Free Friday spanking short and a contest!

Hi all! Welcome to another free Friday! Today I have short bit of erotic spanking for you. I also wanted to post about a contest. Please submit pictures you think would make a good spanking story. I will pick my favorite three pictures and then we will take a vote on the winner. The winning picture will be used to write a short story and the winner of the contest will be able to claim the book of their choice from either what I’ve already published or  my next release. I hope you enjoy today’s offering. Happy reading! ~Morganna


Good Girl

The feeling of being over your knee is delicious, I’m at your mercy yet I also feel powerful and free as I let the moment take me.


I’m awash in sensation as your hand glides back and forth over my bare bottom. I shiver as the warmth of your hand leaves my tingling flesh, the gasp as it lands sharply on the under curve of my left bottom cheek.


Again and again it falls bringing every inch of my flesh to life; singing with stinging pain and pleasure as the heat grows. Between swats your hand strokes across my tender bottom in a circular motion getting ever closer to the area between my thighs aching for your touch.


The wetness leaking onto the tops of my inner thighs makes me sigh and wriggle as I move my legs apart to tempt you in.


Several more quick swats are my reward for trying to rush you.


“Who is in charge here young lady?” Your deep voice rolls through me like an invisible caress.


“You are sir,” I say softly then moan as your finger slips through my wetness briefly before leaving me bereft again.


“That’s right you cum on my schedule not yours and I’m not nearly done with this luscious ass of yours,” the smile is evident in your voice and you anchor me close as your hand begins to fall once again in a crisp cadence that soon has me bucking in place. The stinging heat builds and builds almost taking me further than I thought I could go as I cry out.


“Ooooh….owwww!” tears begin to form and trickle down my cheeks and still your hand falls.


My breath quickens as your hand begins to land low on my bottom jolting my needy core with every swat. Soon as the pain and pleasure begin to blend I’m carried to a new place and I need more.


“Harder…please….” I whimper as the need consumes me.


The sound of flesh slapping across and my cries of pleasure fill the room as your hand falls harder until everything within me seizes and I shudder across your knee as an orgasm slams into me.


As the first ripple begins your fingers slide home riding deep inside of me to wring every ounce of pleasure from me that you can.


Your thumb teases across my clit as your fingers pound in and out of me and I seem to rock straight from one orgasm into another until I collapse over your knee with a hoarse cry…completely spent.


“Good girl,” I love hearing those words they reach something deep inside me never tapped until I met you.


You gently rub my back as I come back to myself, still lying over your knee. I shiver and you lift me to sit in your lap tucking me tight against your chest.


I feel wrapped in your love; safe in your arms where I belong.


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