Friday’s Free Spanking Story!-Sexy vampire!-Embracing Eternity

I hope everyone enjoys today’s free Friday offering. Here’s to a fantabulous weekend! Happy reading! ~Morganna

Embracing Eternity

He came to her in the night, like some dark elusive dream that faded as the first rays of dawn fell across her window.

He came making dark promises of her hidden desires, tempting her to venture beyond everything she knew, to embrace him…to embrace his darkness.

She fought, writhing in the sheets and crying out, “Stop! What do you want from me?”

“You know.”

She woke with a start, blinking around the darkened room, shivering at the way the shadows seemed to surround her bed; a lone tear trickled down her fair cheek.

“I don’t know…I don’t understand what you want!” she shouted into the darkness shrouding her in a sudden burst of defiance.


The word fell like a whisper on her ear only to become a loud echoing in her mind, “I want everything…every little dark thought that lives in the recesses of your mind…every naughty little imagining…every shiver…every cry…everything you are…everything you feel…everything you need…I want it all…everything.”

“No!” she jumped out of her bed and ran to the light switch; the sudden glare of the light chased away the shadows but could still the rapid beat of her heart.

Her eyes scanned the room nervously. These dreams were really getting to her; she was so tired, on edge and restless from the lack of sleep.

Frowning, she studied her reflection in the mirror, “He isn’t real.” The girl in the mirror stared back at her with solemn eyes that said they knew better.

With a sigh she sat down on her bed; the dark stranger had been invading her dreams for over a month now. Nothing she did seemed to deter him; sleeping pills seemed to only make him seem more real. Staying up all night to avoid him was no longer an option, she was too tired. The minute she lost the battle and her eyes drifted shut she was his.

He spoke to her of things she dared not say aloud; a secret thing…desires and yearnings that had always set her apart from everyone else and left her vaguely unsatisfied in past relationships. She shivered as she remembered his words, “I shall spank you and love you as you crave.”

Just the word spanking had always quickened her blood and made her wet with embarrassed need for as long as she could remember, not that she spoke of it; she’d never told a soul. It just seemed too deviant, but how she longed for it.

He seemed to know all her secrets…all of her hidden desires. How much she wanted him and everything he could show her terrified her.

The clock on the bedside table said one AM. The thought of falling back to sleep and into his coaxing dark voice caused her heart to beat against her chest like a trapped bird. She was getting weaker, less and less able to resist his dark temptation; she was so close to giving in to the darkness and all it offered all together.

“I have to stay awake. I can’t take anymore tonight,” she picked up her kindle with the new Kallista Dane novel loaded on it, determined to lose herself in the world of Sci-Fi romance.

By the fourth page her eyes began to drift shut.


He smiled as he looked down at her sleeping form. So beautiful…so innocent…so perfect, she was all he’d ever wanted. Soon he would make her his for all eternity, but for now his sweet one needed rest.

He removed the electronic device from her stomach and laid it back on the table before bending to place a gentle kiss on her forehead, “Soon my love.”

A frown marred her features as she whimpered in her sleep.

“Shhh…rest my lovely one. No more worries and fighting me this night. Rest.”

She sighed softly and relaxed as deep, peaceful sleep claimed her.

He looked back at the bed as he turned out the light, an ache in his chest at leaving her behind once again.



She had just closed her eyes the next night when he spoke.

“It’s time.”

“How can this be? I’m not asleep! You aren’t real; you can’t be real!”

He smiled and ran a gentle finger along her jaw, “Ah, but I am, my sweet.”

She pulled away, climbing across the bed to put it between them, “Who are you? What do you want from me?”

“I’ve answered that question many times. I want everything.”

She shivered, already feeling the pull of his voice, “No!”

“Do not be frightened…I am your destiny.”

“You don’t even know me!”

“I know your deepest wants and desires…your darkest fantasies. I know you’ve never quite belonged in the daylight. I know you’re lonely…alone…I know how often you’ve cried yourself to sleep because you want so much more…”

She wiped angrily at the tears his words evoked, “Being reminded of how alone you are is always such a pleasure.”

“I didn’t say those things to hurt you my sweet, only to show you that I understand. I too am alone. Come to me and you will never be alone again.”

