It’s Friday!!!-Free Spanking Story-Free Story Friday!!!! and Cover Reveal!

Yay! It’s Friday again! I don’t know about anyone else but it has been a very long week in Morganna-land. Hope the day finds all of you happy and well. I’m also revealing the cover for my new book Unacceptable Behavior that should be available at an Amazon near you tomorrow! Happy Reading! ~Morganna


Life’s A Beach

Trinity Elizabeth Atwood sighed in contentment as she finished slathering on her suntan oil and lay back on her brightly colored beach towel.

Everything was situated to be in reach should she need it, the ice chest loaded with soft drinks, water and her little spray bottle filled to the brim in case she got hot and needed to mist herself.

Trinity lowered her dark sunglasses to shade her eyes and relaxed letting the warmth of the sun seep into her skin as she listened to the soothing sounds of the ocean waves cresting on the beach. The target of this exercise should be along anytime now; all she had to do was wait.

Closing her eyes she drifted into a partial slumber…


Garrett shot his partner, Jim a thumbs up before gunning the motor on his dirt bike and lowering his goggles. The race was on!

Pushing off he shot over a sand dune at full speed enjoying the momentary sensation of flying. Landing with a spray of sand he went up the next slope, it was a steep one so the jump would be high.

As he flew over the crest of the hill he saw the little blond in her bikini directly beneath him.

Cursing he twisted his bike sideways to avoid hitting her and hit the sand at an odd angle. Garrett tucked his body into a roll as he jackknifed over the handlebars to soften his impact as much as possible.

The wind was knocked out of him and he lay on his back trying to catch his breath as he stared up into the bright sun.

He frowned when a small shadow fell across him and squinted up at the pint-sized blond in the pink bikini. Trinity Atwood, he should have known.

“You sprayed sand all over me!” she accused loudly. “Dirt bikes shouldn’t be allowed on the beach.”

“Beach?” had he hit his head?

“Well today it’s a beach! My beach!” she sniffed rather indignantly.

“Lady we’re in Monahan’s Texas…this is West Texas…oil…sand dunes…the odd sink hole with a little water maybe…beach or ocean…no.”

“Don’t speak to me is if I’m an idiot! My yoga instructor is big on visualization. I was at the beach dammit! At least I was until you nearly ran over me! Now my mini vacation is ruined!”

Garrett watched in confusion as the pretty dimwitted woman stalked over to her sand covered striped towel and beach umbrella. He blinked twice as he took in the scene.

The towel had been laid neatly out next to the umbrella, which now lay on its side. He must have brushed it with his bike. A small red ice chest rested next to the towel to be within easy reach of its occupant, little pink flip flops with a garishly orange daisy perched on the tops lay at the foot of the towel.

Garrett frowned as he studied the woman’s bare feet, “Have you no sense at all woman?”

She straightened and turned towards him with a glare, hands on her hips, “I have plenty of sense! I told you it was a visualization exercise!”

“Visualization or not, you can’t ignore the terrain where you are. There are rattlesnakes all over these dunes not to mention cactus…you can’t run around barefoot. Flip flops aren’t the best idea either.”

Trinity stomped her small foot in vexation, “I AM NOT AN IDIOT!”

Garrett was irritated beyond belief…the woman still didn’t seem to even realize what had almost happened. “You could have fooled me! In case it escaped your notice I nearly landed 150-pound bike on top of your head! These dunes are filled with snakes, spiders and scorpions. Dirt bikers ride here regularly. This is not the place for dimwitted little Barbie dolls who want to play let’s pretend.”

Her outraged squeak of disbelief caused a tide of color to wash up into his tanned features. He knew he’d been a little hard on her but she needed to realize how close she’d come to being injured or killed. Garrett himself was still a little shaken by the thought of what would have happened if he hadn’t seen her in time.

“How dare you!”

“If you don’t get that cute little butt of yours in gear and get your stuff together so I can escort you to your car, I’m going to dare a lot more Barbie.”

Trinity lost the last of her common sense with his last remark. She might be a lot of things…but she WAS NOT a Barbie!

With a battle cry as old as time she launched herself at the tall biker. Springing with the lithe grace of two years of yoga she landed square in the middle of his chest legs wrapping around him and sending them both into the sand.

The air was knocked from his lungs for the second time in less than ten minutes when the small Virgo landed on top of him.

She landed one solid smack to his jaw before he caught her little fits and wrapped on hand around both her wrists.

“Young lady I think I’ve had about enough of your temper.”

“I AM NOT A BARBIE you asshole!”

Garrett blinked then sat up in the sand with firm resolve, “I would have to agree that Ken would never have allowed Barbie to use such language.”

“Well I’m not Barbie and Ken was a DICK!”

“Fine, you’re not Barbie and I’m certainly NOT Ken!”

Trinity’s breath came out in a shocked gasp when she found herself neatly flipped across his strong thighs face down. The gasp turned into a series of yelps when the flat of his hand connected firmly with her upturned bottom.

“OWWW! Garrett that hurts! Stop! OWWWWW!”

“You wanted my attention you little witch now you’ve got it in spades,” Garrett tucked her body in closer and began trying to match the color of her bottom to her bright pink bikini.

When Trinity let out a tremulous sob he turned up her upright to sit awkwardly on his lap. She tucked her head beneath his chin so she wouldn’t have to meet his eyes.

He lifted her chin with one finger, “What were you doing here Trinity?”

Her eyes darted to and fro as she vainly tried to avoid his piercing gaze, “I…well…I…it was a visualization exercise…I love the beach and I was visualizing…”


She blushed as the blue of her eyes clashed with the green in his, “Okay so in this exercise you were on the beach with me…and I kind of knew you would be riding here today…but I didn’t mean for…”

Garrett sighed and hugged her close, “You never mean to. What am I to do with you Young Lady?”

She gave him a watery smile, “How about you stop pretending you aren’t as crazy about me as I am about you?”


“Trev wouldn’t give two hoots if you started dating me. My big brother realizes I’m twenty-four and not fourteen anymore. You’re the one that seems to be taking an eternity to notice I’m a grown woman!”

Garrett grinned as he let his gaze glide leisurely up the length of her bikini clad body, “Oh I noticed Sweetness, I noticed.”

Trinity sat back in his lap, crossing her arms over her chest she shot him a challenging glare, “So what are you going to do about it?”

Giving up to the inevitable, Garrett did the only thing possible. He kissed her. And what a kiss it was.

They were married three months later and Garrett took her to the beach for their honeymoon.


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