Free Story Friday-Perfect Pamela gets spanked!

Hi all! Hope your week has been full of love, laughter and everything nice. Happy reading! ~Morganna

Perfect Pamela

Pamela was picture perfect when he stopped to get her. She was a classic beauty with her cool blond hair and big blue eyes, the long pencil slim white skirt emphasizing the curve of her hips and tiny waist and the soft silk peach camisole gave just a hint of cleavage. She had topped it all off with a wide brimmed at that gave a gentle shade to her face.

All in all Pamela looked absolutely stunning, but was not appropriately dressed for a picnic on the beach. Jack enjoyed her company and was more than a little attracted to her but had no idea how to deal with his Prissy Pamela.

Pamela frowned at the convertible then shot him a wide smile. “Hello Darling. Oh are we taking the car all the way with the top down?”

Jack smiled back as he got out to help her put the picnic basket and beach umbrella in the back. “Yes we are. I told you this was a beach picnic Pamela. We aren’t going to a garden party.”

She climbed into the car with a soft pout forming on her lips. “I just wanted to look pretty for you.”

“You always do but don’t you think shorts and a bathing suit would be more appropriate?”

“I am not changing!” She humffed as she crossed her arms across her generous chest pushing up her cleavage and giving him a delightful eyeful.

He cleared his throat having to agree that the outfit wasn’t all-bad, so long as she didn’t act prissy to go with it. Time to lay some ground rules. They were after all going to be around a lot of his co-workers. “Fine so long as you behave yourself.”

Pamela sat up and glared at him. “What do you mean behave myself? I am always the epitome of a lady.”

“No offense Honey, but sometimes you are the epitome of a spoiled snot.” He said as he pulled away from the curb.

She gasped, “Jack Ridgley you turn this car around and take me home. How dare you speak to me in such a manner! I try so hard to behave like a lady and make you proud and all you can do is insult me!”

“I’m just saying that you often make other girls feel like you look down on them. My friends don’t understand why I put up with all your complaints.”

“What complaints?”

“Like last week when I took you fishing with me and some of the guys.”

“I was very nice to your friends.”

“You complained about dirt, worms and grass stains.”

“Well it was a valid concern.”

“You wore a designer pair of cream colored linen pants.”

“It was a lovely summer outfit!”


“Don’t you take that tone with me! Turn the car around now!! Jack I said now!” She screamed grabbing the wheel and giving a slight jerk to the side.

He cursed and brought the car under control. Jack glared at the pouting princess and turned the car around as requested.

She gave a satisfied nod and sat back in her seat. “Thank you for doing as I asked.”

“You are about to get exactly what you’ve been asking for Young Lady.”

Pamela licked her lips a little nervously. “What do you mean?”

Jack didn’t answer until he pulled up back in front of her house. He got out of the car and walked around to open her door.

As he placed a hand on her elbow to lead her up the walk she balked. “I’m not sure I want you to accompany me further.”


Nervous butterflies began to flutter in her tummy as she realized she pushed things too far. “I’m sorry if I’ve been a bit demanding…”

“Too late.”

Pamela handed him the key to open her door then cleared her throat and tried again. “I know I can be a bit prissy at times but I just want to be perfect for you and I…”

Jack turned her to face him, touched by the vulnerability that was in her expression. Gone was his cool and collected Pamela, a babbling girl stood in her steed, shifting nervously from one foot to another.

He placed one long finger under her chin and lifted her eyes to his. “You don’t have to work at being perfect for me Pamela. You simply are. I love you but I am not going to put up with this silly prissy act anymore. At home I get playful Pamela why is it every time we go somewhere Prissy Pamela comes to take her place?”

Pamela’s eyes began to fill as she looked up at him. He loved her? “I just want you to be proud of me when we’re around other people. I don’t want them to ask why you’re with me when you could have anyone you want.”

“You are who I want and the prissiness is the only thing people question and they don’t ask why I’m with you Baby. They ask why I don’t take care of your attitude.”

She blinked. “Huh?”

“Something I’ve neglected for far to long don’t you think?”

Pamela gulped. “I don’t feel neglected. Honest.”

He almost laughed at her expression. “You certainly won’t in a minute. I’m about to give you all the attention you’ve been asking for and then some.”

“Wait!” she cried as he led her into the house and up the stairs.

“I don’t think so.”

When she panicked and began pulling back against the hold he had on her arm he simply tossed her over one broad shoulder.

“PLEASE! I’ll be good I promise!”

“You certainly will.”

He set Pamela on her feet in front of her large four poster bed and sat down with her positioned between his legs.

He held her eyes with his as he unzipped her tight skirt and slid it slowly down her hips.

Mesmerized by the look in his eyes, Pamela stopped protesting and lightly rested one hand on his shoulder as she stepped out of the skirt for him. It felt like he was consuming her with his gaze.

Her panties followed suit. When her gaze started to falter he whispered softly. “Trust me.”

Pamela realized that she did with her entire soul and allowed herself to be led gently across his hard thighs.

Jack ran a hand lightly across her rounded bottom as he studied the contrast between the soft white skin and the end of her peach camisole. The hat fell to the floor forgotten as she lowered her head.

She shivered in response to that stroking hand knowing that soon it would be delivering some well-deserved heat. Suddenly Pamela knew she needed this…almost craved it.

The waiting was almost unbearable. The hand stopped stroking and simply sat resting lightly on her posterior.

Still he waited.

Pamela sighed and shifted on his lap. “Please Jack…please…”

He smiled. “Please what Baby?”

“Spank me.” She whispered the words so softly he could barely hear.


“Please spank me.” Pamela said a bit breathlessly.

In response Jack lifted one knee tilting her bottom at a higher angle and began to deliver slow, measured swats.

At first they didn’t really hurt but as he continued the heat and sting began to build and Pamela began to squirm.

“From now on young lady I want you to be yourself. You can dress up when the occasion merits it but sometimes I’d like to see you in shorts and a T-shirt outside your house. Relax and always remember you are perfect to me and I love you.”

His words were her undoing and tears began to prick the back of her eyes before he pulled her in tighter as his spanks fell faster and harder than before.

She jerked and hissed as his palm landed again and again. Her bottom was on fire!

Just when she thought she couldn’t take another swat he stopped.

Again his hand simply rested on her bottom. Pamela squirmed anew as the heat started spreading out to other areas. Every nerve ending seemed to be alive and tingling with sensation.

Pamela began to whimper as she rocked her bottom too in fro in supplication. She wanted…no she needed more.

Jack began to stroke her bottom, tracing lazy patterns across her heated flesh and enjoying the appreciative sounds coming from the back of her throat. Encouraging sounds that prompted him to move his hand between her thighs, thighs that parted eagerly at his touch.

Pamela felt too hot…she was on fire for him. Suddenly she couldn’t stand the constriction of even the light silk cami. It had to come off!

Jack let her up as he felt her struggling across his lap. She stood and skimmed the camisole off over her head. Standing before him naked and proud.

She looked like a goddess. His goddess. Jack stood and stripped until he was as naked as she. They studied each other for a moment before coming together like molten lava.

She met him kiss for kiss and touch for touch. They couldn’t seem to get enough of each other. Finally he tumbled her backwards on the bed, claiming her with one strong thrust that left them both gasping at the intensity of their joining.

Then they moved together in a beautiful ballet of passion. All too soon they were shuddering in each other’s arms as each reached completion.

Pamela sighed as she laid her head on his chest.

Jack smiled as he kissed the top of her head. “Perfect.”


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