Free Story Friday-Someone’s getting spanked!

If you’ve read Naturally Naughty then you’re familiar with Shannon and her quirky habits. This little story takes place before Shannon meets Landon and finds herself firmly taken in hand, but Landon isn’t the only man in the world that thinks a spanking might be just what Shannon needs. Happy reading!~Morganna

A Tale of Three Tires

I was driving along minding my own business, because that who I am…a good girl. It was around 10PM and the swirl of red and blue lights in the mirror surprised me. I looked down at the speedometer. I wasn’t speeding!

I used my signal to switch lanes! I know I’d stayed completely between the lines!

In the past I suppose I’ve been guilty of my share of traffic indiscretions, but this wasn’t one of them. I was innocent!

I pulled to the shoulder, turned on my overhead light and began dutifully digging for my proof of insurance in the glove compartment.

I still hadn’t found said proof when the officer tapped lightly on my window. Sitting up with a questioning smile I opened the window.

“Ma’am were you aware your license plate light was out?”

I blinked, “No I had no idea. That’s never happened to me before. Not in all the cars I’ve had. At least I don’t think it has… I guess you wouldn’t know would you since you don’t usually walk behind your car while it’s running. Is that like a little light bulb you can buy at wal-mart?”

The officer stared at me a little nonplused as he listened to my rambling explanations. “Yes.”

“Okay good.”

“Can I see your license and proof of insurance?”

I obediently handed him my license while I continued to dig through the pile of papers liberated from my glove compartment for the current insurance card.

“Did you know your license was expired?”

“Oh I forgot! Hang on!”

“You have the paper renewal?”

“Of course, I just forgot it was expired.” I handed him the paper copy of my renewal and he stood watching while I continued to dig.

“You keep looking for your proof of insurance and I’ll be back in a minute.”

I smiled at him. “I know I have it, I put it in here just the other day. You see I was getting the owners manual out earlier so I could find out how to let the back seat down and everything got mixed up.”

He nodded absently. “I’ll be right back.”

As I continued to look for the right insurance card I couldn’t believe how many I had. One was from 1997. Good grief! I had a mound of papers on my lap and another mound on the seat next to me that I’d already been through.

Then the flashlight was back, I began to dig a little more frantically and finally I came up with the correct card.

“Here it is!” I cried, holding the card out to him triumphantly.

The officer sighed as he took the card then pointed his flashlight down at my lap and the other seat. “Throw those away.”

I blushed. “Yes sir.”

“I’m giving you a warning but you need to get that light replaced as soon as possible. Sign here.”

I signed on the dotted line and thanked the nice officer for my warning. Thank goodness it hadn’t been another ticket. THAT would not have gone over well at all since some people feel I’ve had an excess of them.

I stuck the little warning in my wallet and promptly forgot about it. (Not on purpose of course)


The next morning as I was pulling in to the parking lot at work I was multitasking as usual, pulling in, eating a sandwich and talking with my friend Sebrina on my cell.

Usually I am quite good at multitasking but on this particular occasion I got distracted and said a “BIG HELLO” to the curb. I was a bit jolted but everything seemed to be intact. So I finished my sandwich said good-bye to Seb then headed into the building to pick up a few more files.

That afternoon I had several visits that were miles and miles apart. I drove to Corsicana and then headed to my next visit 90 miles away in Cleburne.

About halfway between I stopped to get a drink and on the way back to the car I noticed a big bubble on the left front tire.

I had a sinking feeling that was a bad sign so I decided to call my friend Seb and ask her advice, as soon as I got to Cleburne. What would a few more miles hurt?

As I drove I began to imagine that my tire was shimmying on the road. I was worried about the tire but didn’t really want to stop until I was in Cleburne as I was familiar with the tire shops in that area.

I made my visit in Cleburne and then called Seb.

“Hey Babe! What’s up?”

“I have a bubble on my tire. Do you think that’s really bad?”

“A bubble? What kind of bubble?”

“I dunno just a bubble.”

“Hang on let me call Ryan.”

I sat quietly while Seb called her husband.

“Hi Honey. Shannon has a bubble on her tire. I don’t know let me ask. Shan where is the bubble?”

“It’s on the area between the wheel and the tread. It covers the area between.”

Seb passed on the information then came back to me. “Ryan wants to know how big the bubble is.”

I parked and got out of the car so I could study the bubble. “It’s about an inch wide and two inches long.”

Again Seb repeated the info to Ryan. “Babe, Ryan says go get your tire checked right NOW.”

“Okay. I’ll go to the Tire Store. That’s where I got this tire.”

“Call me and let me know what they say.”

“I will.”

I parked the car and then went in to the shop. I bought three of my tires here but wasn’t sure how long ago it was.

George was behind the counter, I remembered him from the times I’d been in before. I explained my problem and he followed me out to look at my tire as I told him that I drove between 200 and 400 miles a day for my job.

