Rachel de Vine is here today with an excerpt from her hot new spanking romance, That Day At The Lake!

Hi, I’m Rachel de Vine, and Morganna Williams has kindly agreed to host me to publicise my new book, That Day At The Lake.  Thank you so much Morganna.  Here is my cover, which I love, and some excerpts from the book.




Adriana has adored Luca since his father rescued her from an abusive man in Naples, Italy, when she was just eight years old.  Her one wish when she was growing up was that Luca would fall in love with her and that they would marry.  However, life is never as simple as that.  Luca’s father is a Mafia member, and is killed by a gang member, and the two children are torn apart, seemingly forever.

Some years later they meet again, and Luca is now a successful businessman, but he is also involved in minor criminal activities and has become involved in a BDSM lifestyle as a Dom, and, although he is attracted to Adriana, he is reluctant to involve the shy, sexually inexperienced girl in his world.

Adriana takes matters into her own hands, and visits a BDSM club to try to persuade Luca to see her in a different light.  He capitulates, and some hot, sexy activity takes place between them.  However, just as their relationship is beginning, Luca’s criminal past catches up with him, and he finds himself in trouble with the law, due to a jealous gangster turning on him.  He goes back to Italy to solve his problems, followed by Adriana.  But there they face great danger, with the possibility of not only going to jail, but of losing their lives.  Adriana and Luca have survived their early life traumas, but was this threat one that will prove fatal to them both?  Will fate for once be kind to them and allow them to be reunited once more?


Here is a little excerpt from the book:

I woke to find the sun streaming through the bedroom window.  Looking up with one eye opened and the other still closed, I saw that Luca was awake, lying on one side and looking down on me.

“Good morning.  Do you want to talk Adriana?”

“No, I just want to fuck.  Oh, good morning by the way.”

“For a prospective sub you are becoming a little demanding.”

“Sorry, am I not supposed to want sex?”

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you wanting sex, in fact it is a condition of you being here in bed with me.  It’s just that a good little sub waits to be asked.”

“Sorry.  Then of course I will withdraw that demand and lie here to await your pleasure.”

“Good, a fast learner, that’s what I like.”


And another excerpt:

I spanked her again.  This time on her left cheek, extracting another groan from her.  I stepped up the pace and spanked several times in quick succession, my cock hardening with each one.

“So, Miss Lombardi, you are not going to go out looking like this again, are you?  Not unless you are with me that is.”

“No Sir, I promise.  Ugh!”

She groaned yet again as my palm hit her bottom for the sixth time.

“That’s good, or else your bottom will be permanently red and you won’t be able to sit down at work for days.”



This is a tale of passion and crime, love and despair, which could either bring them both great happiness, or end up in the death of them both.  I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

My book is published (se buy links below) or to read more about it, visit my blog at http://racheldevineuk.wix.com/rachel-de-vine


Thanks for reading about my book, and thank you to Morganna for hosting me.


Rachel de Vine

It was great having you on Rachel, come back anytime. Well I don’t know about everyone else but I can’t wait to read it! Come on and one-click a link below! You know you want to! Happy reading! ~Morganna


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