Wicked WIP it Up Wednesday-What’s a girl to do if she’s in mating heat with no mate? Sex machine anyone?

Today I’m sharing another excerpt from my third Ramelian Bride story. Remember WIP is work in progress and is not yet heavily edited so be nice. 🙂 Happy reading! ~Morganna


As she entered her apartment she looked at the clock; it was only two and she didn’t open until six. With the knowledge that she had plenty of time she started stripping as she made her way into her bedroom; cupping her full breasts in her hands when her bra fell away she tweaked her nipples hard.
Maggie groaned aloud as a gush of wetness sprang from between her thighs at the stinging pain. By the time she was next to the bed she almost fell over in her eagerness to get her pants off.
The sex machine sat in at the foot of her bed in the middle against the footboard. It wasn’t really a Sybian; she’d ordered it directly from the Spurilian pleasure quadrant, and the JX-56003 was more than an earth-made sex machine could ever aspire to be.
Maggie quickly fitted the 9-inch long dildo in place; it was 2 inches in girth and would fill her up like she needed to be filled. She programmed what she wanted on the remote-maximum depth strokes with an alternating pattern that would end in the relentless pounding needed to take the edge off her mating heat.
Quickly fitting the clit pasty to her already swollen bundle of nerves, Maggie was ready to ride. She grinned as she got on her hands and knees facing away from the JX spreading her legs wide as she pressed her chest to the mattress and pressed start.
The “hands” of the machine immediately grabbed her ass, spreading her open further as the long dildo drove all the way inside with one smooth thrust.
Maggie arched her back, almost coming immediately from having her needy channel filled so completely. The dildo started a slow steady rhythm of long thrusts, going in all the way until the fake balls pressed against her opening and then withdrew almost completely before thrusting home again.
Slowly the speed of the thrusts began to increase as the pasty on her clit began to heat up and pulse lightly around her sensitive bundle of nerves. She was close to going over the edge when the dildo’s angle shifted and it began to rub directly against her g-spot and the pasty tightened on her clit and began to suckle it.
Maggie came with a scream, but the machine was just getting started. The hands grasped the inside of her thighs, lifting her and spreading her impossibly further as it began to pound into her hard and fast. She went straight from one orgasm into another, sounds of pleasure escaping her as it took her hard. The clit attachment began fluttering lightly on her clit as she continued to come.
After her third orgasm the dildo pulled completely out and the hands flipped her roughly to her back before sliding under her ass and pulling her up to meet the hard thrust of the phallus as it filled her once more to the hilt.
This time it had geared up to its highest setting- a mind blowing 200 thrusts per minute-each one withdrawing almost complete before driving home. The pounding was almost too much but still never enough.
Maggie got lost in the pleasure, imagining it was Jackson pounding into her so hard.
The thing on her clit was now pinching the little bundle of nerves hard as the thick shaft attached to the machine pounded her. She came twice more but still the relentless pounding continued Maggie was hoarse from screaming her pleasure when the machine lunged deep and then began to grind high up inside her.
She began to picture herself across Jackson’s hard thighs as he spanked her for being so naughty-“This is what happens to naughty little girls who masturbate Margaret.”
Her thighs began to shake and quiver as she built towards another orgasm. Suddenly the pasty on her clit began to vibrate and pinch simultaneously and she shot straight into orbit with a scream and a gush of fluid.
Maggie hit the stop button and the dildo pulled free of her as she collapsed on the bed, too tired to move. Fantasies about Jackson spanking her and dominating her always gave her the biggest orgasms and the closest she came to actual relief.
She turned to her side and had another smaller orgasm when her thighs closed over her well used lady bits. Sighing as she set her alarm for five, Maggie let herself fall into the dreamless sleep resulting from multiple orgasms.

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