Free story Friday on Thursday!-Love in a Hard Hat

Hello all, hope the day finds you well. I’m posting the free story because I have a guest tomorrow. Come back to see who it is, I promise you won’t be sorry! This story was from an embarrassing response I made to a hot guy pic. I thought I was making my comments to the friend who posted the picture but no such luck, somehow I managed to post directly to the hunky man’s page. I was terribly embarrassed, I told my friend I felt like a catcalling construction worker. Then I got to thinking and this story was born. No offense meant to construction workers, I realize this is just a silly stereotype. I hope you enjoy it! Special thanks to Keith Anderson, Meredith O’Reilly, Marianne Maguire, Jamie Miles, Summer Graystone, Sienna Bloom, Christine Sterling, Jordan St. James and Zorha Redwolf Edwards for the great pick-up lines! Happy reading! ~Morganna

Love in a Hard Hat

Stacy frowned as she listened to the catcalls of her fellow employees at the Landmark Hotel construction site. The poor woman walking along the side of the road obviously picked up her pace in an effort to escape the ribald comments from the leering construction workers.

Couldn’t they try to not live up to the stereotype? Was this approach to women ever successful for them? If it was Stacy seriously needed to speak to the women involved about raising their standards.

As for the boys…they needed to be taught a lesson. Stacy grinned to herself and pressed her own hard hat firmly down on her blond head. Technically she herself was a construction worker now, she might not actually build but she was on site complete with ugly hat and she cleaned up after the ungrateful lot of them. Surely that made her a fellow construction worker.

As a construction worker, Stacy suddenly felt compelled to live up to the stereotype herself and do a little leering.

As she walked up to the men pouring concrete, she saw Carlos leaning over to smooth a rough patch, the perfect opportunity presenting itself for a little payback on the behalf of women everywhere.

Walking right behind the unsuspecting man Stacy slapped his ass hard, “Looking mighty fine in those jeans Carlos.” She said as she walked on by, ignoring the look of startled outrage on the man’s face.

The men all stared at her in shock as she made her way through to the area littered with partial boards and nails needed her attention. She grinned as she picked up the waiting debris; this was going to be fun.

She looked over and caught Jack looking at her with a frown; Stacy suddenly clutched a hand to her breast and said, “You must be made of Flourine, Iodine and Neon because you are so FINE!”

Jack blinked and cocked his head at her, “Huh?”

Okay science pick up lines were definitely not going to work with this group, Stacy wriggled her brows at him and sauntered up to the confused looking man, “Baby you must be from another planet because you are out of this world!”

Jack backed quickly away from her, “What are you doing Stacy?”

She pretended confusion, “Well you guys are all so hot, I thought I’d tell you how sexy you are. You really get my motor running, with your tight jeans and I just love men in hard hats!”

“You’re really making me uncomfortable,” Larry said nervously as she set her sights on him.

Stacy grinned and then mouthed the words, elephant shoes to him; making sure to put an extra little pout in her full lips as she did it.

Larry’s eyes widened in alarm and he practically ran out of her clean up area. All the guys moved quickly away making her double over in laughter.

“Stacy Lynn Gibson what is wrong with you?”

She straightened and turned to face, Cole Yeager the crew boss while wiping tears of mirth from her cheeks, “I don’t know what you mean Cole.” Stacy said with the most innocent expression she could muster.

“The little miss innocent look doesn’t work on me Stace, I know better. Why have I had three complaints of sexual harassment this morning?” he asked staring down at her with a frown.

Stacy sighed, “They deserved it Cole. You should have heard the catcalls they were giving the women walking by our site. It was ridiculous!”

“You’re lucky they all know you’re off limits. What would you have done if one of them had taken you up on your offer?”

She rolled her eyes, “Don’t be silly. I’d have told them I was joking and moved on. No harm, no foul.”

“You slapped Carlos on the butt,” he said succinctly.

“It’s a mighty fine butt,” she said with a cheeky grin.

“Stacy!” Cole pierced her with a hard stare until she looked away. “I took a chance hiring you. I was worried about a young attractive woman on my site, but I did it because we grew up together and I care about you. You need this job while you’re finishing your Masters of Science. No more of this nonsense young lady.”

