Maddie Taylor is visiting with the newest book in her Club Decadence Series-What About Love

Thanks for having me on today, Morganna.

I brought along an excerpt from What About Love, the latest in my Club Decadence series. Featuring Lil T, the last of my Decadence Master, this book was bittersweet, and I admit to shedding a tear of too. Watch out for the epilogue, I think you will too. 

What About Love
Club Decadence Book 6


The set up:

Angie is undercover as a submissive to catch a serial killer in LA. She has to guard her heart against the love she has for her handler, but T is the only one she trusts to be her Dom. Evidently, he’s having a hard time with it too…

The excerpt:

“I’ll pick her play partners, T.”

“The hell you will, I’m her handler on this mission.”

“Yes, but you can’t follow her around like a puppy. You’ll blow her cover. Whereas I can be her mentor. With Val on my arm, we can vet an easy, friendly Dom for tonight. It they don’t hit it off, or he doesn’t do it for her, she comes back tomorrow and we’ll give it another go.”

“A friendly Dom isn’t going to draw his attention, I don’t think,” Angie cut in softly.

“Brat it up,” Eric advised. “Without a doubt, you’ll get a spanking, but I’ll find you a Dom that won’t be severe, no matter your sass. Be loud, though. And lose your top. The other four were exhibitionists, remember?”

“Yeah, I remember.”

T could tell by her expression she more than remembered it, she dreaded it.

“What about the carousel? I’ll have to ride that.”

“No,” T barked. To Eric, he clarified, “Val’s right. We can’t ask that of her. Think of another way.”

Eric’s phone buzzed. Glancing down at the screen, his brows gathered a little. “LAPD, I better take this.”

When he left the room, Angie turned to T, her hand clutching his forearm. “I have to, T, he’s only taken women from the carousel. I don’t like the thought of that either, especially with a stranger. I was thinking—”

She stopped abruptly, concealing her thoughts behind a fringe of thick black lashes. He looked down to where her pale hand gripped his tanned arm. It was trembling. Angie might show the world a brave tough exterior, but this was too much for her to hide.

“You’re not doing it.”

“I could do it, um, if it was… with you.”

He dipped his head, trying to catch sight of her face and determine if she was serious, but all he could see was the top of her head. Reaching for her jaw, he lifted her face on the heel of his hand, finding her eyes tightly closed.

“Darlin’, you don’t have to do this.”

“I know, but I need to. Besides, I owe you one.”

That ticked him off. “You don’t owe me anything that isn’t freely given, goddammit.”

Her eyes flew open at the heat in his words. “T,” she began hesitantly, her gaze shifting away as she murmured, “This is embarrassing to say.” Awkwardly, she cleared her throat. “It wouldn’t be a hardship for me.”


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The blurb:

On the outside looking in for years, Angela Hixson thinks she knows what the BDSM club scene and lifestyle are all about from watching her friends with their dominant husbands and attending “Little Black Dress” Nights in the lounge at Club Decadence. But when her boss tags her to go undercover as bait for a serial killer at a BDSM club in LA, she learns she has no idea what being submissive really means.

Partnered with Antonio “Lil T” Minelli, sexy as hell ex-Green Beret turned security and covert ops specialist for Rossi Security, and the last available Decadence Master, Angie must guard her heart or risk losing it to the one man who has the power to make her kneel in surrender. He is also a man who has made no secret that marriage, family and love aren’t for him. Instead, having sworn off relationships beyond the walls of his club, he meets his needs with an available, willing submissive, making it clear up front not to expect more than an unforgettable night.

Thrown together again and again, at work, at play, and in near constant emotionally charged situations, Angie and Lil T fight their attraction, but succumb to their undeniable desire. The chemistry between them is explosive, as is the sex. As Angie falls under the spell of his expertly wielded flogger, her fears come to fruition when she realizes she’s lost her heart and given her love to a man who swears he doesn’t have it in him to give in return. In time, she sees past the fun loving, player exterior to the tortured man beneath. Can she convince him to take a chance, to entrust his damaged heart into her loving hands and try again? Or will he reinforce the shields he’s built over the past decade and push her away, losing her forever?

What About Love is the final installment in the Club Decadence series. Catch up with old friends in this fast paced, action packed story, full of as much BDSM adventure and romance as the others in Maddie Taylor’s popular series.

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