Free Friday! Spanking, ginger and a belt…oh my-What She Needed

Welcome to another free friday story! I was hoping to also be able to share the link for my new book, The Alpha’s Reluctant Mate but its not up on Amazon yet. Que sera sera…hope you enjoy today’s story I’m on a still on a ginger kick. Happy reading! ~Morganna

What She Needed

It was amazing the power three little words had over her, “Assume the position.”

The minute they were spoken a flood of wet heat immediately filled her panties; it was time for the weekly atonement of her sins.

She bent over and rested her hands on the coffee table with a shivery sigh; why was she wired this way? All her life spanking and dominant men had tripped her trigger but she’d finally given up on figuring out the whys of it; it simply was.

Discipline filled a deep seated need she didn’t always understand and sometimes fought against but he understood it and her completely.

He always knew and gave her exactly what she needed even when she wasn’t sure herself.

Her Dom…her disciplinarian…her lover…her mate…he was her everything.

“Drop you pants and panties to your knees,” he instructed, his deep voice rolling across her in a caress.

She whimpered but immediately pulled her pants and panties down around her knees and then got back in position her back arched raising her bottom high.

Feeling him move in place behind her she gasped when he parted her bottom cheeks, “Nooo…please…I’ll be good!”

Four sharp swats landed on her sit spots and a firm hand pressed between her shoulder blades until her chest rested on the coffee table lifting her backside even higher as he nudged her legs apart with his leg.

“What could have prevented this?” he asked almost conversationally as she felt him rub the large ginger plug along her wet slit to gather a little of her natural lubrication.

Then it began to press against her anus demanding entrance, she arched her back more and gave a little whine, “Noooo…oooh….”

The pressure left and she got four more hard swats, “I asked you a question young lady.”

“I should obey the speed limits!” she wailed as the ginger root pressed home in one fast thrust.

“Do I make silly rules for you?” he asked as he began working the root in and out of her tender hole.

“No sir!” she cried as it began to pick up speed thoroughly taking her ass masterfully. It was longer than normal so the burn went deep when the oils of the ginger began to sink into the tender tissues it conquered.

“What did I promise you the next time you risked your safety by speeding?” he asked.

Tears clogged her throat as she forced the words out, “A thorough and aggressive figging.”

“What else?”

“A hard spanking followed by your belt,” she hated the belt so it was always kept in reserve for repeat offenses or to address safety risks. This was both; she’d had numerous speeding tickets.

The ginger root continued to work in and out of her hard and fast, while she whimpered in distress; the burn was really sinking into her anus now accompanied by the thorough frigging he was giving her ass.

Finally, he firmly seated the root with a twist of his wrist almost lifting her to her tip toes as he did it. Then he sat down on the coffee table and took her over his knee.

No words were spoken, none were really needed they both knew why she was in this position. His hand began to fall hard immediately, no warm up just hard swats that left a stinging heat in their wake; every swat jiggling the ginger in her ass and keeping the burn alive inside as well.

“Ooooh…owww…please….” But still his hand continued to fall then he tilted her over further so he could pay special attention to the crease between her bottom and her thighs.

He applied his hand there with such vigor she was soon kicking her legs in response and promising good behavior until she was 99 years old.

Then the spanking paused giving her a minute of respite as he moved her legs apart as far as her pants would allow and sank two fingers deep inside her wet core, “Someone is very wet.”

She groaned part in embarrassment and part in desire; wanting to grind back against his fingers but knowing better.

“What a naughty little girl you are,” he said as his hand began to fall again and again on her upturned ass while his fingers thrust in and out of her wet heat.

She cried out as the pain and pleasure began to entwine into a rich tapestry of need from which she never wanted to escape. The feel of his fingers inside her riding her g-spot combined with the burn of the ginger in her ass and his punishing hand on her bottom was about to send her right over the edge and into the abyss.
“Please! Yesss…please…nooo!” she cried out in protest when suddenly his fingers pulled free and she was lifted to stand in front of him.

“Corner, now…” he said firmly, pointing her towards the designated corner with a swat directly on the base of the ginger plug driving it deep.

“Oowww,” she yelped as she waddled over to the corner with her pants hobbling her just below her knees. Standing there chastised in the corner like a well spanked child awaiting the rest of her punishment.

Her bottom was throbbing inside and out and she still had to take his belt.

“Let’s get this over with,” he called her to him and directed her back in position. Once more she pressed her chest to the coffee table as she heard the sound of his belt sliding free of his pants.

“You’ll get twenty and after each you will give me the count and say I will not speed,” he instructed.

“I don’t want to!” she wailed.

“But you will. Do you want to cum when your punishment is over?” he asked.


“Then you’ll do as I say,” he said firmly.

The belt fell in a line of fire, making her back arch and jolting the intruder in her bottom. “One! I will not speed!”

By the time the last stroke fell tears were dripping freely down her cheeks as she sobbed out her lines, “Twenty…Iwill not speed…”

The he pulled her feet free of pants and panties and spread her wide as he drove his cock deep inside of her. He began rocking the ginger in and out of her ass in tandem to each stroke of his cock as he rode me hard.

He sent her soaring through the clouds when he reached around with his other hand and tweaked it between his thumb and forefinger, working it relentlessly as he pounded into her. Her body seized up tightly before exploding and convulsing around his pulsing cock.

She screamed his name as she came completely undone; shuddering when he came with her and filled her with his hot seed.

He pulled free from her and removed the ginger plug, bringing another hissing moan from between her lips then lifted her high in his arms.

She snuggled in close, knowing he would wash her then put her to bed and hold her tight throughout the night. He always gave her exactly what she needed.


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