Free Friday Spanking Story-spanking, anal and a quick battle with evil-What more could you want?

Here’s hoping you have a safe and happy Halloween!!! Happy reading!~Morganna

The Call

She knelt by the bed trembling with anticipation as she waited for her husband. Tonight they were going to play Master and slave girl, one of her favorite role plays.


She started and looked up as he walked into the room, “Yes Master?”

“Why were you not waiting for me in the hallway as I asked?”

She blushed and looked down, “You told me to be naked Master.”

“And that meant you should disobey me?” he asked, the deep tones of his voice slid through her like a velvet caress.

“I was afraid the servants would see me Master, I wasn’t trying to misbehave,” she looked up at him with liquid brown eyes.

“Never the less you disobeyed me and must be punished bend over the end of the bed,” he said firmly.

Kat rose to her feet to bend over the end of the bed but he frowned, slipping character for a minute, “Kat where’s your cross?”

She blinked, “I took it off while we were playing hon, don’t worry its fine.”

“You know you’re never supposed to take it off,” Emmett’s face stern for real now causing her bottom to clench almost reflexively.

“Please honey, I’ll put it on as soon as we’re done. You’re here with me, what could happen?”

Emmett’s shoulders relaxed and he gave a quick nod and winked, “I told you to bend over the end of the bed young lady.”

She hurried to comply bending over the end of the bed with her back arched and her bottom raised high for his attentions.

A light slap on her left buttock “Spread your legs apart.”

Kat quickly complied and was rewarded with another firm swat.

“What happens to naughty slave girls that don’t obey their masters?”

“They get spanked on their bare bottoms Master,” she said softly.

Firm slaps began to land across her bottom making her sigh as the heat began to build, “Then what happens to naughty slave girls?”

She moaned and lifted her bottom to meet his hand as it continued to fall, “Then they have to take their master’s cock in their naughty bottoms.”

“That’s right,” he told her sternly as he shifted into place behind her and spread her open wide. “Naughty little slaves take it up the ass.”

Kat gave a slight hiss that bled into a moan as the head of his broad cock began to sink into her tight bottom hole.

He continued to press against her until her muscles relaxed and he sank deep inside. Kat moaned at the intimate intrusion and moved her legs further apart as she pressed back to take him as deeply as possible.

“Oh Master! Yes!” she cried out as he began to take her with firm thrusts.

Occasionally he slapped her ass again as he rode her until, suddenly she came with a scream tightening her muscles around his cock and forcing his own orgasm.

Emmett pressed a gentle kiss to the nape of her neck, “Stay right here baby, I’ll be right back.”

Kat sighed completely sated by their loving. She loved when Emmett relaxed enough to play a little, most of the time he was far too serious.

He was back quickly, using a wet warm cloth to clean her up and then lifting her in his arms and putting her to bed where he wrapped himself around her protectively.

She smiled as she sank into a deep sleep.


“Come to me…come…Katina…come…”

Kat woke slowly feeling slightly disoriented but unable to deny the call. The Master was calling her…she had to go to him.

She frowned at the arm around her waist and looked at the man holding her without recognizing him; she cocked her head as she tried to puzzle it out. Nothing made sense to her…

“Come Katina! Do not ignore my summons…”

The voice…the Master…she quickly forgot the man and began to walk towards the voice. She had to get to him…he was calling her…

She didn’t even stop for a robe but walked out the French doors into the night completely naked.

She saw him under the tree…tall, handsome…imposing…she paused a slight feeling of trepidation forming in her breast…


The feeling of dread vanished and she began walking towards him once more. He was her master…she could not ignore his call…

She was almost to him, looking straight into his glowing red eyes…when she heard someone calling her as if from far away…

“Katina no!”

She blinked, trying to understand what was happening…then she looked up into those red eyes and saw…really saw…the blood red eyes…the gaping maw full of sharp jagged teeth and rot…the shriveled skin…the hate rolling off the creature in waves…

She saw it all and screamed at the creature reached for her with claw like hands, trying to throw herself to the side to avoid his grasp.

A claw raked her ankle filling it with a searing pain, “Owwww!”

“You will come to me Katina and cease this foolishness!” the command rolled through her as she turned back to him, the frightening creature gone now and only the tall handsome form of her Master there…beckoning her to him.

“Yes Master,” she said softly starting to rise then crumpling to the ground from a strange pain in her leg…but she had to answer his call. Katina began to crawl towards him unable to deny his command, her eyes met his and she lost herself in the beauty of his blood red gaze unable to look away.

“You see Van Helsing? She will do anything to get to me…her true Master. She will whisper words of love as I drain the life from her body. Just like they all do. Just like your mother did,” the hideous creature laughed as Katina came into reach and he drew her compliant form up beside him.

“No! You will not have my wife!” Emmett yelled, furiously as he took the sword in his hand and threw it straight into the right eye of the vampire.

The sword propelled the creature backward and sank into the damp earth pinning him to the ground.

Katina paused for a moment in confusion, and then the creature began to call her again.

“Come to me my love…we must die together you and I…do not let this foul creature part us,” the words hissed out of the vampires decaying mouth.

She sank to her knees and began once more to crawl to her master…to her death.

“No Katina! You will not!” Emmett’s voice came loudly through the fog in her mind, causing her to pause for a moment but then she resumed her desperate attempt to get to her master.

I line of fire falling over her naked buttocks wrought a cry from her lips, but still she crawled…until another and another fell lashing her poor bare bottom as Emmett called her name.

Katina stopped and blinked as the pain in her backside and her beloved’s voice broke through the fog, “Emmett?”

Then she saw the dark creature that had been calling her to her death and shuddered as Emmett reached her side and pulled her away. Emmett held her tightly to him for a moment dropping the belt he’d been whipping her bottom with to the ground before turning her towards the house and a sharp swat on her very tender bottom.

“You will go in the house immediately while I take care of this ungodly creature,” his tone brooked no argument.

Katina scurried into the house quickly with no argument, suddenly all too aware of her nudity and flaming backside.

Once inside she quickly donned her cross necklace and vowed never to remove it again. She briefly glance out the window when she heard a broken scream of pain and rage, Emmett had set the creature on fire and was now pelting the rapidly burning body with holy water.

Her disobedience had caused many problems this night, with a sigh Katina went to the closet and pulled out the heavy strap Emmett used only for serious punishment and laid it on the bed before placing herself across the foot board which lifted her bottom high.

“Very good choice my dear,” Emmett said as he walked into the room. He wasted no time lifting the strap high and bringing it down across her already red backside. He brought the strap down hard and fast six times in succession leaving a series of wide raised welts in its wake.

Then he dropped the strap and lifted her sobbing form into his arms and lay back on the bed with her on top of him.

“I could have lost you tonight Katina, I could not have borne your loss,” he said softly into her hair.

“I’m sorry Emmett, I truly didn’t think it would matter if I only removed my cross for a little while,” she said as she pressed her face into his strong chest.

“I explained to you when we married that you had to always keep it on to protect you from the evil that hunts my family even as we seek to destroy it.”

“I’m sorry Emmett, I’ll never remove it again,” she promised fervently.

“You do and you’ll never sit again Katina Van Helsing!”

She rose up and looked down at her beloved with a smile, “Yes Emmett.”

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