Free Friday Spanking Story-Bedtime Swats and a little something, something more…after all a girl that takes her punishment well deserves a little fun!

TGIF! I hope you all had a lovely week and are heading into an even better weekend. Happy reading! ~Morganna

Bedtime Swats

She stood nervously just inside the doorway. This would be her fourth spanking for ignoring the bedtime he’d given her. It was hard following a bedtime rule, after she was 40 years old not 10!


Granted he’d made a very good argument; she had health issues that demanded a good night’s sleep to function at her best and she had been staying up entirely too late.  She’d even fallen asleep driving a few times she’d been so fatigued. It was all true yet it was hard to follow guidelines laid out by another person even though they were for her own good.


She was also able to admit that she needed the discipline…the accountability…and there was something inside her that needed desperately to submit. With Scott, she could give up all control and know he would keep her safe…she could submit to his discipline and let it help her to be the best she could be…it wasn’t something everyone could understand but it was what she needed.


It could also be very scary; Scott didn’t allow her to hide from what she was feeling or escape into her own head when things were uncomfortable. He made her look at him…face him and herself head-on; not always the easiest thing to do.


Even when she tried to avoid dealing with the issue and look away he caught her under the chin with the tip of a finger and forced her to meet his firm gaze.


She took a deep breath and walked into the room where he sat on the couch waiting for her.


“It took you long enough Ally, a little worried about how lax we’ve been on bedtime this week?” he asked her with an arched brow.


She fidgeted nervously in front of him, suddenly feeling like a little girl; nothing like the 40 year old woman she was. “I wasn’t being deliberately defiant, I just got caught up and then…”


“You thought three, four or even six swats was no big deal so you stayed up thirty minutes late deliberately at the beginning of the week and then when things happened that made you even later to bed your tally grew fast didn’t it?” Scott asked knowingly.


“I wouldn’t have stayed up late at all if I’d realized I was going to get to bed an hour and a half late two nights in a row at the end of the week. I didn’t mean to,” Ally said softly.


“You never mean to young lady. I give you one swat for every five minutes late you are to bed. Do you think I’m being unreasonable?” he asked.


“I know five minutes doesn’t seem like a big deal to you, such a small amount of time. So I think I’ll demonstrate exactly how long five minutes is,” he told her firmly.


Ally felt her stomach plummet to her knees, she wasn’t sure exactly what he meant but it couldn’t bode well for her backside.


“Shoes off, then take your pants and panties completely off as well,” Scott instructed.


She removed her shoes quickly, and then hesitated with her fingers in the waistband of her knit pants; this part was so embarrassing, taking her own pants and panties off under his watchful gaze.  Taking a deep breath she pulled them both down and off each foot, her panties ended up tangled in the pants, Ally battled for a minute to straighten them so she could fold them neatly but they just seemed to get even more tangled.  They were a hopeless mess so she finally just dropped them in a heap on top of her shoes.


Ally walked to his side thankful the tails of her long shirt hung to mid thigh, not that it would matter in a minute but she was covered as she made her way to him.


“I’m setting a timer for five minutes, for your first swat I’m going to give you a five minute hand spanking. Then you can stand in the corner for another five while you think about how very long five minutes can be,” he said as he grasped her arm and tugged her face down over his lap.


Her shirt was neatly flipped up to the small of her back and then she felt the air as his hand lifted before it came back sharply on her left bottom cheek. Ally hissed in air as a hot sting immediately filled the area but then his hand landed again on the right side.


“Ooh!” she barely managed to register the sting of one swat before several more followed quickly in its wake; soon they were falling so fast she couldn’t keep count.


“That was one,” he said as he continued to spank hard and fast.


Ally groaned as the heat in her bottom grew beneath his capable hand, how could only one minute have passed? Her bottom was already on fire!


By the time he said three she was jerking with every firm swat and trying hard to not to cry out, when four rolled around she could no longer contain herself.


“Owwwwwww! Please…oohhhooooh…I’ll be good!” she cried as his hand seemed to speed up and fall even harder. Then it was over and he was standing her on her feet in front of him.


“How long does five minutes feel to you right now?” he asked.


“Like an eternity!” she said feelingly.


“I bet,” Scott said with a slight smile as he guided her to a corner and turned her to face it. “You stand here now and think about that for a bit and then I’ll give you the rest of what you have coming.”


Ally shivered as she stood there with her bared bottom on display, it was already hot and throbbing and she had 42 more swats coming. He was going to use that thick wooden spatula she was sure…it was evil and really needed to be cleansed by fire; not that she’d ever be that lucky.


This time the five minutes went by way to fast because she was far from ready to feel the spatula slapping down on her already tender bottom.


“Ally come out now,” he said firmly calling her to him. Then he pointed towards the back of the house, “Bedroom.”


“Yes sir,” she said after taking a deep breath. Ally hurried to his bedroom and took her regular position bent over the edge of the bed and waited for Scott to join her.


All too soon she felt him behind her, his legs brushing hers as his hand slid over her bottom as if he was choosing the perfect spot to begin.


There was never any way to prepare herself for that first searing swat with the wooden spatula it landed hard and fast on the under curve of her bottom sending her immediately up on her toes in an effort to escape the deep burning pain.


“Ally?” he queried firmly.


“One,” she said in  a whimper,  then the next stroke fell in the exact same spot sending her back up on her toes with a hiss. “Two…three…four…FIVE!”  The swats fell hard and fast still in the exact same place.


Ally buried her face in the bed with a whimper.


“Head up, you don’t get to hide in the covers,” Scott said sternly.