“You definitely need a new tire then. That one won’t last long and it could cause an accident if it blows.”

“What causes that kind of bubble?”

“It’s a pressure break in the tire lining. Usually it happens if you hit a pot hole hard or something.”

“I hit a curb this morning when I was on the phone with my friend Seb. I bet that was it!”

“That would do it.” He said with a frown.

“So my basically my tire has a hernia?”

He blinked. “I guess that’s one way to look at it. Let me look you up and see when you bought it.”

I followed him back into the store and patiently waited.

“You bought three tires in March 05’, so its been a little over a year. Three tires?” A thoughtful look came across his face as he searched his memory. “Oh, I remember you…I only had three in stock. Weren’t you supposed to come back in and get that fourth tire?”

“Ummm…yes I think I was.”

“Did you get it somewhere else then?”

My face grew hot. “No, I kinda forgot.”

George frowned deeply. “I’ll have them check the rest of the tires and then let you know.”

I nodded in agreement and handed over my car keys. I knew if the tires were bad that I would have to get an entire set of new ones. I drove too much not to.

In about twenty minutes George the tire man was back. “It looks like you need a complete set. The tires are pretty worn but they actually did well considering that particular tire is only good for 50,000 miles and you went 55,000.” He said with a raised brow.

I blushed. “Then they did really well didn’t they?”

If possible his eyebrow rose even higher. “Yes imagine how well they would have done if you’d ever had them rotated.”

HOLY CRAP! They can tell that from just LOOKING?

I felt my face get even hotter as I began to stammer out an explanation. “I..well..I know I should have them rotated but I get so busy and I forget.”

“Yes especially since it’s free.”

“I just forgot.” It was a lame response but it was all I had.


I cringed at the familiar noise. Why do so many men make it?

He stared at me so long I was afraid I was going to melt into the floor. Finally he looked away from me and to the computer as he typed in some information on the keypad. “It looks like all four tires will be $400.29.”

I gulped and nodded. As I opened my checkbook a little forgotten scrap of paper floated out and landed in front of George on the desk.

He picked it up and read it. “You need a new license plate light too?”

“I forgot all about that!”

“Seems you forget a lot of things Young Lady. I think I need to take you back to the remedial room and see if I can help improve that memory of yours.”

“Remedial room? What?”

George took me lightly by the arm as he opened the door to the shop and yelled for them to change out my license plate bulb as well. Then he led me through the lobby passed some very interested customers and into a back office.

The entire way I was exceedingly worried about what a remedial room would be and my bottom was tingling in a familiar way. Surely I didn’t have to worry about THAT possibility.

I just paid the man $400 for goodness sakes!

When he closed the door and began to roll up his shirtsleeves I knew I’d been right to worry. UT-OH just didn’t seem to cover it.

“Now Young Lady it seems to me that you’ve been neglecting a lot of maintenance with regard to your car. A very foolish thing for someone on the road as much as you are to do.”

“I guess.” I said looking at the floor.

“Excuse me?”

I blinked up at him sharply, and gasped at the firm no nonsense look on his face. “I mean Yes Sir.”

He looked so stern I felt like saluting.

“I should definitely take better care of my car and keep up with stuff.”

There went that eyebrow again. “Define stuff.”

“I…err…well I guess I’m late with the oil changes sometimes too.”

The man moved fast. Suddenly I was bent across the desk in the room and my pants were at my knees.

Before I had a chance to be mortified by my predicament his hand began falling hard and fast.

I jerked and yelped and kicked as it continued to beat a tattoo on my poor vulnerable bottom.

“Do you think you can remember to have your oil changed and your tires rotated on a regular basis?”

His hand continued to belabor his point and the heat in my bottom grew rapidly.

“Yes SIR!!! I’ll remember I promise!”

“While we’re on the subject of tires. Going a whole year without replacing that forth tire was extremely dangerous!”

I yelped as his hand fell with renewed vigor. “I won’t ever do it again I promise! I bought FOUR tires this time!”

Luckily that reminder seemed to appease him.

“Good girl.” He helped me to right my clothing then wiped the solitary tear from my cheek. “It won’t be as hard as you think. You can bring it in every 3,000 for an oil change and we will rotate the tires then. Don’t worry. I’ll remind you if you forget.”

I felt my eyes get big. That’s what I was afraid of. I had a hunch I’d remember to get the oil changed and the tires rotated for a long …long…long time!

I squirmed in my seat trying to find a comfortable position as I drove my car out of the Tire Shop parking lot. As soon as I was out of sight I picked up my cell phone and called Seb.

“I have four new tires but you won’t believe what just happened to me…”

If you haven’t read it yet, check out Naturally Naughty and what happens to Shannon when she meets the man of her dreams. 🙂


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