Saturday Spanks-Someone is about to get a spanking!

Hi all! Hope everyone is well. Today I’m posting a small excerpt for Saturday Spanks from my new book Unacceptable Behavior. Happy Reading! ~Morganna

Max jumped. “Down here, Rafe… you don’t have to roar!”
“I thought I was pretty clear with my instructions, young lady.” The soft-spoken words from directly behind her sent a shiver of foreboding across Max’s skin.
“I just thought I would…”
“I don’t know what you just thought but I know you better get your keister down the hall to my office pronto, little girl.” Again the command was given quietly and somehow it was way scarier to Max than if he’d yelled.
“Rafe, I know I really screwed up but…”
She blinked. He was counting?
Max’s eyes widened and she rubbed her hands over her arms to dispel the shivery feeling that seemed to be growing.
She jumped up and hurried down the hallway to Rafe’s office. Max wasn’t exactly sure what was happening but childhood had ingrained the knowledge that anything higher than three was really bad.


Maxine Reynolds knows it is careless to read naughty stories on her phone will driving, but she is utterly shocked by the consequences when she rear-ends ex-CIA agent Rafe Jennings, the head of security at her place of work. After scolding her for her reckless and unacceptable behavior, he proceeds to give her exactly what she needs—a long, hard, thoroughly embarrassing bare-bottom spanking followed by a belt whipping over the edge of his desk.

After her punishment, Rafe informs Maxine that from now on he’ll be making it his business to keep her in line, and though she protests, she cannot help recognizing that his guidance makes her feel safer and more loved than she’s ever felt before. Still, she can’t let herself believe that he could be genuinely interested in her or that he sees her as more than a girl who needs his help.

Yet once he takes her into his arms and claims her fully, Maxine begins to wonder if maybe he truly does want her as his own. But when Rafe is sent overseas for one last mission, her fears send her into a spiral of self-destruction. Will he return in time to rescue Maxine from herself?

Publisher’s Note: Unacceptable Behavior is an erotic romance novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of medical play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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5 thoughts on “Saturday Spanks-Someone is about to get a spanking!”

  1. I already read this, just haven’t had a chance to put my review on Goodreads, but just wanted to say really quick that I LOVED IT!!! It’s going to be one I keep a permenet place on the first page of my kindle paperwhite. Definitely a book to be enjoyed over and over and over…..


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