She lifted her head and the swats fell hard and fast in the same spot on the other side, “Six…seven…eight…nine…ooohh Ten!”


“Was that fifty minutes you should have been sleeping worth staying up for?” he asked curiously.


“No sir,” she said miserably.


“How many more have you got coming?”


“Thirty,” she said in a whisper.


“I didn’t hear that how many?” he asked.


“Thirty more sir,” Ally said a little louder.


“Keep your head up and count,” he instructed.


The next ten seemed to fall with no pattern or rhythm at all, giving her no way to predict or prepare for where the wicked spatula would fall next.  She was so consumed with the burning sting in her bottom she could barely keep count. The next set was the same, causing her to jerk and arch as she struggled to stay in position and count.


Ally took a deep breath and pressed her face into the bed as she waited for the last group to start.


“Head up Ally, I told you no burying your face in the covers.  How many more?” he asked.


“Twelve,” she said tearfully.


The spatula fell in the same place on her left sit spot he’d chosen for the first group of five with the hardest swat yet. Ally keened loudly as she rose again on her toes, “Thirty-one.”


She waited holding her breath and hoping he would move to another spot and wailed when the horrid implement fell in the exact same spot, “Thirty-two…please not in the same place!”


A warm hand came down to rest in the small of her back, somehow grounding her and helping her to accept the rest of her punishment as the next four fell in the same place ensuring her discomfort sitting for the next day or so.


The final six were delivered hard to the sit spot on the other side as she called out the last number she collapsed face first into the bed.


“Stand up,” Scott said firmly.


“Please…I need a minute,” Ally said softly as she tried to reign in her frazzled emotions.


“I can give you a minute,” he told her as his warm hand came down to rub across her punished flesh.


She sighed, her body slowly relaxing as he continued to rub her bottom. It didn’t take away the pain but it definitely made it more bearable and felt so good. Ally couldn’t contain the quiet moan of pleasure at the tenderness of his touch after such a hard spanking.


“You know I added up the time, that’s 215 minutes…almost four hours of sleep you missed last week. Was any of the time you stayed up worth it?” he asked.


Ally sniffled, tears gathering now that the spanking was over and he was stroking her hot sore bottom, his tone gentle. “No sir.”


“Come here,” he said and opened his arms to her as she stood and buried her face against his chest feeling like he was the only safe place in the room with her emotions so near the surface.


He cuddled her close and held her as she calmed and talked quietly to her, “You need your rest, we both know this. You can do better, I believe in you.”


Her breath all left her in a whoosh, the last of the tension leaving her body as she relaxed into him. It was as if all the stress of the last week had left; leaving her free to relax and breath.


Scott set her back from him and tilted her face up to his with a finger under his chin, “What are we going to do this week?”


“Go to bed on time?” she asked.


“Are you asking me if you are or telling me you will be going to bed on time?” he asked.


“I’ll get to bed on time,” she quickly assured him. “My bottom hurts.”


He snorted, “Good then I did my job.”


Ally resisted the impulse to stick her tongue out at him, Scott was pretty laid back but she didn’t think right after a spanking was the best time to act up.


“Want me to make it better?” he asked with a grin.


A flush filled her body, the wetness already between her thighs growing exponentially at his words as her clit began to pulse in need. “Yes please.”


“Up on the bed, on your knees.”


She climbed up on the bed facing away from him, spreading her legs as she pressed her chest to the mattress, almost immediately his fingers sank into her wet heat stroking in and out hard and fast as another finger rubbed over her clit.


“Oohh…” Ally cried out as her body tightened around his fingers almost immediately as his fingers found that magic spot just inside her sheath. His finger pressed insistently rubbing hard against her g-spot until she jerked with a cry of pleasure.


“That’s it cum all over my fingers like a good girl,” he ordered her.


Then she gave a loud moan as her sheath spasmed around his fingers milking them as she rode out her orgasm.  He continued to rub that same spot coaxing every bit of the orgasm from her until she collapsed once again on the bed in an abandoned sprawl.


“Good girl,” he praised her, rubbing her back as she came back to herself.


Ally flopped around on her stomach until she could look up at him, “Don’t you want me to?”


“What do you need to do?” he asked.


She blushed, Scott required she asked for what she wanted to do out loud, “May I please suck your cock?”


“You may,” he said undoing his pants as she moved to sink to her knees in front of him.


Ally grasped him firmly around the base of his erect shaft as she licked up him up and down before taking the head between her lips. She sucked firmly and twirled her tongue around the sensitive area beneath the head of his cock.


She stayed on the head for a minute enjoying the feel of it in her mouth as she worked her hand up and down from the base, then she opened wide and took him as deeply as she could, gagging slightly before she backed off.


Soon he caught her head between her hands and encouraged her to take him deep as he began to slowly thrust in and out while she continued to lick and suck.


Then he moaned and his shaft tightened in her mouth, Ally stopped sucking as he shot his load down her throat. As his orgasm ended she began to gently lick his cock clean before sitting back on her heels and looking up at him with a smile.


“Good girl,” Scott said as he helped her to her feet and hugged her close again. “If you come with a number that high again you won’t get to cum and I’ll be coming in your ass. Consider it added incentive.”


Ally couldn’t suppress a whimper as she absorbed the implications; anal punishment always came with a ginger appetizer. Scott had started keeping fresh ginger on hand because she’d required a sterner correction more than once for different issues. She didn’t even want to think about her last session with the ginger. Ally would be getting to bed on time for sure next week come hell or high water, “Yes sir.”


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