She actually took a step towards him before realizing what she was doing, “Stop that!”

He smiled at her, a hint of mischief in his eyes, somehow suddenly seeming quite harmless, “I do nothing but speak of the things you want. The things I want.”

“You’re trying to trick me!”

Suddenly he was in front of her, all playfulness gone from his expression as he titled her face to his with one long finger. “I would never trick you. I want only to show you what I have to offer. The choice will then be yours. I ask only for this night.”

She looked up into his dark eyes, her heart in her throat. It was like drowning in dark chocolate, “I will give you tonight but I won’t promise you anything more.”

He nodded then enveloped her in his arms as heat began to fill his eyes, “Let us seal our bargain with a kiss.”

She felt herself unable to look away from his eyes as his mouth descended to hers; the first tough of his lips, light and fleeting like the flutter of butterfly wings.

She groaned and pressed against him, seeking more than the teasing caress. He smiled against her mouth before deepening the kiss; it was like no kiss she’d ever received before, it consumed her.

When he broke the kiss and gently set her away from him her knees felt rubbery. She touched a finger to her kiss-tender lips, wanting to savor the feeling for as long as possible.
“Are you ready?” he asked as he held a hand out to her.

She smiled up at him and placed her hand trustingly in his with a nod.

A puzzled frown marred her smooth skin when instead of leading her from the room he pulled her back to his side cradling her against him as he pressed a tender kiss to the side of her neck; she stiffened as he laved the area above her rapidly beating pulse with his tongue.

“Wait! I…you can’t…”

“Shhhhh sweeting, I mean you no harm but it’s the only way to show you,” he regretted being forced to use his voice to calm her but it was the only way.

It was only a moment before she relaxed against him, no longer afraid and tilted her head to give him better access. She gasped as his teeth pierced her skin, the pleasure pain so intense she cried out as wave upon wave of it shuddered through her body.

He took only a little, just enough to help her see the night as it could be…would be with him.

She blinked as he sealed the little wounds with his tongue and the small trance wore off.

She glared at him as she fingered the small marks, “That was not my choice!”

“Forgive me little one, it was necessary in order to show you my world properly. I promise not to do another thing you don’t wish this night.”

She gave him another glare before grudgingly agreeing with a nod of her head.

“Shall we go?” he took her hand and led her out to the balcony of her apartment.

Her breath caught in her throat at the beauty all around her; the night was filled with vivid colors that she’d never noticed before and an intoxicating perfume filled the air as she listened to the soft serenade of the darkness surrounding them.

“It’s like music,” laughter bubbled up in her throat at the pure joy of the moment.

“Yes, the night has a special music all its own,” he wrapped a gentle arm around her waist and then they were soaring through the clouds.

The darkness no longer seemed frightening; it was rich and vibrant as it enveloped them like midnight velvet, wrapping them in its comforting embrace.

They flew over the city and came to rest in the park where the wind whispered through the trees, telling of the wonders of the night and the dark magic it held.
As they walked through the park hand in hand, she turned to him with a slight frown.

“What is it sweeting?”

“I…well…I’m not sure how to put this delicately, but…do you kill people? Would I have to kill people?”

He laughed and rubbed his thumb along her furrowed brow, “No I do not kill and neither shall you. I take only enough to sustain me; I leave them with a memory of a pleasant dream and a compulsion to drink lots of water to replenish their bodies.”

“I don’t know if I can…”

“You will have no need to; I will provide you with what you need.”

She made a face, “It still sounds rather icky.”

He chuckled as he pulled her close, nibbling on her ear as he whispered lightly, “I can promise that I can make it a pleasurable experience for you.”

A delicate shudder ran through her as her blood quickened.

“I think it’s time to show you the other wonders ahead for us.”

In almost the blink of an eye they were back in her apartment. She stood before him as his fingers caught in the straps of her gown. The material gave with a little flick of his wrist and the gown pooled around her feet.

He studied her form, naked but for the scrap of red satin shielding her most secret area from his gaze. She was perfect, alabaster skin and soft, feminine curves. He palmed her full breasts smiling as her pink nipples tightened at his touch.

She gasped and leaned into his hand, “Please…”

“What do you want little one?” he asked softly.

