Jack Crosby is visiting to talk about his book Death Among Us-#sexdemon

Death Among Us (Kindle Cover)


::Reader Warning – this book contains foul language, lots of sex (both necessary and unnecessary), and a total disregard for historical figures and proven facts. Reader discretion is advised::

Derrick Grimm is an easy going twenty something college kid, or so he wants you think. When the Lust demon Roxanne shows up at his door and seduces him, she also drops important information; the Arch-Demon Beelzebub is after an artifact to unleash hell.

It’s up to Derrick and Roxanne to figure out what’s going on and who they can trust. If they aren’t careful, they’ll get screwed over and not in the good way.

Hot Excerpt –

Thank the Almighty she was rubbing my shoulders. Plans that originated Downstairs were convoluted and sometimes downright retarded. It was amazing that they got anything to work out right for them. Probably do to demons like Roxanne here. Every one of Hell’s lords had a council that made sure no matter how shitty the plan was, they would make it work.

The more she rubbed my shoulders, the more bliss I felt. I then felt her tongue run over my ear. Her hands kept working the magic, making their way down my back. Before I knew what happened, I was laying on the floor with the beautiful Lust demon on top of me.

“I hope you don’t mind Master, it seems only right that I take care of you for taking care of me.”

In my mind I knew this was probably not the smartest thing to let happen, but little known fact about your main guy here; I have a huge weakness for women. It is half the reason I left the other members of the Horsemen and struck out on my own.

“Roxanne, please, I think we should…”

I knew it was over then. Being a sex demon and knowing exactly how to move, it didn’t take her long to free me from my pants. I don’t think she was wearing any underwear, but as soon as I was free, I felt myself enter her.

“I will not take no for an answer. This is the least I can do for you.” She leaned back and grabbed her heels. It was so ridiculously hot that I couldn’t control myself anymore. She worked it so well, better than anything I had ever felt before. It didn’t take long at all for the first orgasm to take over me.

“I see my Master likes this attention. I wonder if you have another in you?”

I was exhausted, but then while still sitting with me inside her, she took off her sweater. No bra was underneath and her beautiful breasts were right there for me to see. Immediately I was back at attention.

“I feel the throbbing Master. Close your eyes and let me take over your senses.”

I did as she asked. Everything from the feel to the smell was ridiculous. She started going faster on me, as she was closing in on her own orgasm. I was ready again, and trying to hold out. I didn’t know if I could any longer, but she leaned in and grabbed my sides. Her nails dug into me and I felt her release on me. That triggered me and together on my kitchen floor we climaxed together.

After a few moments, she slid off of me and stood up. “These human women have not been good for you Master. That was almost too easy.” She winked at me as I laid there huffing.

“Apparently so, but I didn’t hear you complain either.” I got up and pulled my shorts back up. For the second time tonight, I felt used, but I really didn’t mind.

She wrapped her arm around my waste. “I am never going to complain. Now let’s get you in bed, you have a meeting with an angel tomorrow.”

Wow that was a hot excerpt! Interesting plot line too! Click on the link below and grab your copy now! You know you want too! I mean come on he has his own sex demon…what more do you need? Happy Reading! ~Morganna

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