Unacceptable Behavior will be punished!-“Ginger root is very good at delivering a much-needed lesson to naughty bottoms.”

Today I thought I’d share another excerpt from Unacceptable Behavior. I hope you enjoy it! Happy Reading! ~Morganna

Unacceptable Behavior

Excerpt from Unacceptable Behavior:

Max was extremely conscious of her bare bottom beneath the gown as she walked to the kitchen to join Rafe. He was setting a bowl of macaroni and cheese with ham in front of her place as she came into the room, but it was the glass of water with a big round root sitting in it that drew her attention. It looked kind of like a potato carved into an almost phallic shape, though not as wide as an actual penis.
“What is that?” she asked nervously, as she pondered where he planned to put the big white root.
“I’m glad you asked,” he said almost conversationally. “It’s ginger root. Among its many purposes, ginger root is also very good at delivering a much-needed lesson to naughty bottoms.”
Her eyes shot wide in alarm. “Bottoms?”
“Yes, ma’am, you heard me correctly. Now lift your gown and bend over the edge of the table,” Rafe instructed firmly.
“But… Rafe, I…” she stammered nervously.
“Now.” The quietly voiced command had her scrambling into place.
“I’m sorry… I’ll…”
“Right now all I want you to do is mind me. Reach back and hold your bottom cheeks apart for me,” he said in a tone that warned argument would not be viewed favorably.
With a little whimper, Max reached back and pulled her bottom cheeks apart, trying not to think about the view she was providing.
“Good girl,” Rafe said, putting a warm palm on the small of her back as he pressed the head of the root against her tightly clenched bottom hole. “Relax and bear down to make it easier, baby. Don’t fight against it,” he advised.
“Ohhh…” Max panted, bearing down and gasping as the tip of the root began to slip inside the tight ring of her anus. The stretch and burn of its intrusion was immediate.
Rafe continued applying steady pressure as the head of the root sank inside, then he backed it out slowly and worked it back in over and over again, getting more inside her with each inward stroke.
“Please… no more, Rafe… I’ll be good, I promise,” she wailed as the juices of the ginger began to sink into the flesh of her anus, adding to the burn exponentially.
“You will definitely be a good girl, I plan to make sure of it,” he said firmly as he finally sank the root past the broader base to the groove he’d carved to hold it in place, leaving a broader part about an inch long protruding from between her bottom cheeks. Once it was in place to his satisfaction, he patted her bottom lightly. “Now sit down and eat your dinner.”
Max stood up and flinched as her bottom tightened down on the intruder and released more of its fiery essence into her ass. “Oohh… Rafe, it burns! I can’t sit down!”
“You will sit down in that chair and eat your dinner, young lady. Right now,” he said with not an ounce of softness in his gaze.
Max sat down carefully in her chair and groaned as the action pressed the root deeper inside. The burn seemed to grow with every minute, making her shift continuously in her seat.
Her appetite completely gone, Max was only able to eat about half of her bowl of macaroni and cheese before she pushed it away miserably. “I can’t eat anymore.”
Rafe studied her features and then gave a nod as he simply handed her two pills. “Swallow your medicine then go to the bedroom. I expect to find you standing with your nose in the corner totally naked.”
“Naked?” she asked, alarmed. Though he’d seen her naked body on several occasions, the thought of waiting naked in a corner with a plug of ginger sticking out of her ass was too mortifying to contemplate.
“Little girl, you’ve got one hell of a hiding coming. If you want I can spank you now until you agree to do as I’ve asked, but it won’t change what you’ve already got coming. It’s up to you.”
Max pulled her gown over her head and dropped it in front of him on the kitchen floor and then walked proudly to the bedroom. Well, as proudly as she could hobbling with a stick up her ass. She didn’t wait around to see what he thought of her small show of attitude.
She put her nose in the corner with a sniff, trying to ignore the awful burn in her asshole and the embarrassing wetness increasing in other areas.


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