Free Friday Spanking Story!-An Excerpt from my current WIP, My Alpha, My love…

For free Friday I decided to share a bit of Sebrina and Ryan’s story. I hope you like it! Happy reading! ~Morganna

I stood poised at the edge of the forest my forehead pressed against the rough bark of a tree as I absorbed the new scents filling my senses. The earth, moist moldy leaves as they returned their nutrients to the forest floor, the dew covered grass…but most of all the scent of my pack.

I was vampire…but I was more, not quite wolf but still pack; my very being had become a part of them when they accepted me as their sister. This was the first time I’d been allowed out since Ryan healed my mortal wounds with his blood.

The first howl sounded in the night followed by a chorus of others, I lifted my head and cocked it to the side as I listened to their cries. They called to something feral within me, I needed to run…to be free with my brothers and sisters in the night.

I began to run, my bare feet beating down quickly on the damp earth as I sped through the trees and out into the open meadow. Joy filled me as I ran and caught up with my pack.

Their furry bodies brushed against me one by one as if to welcome me anew as we ran together, my gown flapped around my naked legs as we ran. Ryan stayed close, occasionally herding me back into line with the others with a rough chuff and a nudge of his muzzle if I started to stray from the group.

He was bossy, my alpha wolf…I wasn’t sure if I was completely ready to forgive him for leaving me alone during the last five years, but he’d given me a home again.

For the first time since becoming a vampire, I belonged again. It was exhilarating.

The scent of blood filled my nostrils with its richness and I turned away, they’d found a feral hog to hunt and brought it down quickly. I still had a problem with blood, even though I was a vampire and now part of a werewolf pack. Ryan practically had to force feed me his blood.

I decided to bow out of this part, surely it wasn’t necessary for me to join in this part of the hunt. I ran to the edge of the woods and quickly climbed a tree with a bowed branch that looked perfect for sitting and reflecting.

I sank back against the trunk and relaxed into my perch as I simply enjoyed the feeling of camaraderie and the scents of nature sinking into my very being.

“What do you think you’re doing young lady?” Ryan’s commanding voice sounded from directly below.

I leaned over to glare down at him trying to ignore the enticing site of his naked body, “I’m just relaxing while you guys eat. Chill fur face.”

He glowered, “Sebrina I told you to stay with the pack. Until we’re sure all the affects feeding on only werewolf blood have I want to keep a close eye on you. Come down at once.”

I snorted and leaned back into my comfortable perch, “You might be feeding me but you’re not the boss of me!”

Suddenly he was standing in front of me on the branch, I had to admit to being a little intimidated, I gave him a half hearted smile, “Fancy seeing you up here.”

“What did I tell you to do?” he asked as he reached for me.

“To stay with the pack?” I said hesitantly, hating the nervousness in my voice.

Ryan lifted me into his arms before jumping to the ground, “Exactly. Then when I told you to come down and you openly defied me.”

“Would we really call it defiance?” I asked in the sweetest voice I could muster.

He set me on my feet and went down on one knee before smoothly pulling me over it and tossing my gown up my back to reveal my bare bottom. “We would.”

I yelped as his hand began to fall again and again as if to some rhythm he heard in his head. The heat in my bottom grew with every slap of his hand until I was pleading to be good and obey for the rest of my eternal existence. Who would have thought a spanking could hurt so much to a vampire?

Not this girl!

Then he parted my bottom cheeks and I cried out in protest, “Nooo! Please don’t!”

“Defiant mates have their naughty bottoms punished inside and out young lady,” he said firmly as his thumb sank into my tender back hole. I gasped caught between pleasure and pain as two of his broad fingers sank into the wet heat of my core.

“Ryan!” I cried as his thumb and fingers began rocking in and out of me in tandem while his other hand started to fall again on my sore bottom.

“This is what happens when you defy me mate! It’s obvious you needed a reminder of who is the Alpha in our relationship,” he told me sternly as he continued spank me and everything in my body began to tighten like a coiled spring.

Then it snapped and I came over his lap with a strangled scream, he pulled his fingers free from my body and stroked my back as I calmed before lifting me to stand before him.

“You are mine Sebrina and you will obey me in all things,” he said kissing me deeply before turning me away and ripping away the back of my gown.

“What are you doing?” I exclaimed.

“I want to watch your red bottom running ahead of me like a beacon in the darkness,” he told me with a smirk and another swat to my backside.

I couldn’t help but grin, “You know my body is already healing my bottom; it will probably be white again by the time we get home.”

Ryan leered at me, “Then I will just have to paint it red again.”

A delicious shiver ran up my spine at the sensual threat implicit in his words.


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