arms and stroking her gently as her body calmed.


It was a very contrite Emily that he cuddled to his chest, “I won’t be able to concentrate on work if I have to worry about you running pell mell all over the city Em.”


“I won’t go out without you again Rainer, I don’t want you to worry. Although, I still don’t remember anything in our marriage vows that said anything about wifely obedience,” she said primly.


He chuckled and pulled her close, “It was in the fine print.”


As they were getting on the plane to go home he’d given her the little golden replica of the capital building. It had a tiny little magnifying glass embedded next to the dome. Emily laughed again as she remembered her husband telling her that the magnifying glass was to help her be able to see fine print.


She and her Rainer had shared such a fine life. He’d given her charms often to mark great events. The diminutive clown was a work of art. Its entire body moved independently head, shoulders, arms, pants and feet. Made of gold it had pearls for hands and buttons down its middle made of garnets and turquoise. Rainer had presented the clown to her in the hospital after the birth of their first child.


The charm of the Dallas skyline with the diamond encrusted “D” in the center of it had been given to denote the conception of their second child.  Em grinned, that had certainly been a memorable trip to Dallas.


The little owl with the graduate’s cap and the light up amber eyes had come when their oldest boy graduated from college. The five-dollar gold piece from 1879 was added when the youngest went into banking. Each golden charm held a memory and significance all its own.


Emily smiled as she unfastened the bracelet from her wrist. She and Rainer had led a charmed life together. Through the years she’d found herself face down over her husband’s lap on more than one occasion then taken masterfully. She’d reveled in his dominance and in her own submission. She’d loved everything about Rainer and she missed him terribly.


Soon she would join her wonderful man in the hereafter, but first she wanted to pass the bracelet on while she could still tell its stories. Her granddaughter and namesake would be here soon. Of course she might leave out a few details, no need to tell the child of her grandfather’s proclivity to warm his wife’s fanny from time to time.




Em looked up from her place at the window into the smiling face of her granddaughter. “Hello child. I have something for you…”


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