Another Free Spanking Story Friday!-The Belt’s Kiss

I hope this post finds you well and you enjoy this hot little short. Happy Reading!~Morganna

The Belt’s Kiss

Leah was positioned on her hands and knees before the fire. She parted her lips in anticipation as she looked back over her shoulder at her lover. She watched as he pulled the belt from his pant loops and doubled it. Her already tender bottom twitched and tingled as she thought of the belt’s kiss.

Earlier he had taken her across his knee and brought her bottom to a bright red glow with the thorough application of his hand. She had gasped and writhed across his lap as every nerve beneath her skin came to life with each spank. Then he had stood her before him, her silk panties still at mid-thigh, and her red dress still high about her waist. He had gone to his knees before her cupping her burning bottom in his hand as he placed one light kiss against her quivering tummy. Then he had helped her finish undressing and positioned her on her knees before the fire.

Leah gasped and arched her back as the belt left a line of fire across her bottom. She revealed in the feelings pulsing through her body. She tingled from head to toe as her body began to pulse with need. She cried out with each lick of the belt, from both the searing heat it left in its wake and the aching emptiness it seemed to magnify.

Soon she could take no more as the need and frustration built. She looked back over her shoulder once again a look of invitation and need in her eyes. “Please,” She said softly before laying her chest against the tiles and lifting her bottom beseechingly toward him.

“Are you in charge here,” he asked with a quirk of his brow.

She dropped her gaze from his, “No sir.”

“Chest to the floor, bottom up and legs spread,” he commanded.

“Yes sir,” Leah groaned opening her thighs further apart as she pressed her breasts back against to the cold tiles, moaning softly as her nipples tightened further in response. She could feel her arousal trickling down her thighs.

His big hand stroked along her burning bottom, grazing her lightly with his nails, chuckling as her back arched in response, “Good girl.”

Leah almost came when two fingers suddenly entered her hungry sheath, but he merely pumped twice then pulled free from her wet heat, wiping it on her stinging buttocks, “Please…” she whimpered, need throbbing through her entire body.

“Soon…soon my love but first you need a little more color in that delectable bottom of yours,” he said firmly before the belt snapped down again in a line of fire and heat.

Again and again it fell until genuine tears and cries of distress escaped her full lips but she didn’t try to avoid his lash, she kept her bottom presented to him…his canvas to paint masterfully any shade of red he desired.

“Are you ready for me Leah?”

“Yes sir, please!” she cried, almost desperate in her need now.

He dropped the belt instantly and shed his pants before coming up behind her and filling her softness. She groaned and shoved her hips back against him, loving the way his thighs slapped against her stinging bottom as his cock filled her.

He pounded into her hard and fast, need overcoming both of them as they came together. Reaching around her he pinched her clit between his thumb and forefinger as he pounded deeper and deeper inside. She came around him immediately her hungry channel doing its best to milk him dry but he resisted.

Their coupling became frenzied as they neared the goal. This time they shouted in mutual satisfaction before collapsing on the floor in front of the fire. As their breathing returned to normal he smiled into her hair. “You know darling, I might just have to punish you for not mentioning your uncle said we could use his cabin anytime we wanted sooner.”

Leah laughed and turned in his arms, “Oh please do.”

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