It’s Free Friday’s Spanking Story-A Little B & E

Today’s offering for free story friday is a light hearted story. Is the heroine naughty or just misunderstood? I’ll let you be the judge. In honor of my 100th blog post the first two people to respond to this post can have the free book of their choice from the six I have out! Happy reading! ~Morganna


A Little B & E

I sighed as I approached the Henderson house. I really hated cleaning other people’s houses, but when you are in a financial pinch you do what you gotta.

I let myself in with my key and got to work. It was all so terribly boring! Scrub, scrub, sweep, sweep and mop, mop. After about an hour I was more than ready for a quick cigarette break.

I let myself out the side door and lit up. As I stood on the porch I noticed that a big piece of trash was blowing across the yard. I frowned at the road.

“Stupid litterbugs!” I said aloud, turning I pulled the door to before going to catch the trash.

The minute the door clicked shut I realized my mistake. I had forgotten to turn the lock on the inside of the door. The Henderson’s had those types of locks where the inside doorknob moved all the time so it was easy to forget the friggin door was still locked!

Trash forgotten I decided to go check the door I had come in on the off chance I hadn’t pulled it completely closed.

No such luck! “Dammit!” I yelled my frustration to the empty yard. I went ahead and checked the other two doors, finding them still firmly locked of course.

I sat morosely on the front stoop and fumed about my misfortune. It would be hours before Ms. Henderson got home. My car keys, purse and everything were firmly locked within.

I sat for fifteen minutes feeling quite sorry for myself before deciding it was time to get proactive.

I walked all around the house checking the windows until I found a screen I could pull off. Eureka! I finally found one at the side of the house that I managed to wriggle free of its frame. And saints be praised the window wasn’t locked!

I worked the window up and then cursed roundly when it slammed shut again the minute I let it go. This was going to be tricky!

I frowned and shoved the window up again pushing hard, this time when I released it, it stayed up.

I hoisted myself up over the window seal threading my head beneath the venetian blinds. I winced as the damn blinds got stuck in my hair. The couch turned out to be right under the window, so I began to wriggle my way threw the window and over the couch.

I was about half way through when…SLAM!…the window came down pinning me half in and half out of the house. The bottom of the window caught me at my waist so my butt was literally hanging out on the window ledge.

I twisted and wriggled all to no avail. I couldn’t get the window back up from my present position.

“SHIT!!” I screamed in my frustration.

I jumped when a stinging slap caught me across my vulnerable posterior.

“Ouch!” I glanced over my shoulder but the silly venetian blind blocked the view of my tormentor.

“Watch your language young lady,” a deep male voice said firmly. “This is an interesting situation I must say.”

“Interesting for you maybe,” I said outraged. “But it sure as hell isn’t for me!”

Three hard smacks immediately followed my outburst.

I jerked and cried out in surprise, “Dammit that hurts! Stop it!”

“You seem to be a slow learner,” the voice said before another volley of smacks landed.

“OOOhhhh!” I gasped the last few bringing tears to my eyes at the fierce sting. “I’m sorry!”

“Much better, now I will help you out of that window and you can explain to me exactly what you were doing climbing through it. Ms. Henderson you are not.” With that obvious statement I was released from my prison and pulled out to stand in front of the most handsome man I had ever seen. A gasp of dismay followed when I realized he was also dressed in a police uniform.

“I’m the maid!” I cried out in my defense as I thought about how it must look to him.

“If you’re the maid, where are your keys?” he asked in a maddeningly logical tone of voice.

Now if there is anything I hate its logic; especially when it is tossed loftily down at me. I stiffened my shoulders and glared, forgetting all about the precariousness of my situation. “Well obviously Sherlock I locked myself out of the house!”

In hindsight I realize that was probably not the best thing to say, considering the man had already felt free to deliver several stinging blows to my posterior, but say it I did.

Not surprisingly his own eyes narrowed at my words and I found myself grasped firmly by the wrist and pulled to the front stoop, where he sat and jerked me across his knee.

“Wait! You can’t do this!” I cried as the first smack landed.

“Hide and watch little girl,” he said as he began to bring my bottom to stinging life. I lost track of the number of times his hand fell, but he didn’t stop until I was sobbing and contritely apologizing for my sassy mouth. My cotton Capri pants had provided little to no protection for my poor bottom.

The officer stood me firmly in front of him and asked me again to explain exactly why he had found me in the process of climbing in one of the Henderson’s windows.

Tearful outlined the entire mess finishing with a wail, “And this has been the most awful day in history!”

To my surprise he laughed and pulled me close dropping a kiss on my forehead, “I don’t know, I think the day has brought forth some extremely interesting possibilities.”

The officer, now understanding the full picture helped me back through the window. This time the trip was made successfully. I came back out the front door, wisely remembering to twist the lock on it. I held out my wallet so I could prove to him I was exactly who I said I was.

He smiled and looked up from my license. “Well Gina it’s very nice to make your acquaintance. My name is Kevin Gentry and coincidentally I find myself in need of a maid.”


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