On Free story Friday we have a story and a slightly naughty girl rant!

Hi all! I hope you had a great week. I got TWO tickets last week…TWO! One for a burned out taillight and the other for expired registration. I suppose the expired registration one was deserved, it did run out in May…but the taillight was totally uncalled for! At least that’s my stance on the issue…after all its not like I stand behind my car while its moving and can tell when the taillight goes out. He called them “Fix it” tickets. Taillight $0.00…gotta love those guys at Goodyear, inspection fee $25…Registration $65; penalty from tax office for receiving a ticket $25 :-(…dismissal fee for taillight ticket $10…dismissal fee for expired registration ticket $20; all in all better than the fine would have been. Sorry for the real life slightly naughty girl story and the rant! 😉 #storyfodder
I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Happy reading! ~Morganna

The Notice

Jenna paled when Sam laid the notice from the bank on the table in front of her.

“What’s this Jenna?” he asked in a no nonsense tone.

“Umm, it looks like some sort of notice from the bank,” she said stalling for time while she thought of a way out.

“Open it and read it to me,” Sam said curtly.

Jenna opened the envelope with shaking hands, knowing exactly what the notice inside would say. She cleared her throat then read the offending notice aloud. “Dear Mr. and Mrs. Wilder, Our records indicate that on 10/25/15 your account showed a balance of $3.89. This cause the following checks to be presented for payment against insufficient funds. As a courtesy to you these items were paid and a service charge of $20.00 debited from your account. This will leave your account with a balance of -$43.92. Thank you for taking care of this at the earliest date.”

“Would you care to explain how this could have happened?” Sam asked.

“Well I just kinda lost track of things,” Jenna said lamely.

“How do you lose track?” He asked incredulously.

“Well, I didn’t exactly keep subtracting in the register like I should have,” she said softly.

“Clarify that please,” Sam said firmly.

“Okay. I didn’t subtract for four pages, by the time I did it was too late,” Jenna said a little too sharply.

“Watch your tone. Who’s fault is it we are having this discussion?” He asked.

Jenna’s face fell, “Mine.”

“Maybe you should remember that,” Sam pointed out. Jenna nodded miserably as Sam pulled three more notices out of his jacket pocket and dumped them on the table in front of her. “Since you waited four pages to subtract, I guess you won’t find these terribly surprising.”

“No, I was kind of expecting them,” she said in a quiet voice.

“We are in the hole for a grand total of $189.54. I guess I should be thankful it’s not more,” he told her. “Please go and get the checkbook.”

Jenna hopped up and ran from the room, any reason to be out of the line of fire even for a moment seemed to be a good thing. Once she had the checkbook in hand she walked slowly back to the kitchen. Jenna handed Sam the checkbook and sat back down without a word.

“Gee, it is certainly up to date now. I guess that cute little less than sign you have next to the balance means negative?” He asked.

“Yes,” she said as she squirmed in her seat.

“How many times have we had this discussion Jenna?” Sam asked quietly.

“Umm, a couple,” Jenna said with a guilty flush.

“Seems to me this is at least the fourth time we have had this very conversation. Does that sound right to you?” Sam asked.

“Yes.” She said in a very small voice. Her bottom began to tingle as she watched Sam pull a chair out away from the table and sit down.

“Come here Jenna,” He said firmly.

Jenna walked to her husband with tears already brimming in her eyes. Sam pulled her across his lap and bared her bottom, “I see no need to continue this discussion since you know exactly why you are here.” He said before he began to pepper her bottom with hard smacks.

He methodically covered every inch of her bottom again and again, while paying special attention to the tender region where her hips met her thighs. When he stood a sobbing Jenna before him her bottom felt like it was swollen to three times its normal size.

Sam pointed Jenna to the corner, “You go think about the mess you have made of the checkbook, while I try to figure out how to fix it.”

Jenna stood sniffling in the corner for what seemed like an hour before Sam called her out to him. She paused when she saw the hairbrush in his hand a hand going protectively back to her bottom. Sam quirked a brow at her and simply repeated her name, “Jenna.”

Fresh tears were spilling over her cheeks as he pulled her back over his lap. She was crying loudly before the brush even fell the first time. Sam brought it down smartly across her bottom twelve times in rapid succession then dropped the brush to the floor and turning Jenna in his arms.

Jenna clung to him as he rocked her gently, “I’m so sorry Sam.” She said softly.

“I know honey, but you can’t keep doing things like this.” He titled her face up to his. “I moved money from the savings account to cover the checks you wrote and put us back where we should be.”

“But that’s our vacation money!” Jenna exclaimed. “We won’t be able to go in May now like we planned.”

“I know. Hopefully in the future you will remember to subtract when you write checks.” He said firmly. “I’m disappointed about postponing the vacation too, but the money had to come from somewhere.”

Jenna wrapped her arms tightly around his neck. “I really am sorry. I will be more careful. I promise.”

He grinned and squeezed her tight, wondering how long to wait before telling her about the bonus check he had deposited in savings.


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