“I want…you said you knew…”

“I want to hear it from your sweet lips,” he told her firmly.

Desire warred with the fear of rejection in her eyes. She wasn’t sure she could voice her desires out loud, “I…”

“Trust me, I know and want everything you are. Nothing you could say or do could make me want you less.”

“Please…spank me…love me…take me.”

The words were faint but he heard them. He swept her up in his arms and carried her to the bed where he sat and stood her gently between his legs.

His hands held her face gently as he pulled it down to his for one soft kiss, “Trust me.”

“I do,” she whispered softly, surprised as she realized she truly did trust him not to hurt her.

He guided her across his strong thighs, the denim of his jeans slightly rough against her soft skin. She blushed as she felt his strong fingers hook in the waistband of her panties and pull them slowly down her legs.

His other hand stroked down the backs of her thighs and calves as it followed the descent of her panties.

Then the panties were gone and she was completely naked to his gaze.

She shuddered as his hands lightly skimmed back up her legs, across her bottom and up her back. The wait was as agonizing as it was delicious.

The first slap came as a surprise, landing swiftly on her left buttock.

She gasped and jerked, more with surprise than with actual pain, the slight sting left in its wake sent tingles all the way to her toes.

She held tightly to his leg as the slaps continued, building in speed and intensity. Just when she thought the sting was becoming a little more than she was prepared for the spanking stop and the gliding caresses began again.

She groaned as his fingers ran lightly across the tender skin of her bottom then delved between her legs to find the dampness there.

He stroked her lightly, bringing soft whimpering cries from her as she tried to press back against his hand for something more.

Instead his hand left altogether as he began to spank her once more. She bucked and writhed over his lap as he built the heat back up in her bottom, pleading with him to stroke her again.

He continued with the same pattern, alternately spanking and stroking her almost to the edge before beginning again.

She was a mass of sensations, every nerve in her body alive and singing with pleasure and need. The heat in her bottom seemed to radiate throughout her as it grew; soon she was lifting her bottom to meet his hand as she sought release.

“Yes…oh yes…please…spank me…love me…touch me! Harder…please…” her panting cries rent the air.

Then he lifted her, placing her on the bed on all fours with her knees at the edge of the bed. She looked back at him over her shoulder, her eyes glazed with passion as she watched him undress.

She wriggled her thoroughly reddened bottom at him in invitation as she pleased with him to hurry.

He ran his hands lightly along her reddened skin, feeling the heat beneath the surface.

She pressed her chest to the mattress and moved her thighs further apart in silent demand that he finish what he started.

A low deep chuckle that rolled through her was her answer as he delivered three sharp smacks to the under curve of each cheek, each one bringing a gasp from her at its intensity.

Then he was there, thrusting deep inside…making them one.

She screamed her pleasure arching her bottom out to meet his every thrust…reveling in the way his thighs slapped against her sore backside each time he pounded into her.

She shattered around him, pulling him with her into the vortex and the stars beyond.

They lay cuddled together, spent, marveling in the beauty of what they’d shared; a perfect moment in time.

He only hoped she would see that the moment could last for eternity.

She slept against him so peacefully it was hard to leave her. He placed a gentle kiss on her shoulder, “Remember my love…the choice is yours.”

Leaving was the hardest thing he’d ever done; everything in him screamed that he finish it and make her his forever.

He looked back once more at her sleeping form knowing that if he made her his without giving her a choice she would never truly be happy. He leapt from the balcony hoping with all his heart she would choose him and bring warmth and laughter back into his solitary existence.

If she chose to live a mortal life he would have no choice but to meet the dawn. His future rested along with her own in her small white hands.


She woke as the first fingers of dawn peeked over her windowsill. He’d left her to face the dawn alone; the bed felt cold and empty without him.

Her body still hummed with remembered pleasure of all they’d shared; yet she felt bereft.

She went through all her normal daily routines. The job she used to enjoy seemed boring somehow…the day dull and colorless…she missed him so much it was almost like a physical pain.

The thought of never seeing him again was more than she could bear; she’d made her choice.

When he came to her that night she was anxiously pacing; chasing any shadow that could be him.

He opened his arms to her, welcoming her home.

She ran to him, embracing him…her love…her vampire.

Embracing herself…embracing eternity.


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