Tuesday Tease-free spanking short

I hope you are having a terrifically tantalizing tease of a Tuesday! Happy reading! ~Morganna


I shivered and leaned into you with a smile as you kissed the back of my neck.

You nibbled on my ear then whispered into it, “Have you been a naughty girl?”

I groaned and nodded. I was at this moment feeling extremely naughty and I knew you were more than up to the challenge.

“You know what happens to naughty girls don’t you?”

“Yes,” it came out in a breathy sigh as you were still wreaking havoc on my senses with the feel of your breath…your tongue…your teeth on the side and back of my neck.

“What happens?”

“They get sp..spanked.”

I felt your smile against me and then you were sitting on the bed and pulling me across your knee, baring me to your gaze with smooth skill.

Your hand glided across my bottom in a lingering caress before raising and falling with a sharp sting on the undercurve of my bottom. Five…six…seven more stinging swats landed before the teasing rub came again…your hand stroking across my backside and ever so slightly grazing the area you had brought to such pulsing want.

I groaned and raised my bottom toward you in invitation.

I was rewarded with several more sharp swats on my upturned derriere that left me gasping…then the stroking hand came back to drive me towards that madness that stems from need and desire. Gentle teasing forays into my slick heat and then retreating back again to leave me aching.

The slaps on my bottom were increasing with intensity and filling my bottom with heat; a heat that seemed to spread down to my toes and up to my ears, leaving every nerve ending in my body springing to life and tingling in awareness.

Then just when I thought I would explode from the wanting, you stood me on my feet before you; steadying me when my knees almost buckled.

You stood and placed a kiss on the tip of my nose, “I have to go Darling. Have a good day!”


You quirked a brow at me.

“You can’t just leave me like this…”

Gently tapping the end of my nose with a smile, “Ah ah ah…naughty girls don’t dictate…do they? I want you to think of me today…think of tonight.”

You kissed me lightly and then you were gone.

I shivered as I stood and watched you go. Knowing that there was no way I could do anything but think of you.

All day I would shift in the chair behind my desk…my bottom prickling with itchy heat from your attention…moist…aching…wanting…waiting…it was bound to be a long day.

I smiled as I thought of the night to come; when you would fill my every need.

I closed my eyes at my desk and pictured you in my mind. You were threatening…playful…seductive…mysterious…challenging…irresistible…insatiable…
gentle…maddening…truly a terrible tease.

All of the above rolled into one wonderful man.

And you were mine.


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