“For heaven’s sake Cole! Chillax already, it was no big deal,” Stacy said in exasperation.

He stepped up into her personal space and bent down to look her right in the eyes, “You’ll think it’s a big deal when the palm of my hand slaps down on your bare butt young lady. Trust me on that.”
Stacy gasped, her face going hot at his words, “You wouldn’t dare Cole Yeager!”

“Don’t test me on that little girl,” Cole said before walking away.

She had to take several calming breaths to slow the rapid beat of her pulse at the images he’d placed in her mind. She’d had a crush on the boy next door for as long as she remembered but Cole had always treated her like an annoying little sister. Looking out for her and patting her on the head.

Stacy had long since given up on him seeing her as a woman, but threatening to spank her was new. She wondered what he would think about the fact that his little threat made her panties wet.

Shaking herself she got back to work.

The catcalls stopped for the rest of the day and the guys made it all the way to about four o’clock the next afternoon before starting up again.

“Ooh baby I want that swing on my porch!”

“Did you hurt yourself when you fell from heaven? Cause you must be an angel.”

“Do you eat chicken? Cause I wanna neck!”

“Are your feet sore baby? Cause you’ve been running through my mind all day long!”

“I think my phone is broken cause your number isn’t in it! Come on baby! Don’t run away!”

On and on it went until Stacy couldn’t stand it anymore. The poor woman across the street was going to break a leg trying to get away from their site.

She saw a denim encased ass bent over a few feet away and walked up and slapped it as hard as she could, “You remind me of my little toe, cause sooner or later I’m gonna bang you on a table.”

The man went rigid then slowly straightened and turned to face her. It was Cole! The muscle twitching in the side of his cheek indicating she’d gone way too far.

Stacy began to back rapidly away, “Cole…I…ummm…”

He started to advance towards her with determined steps and she did the only thing a sane woman could do in such a moment. She turned and ran.

Cole caught her before she got three steps and tossed her over one broad shoulder, “Cole put me down!”
“I don’t think so young lady,” he said firmly as he began to stride towards his office.

Catcalls from the workers followed them to the trailer where he kept his office. “Show her who’s boss Boss!”

Stacy straightened over his shoulder to glare at the men menacingly, letting them know from her look she’d get payback. They all immediately got back to work and found something else to look at.

A hard slap bounced of her jean covered seat making her yelp.

“Stop threatening my workers Stace.”

“I didn’t…I…” she began.

“I can see you’re reflection in the office window. Don’t lie to me baby, you’re in enough trouble as it is,” Cole advised carrying her into the office and setting her on her feet before shutting and locking the door.

Locking the door was not a good sign. “Now Cole,” Stacy said holding a hand up as he walked back towards her. “Let’s talk about this.”

“I am going to talk about this and you’re gonna listen.” Cole caught her firmly by one arm and used the other hand to deftly unfasten her jeans.

“What are you doing?” she asked trying to evade him but failing miserably. Faster than should have been possible she was standing in front of him with her jeans and panties around her knees, desperately trying to cover her mound with her free hand.

“I think it’s obvious what I’m doing,” he said hooking a chair with on foot and pulling it around so he could sit down and throw her across his lap. “I’m doing exactly what you asked me to do.”

“What? I didn’t ask…ooowwww!” she yelled as his hand slapped down on her bared posterior hard.

“I told you to stop. I even told you the consequences to defiance and you did it again anyway so you obviously wanted to find yourself over my knee.”

“I didn’t know it was you!” she wailed.

That made his hand fall harder and faster until her little feet were kicking as she squirmed to evade his hand.

“You better not ever suggest banging anyone else but me on a table again young lady,” Cole said as he hand continued to fall again and again until he had a very contrite little girl sobbing over his lap.

“I’m sorry Cole,” Stacy sniffed miserably, her bottom was so hot and sore she didn’t think she’d sit for days, but even worse was the slick moisture pooling between her thighs. She would die if Cole noticed.

A broad finger slid through the moisture and sank deep inside her wringing a shocked groan from her lips.

“Stacy Lynn, you are soaking wet,” Cole tsked as he began to thrust his finger in and out of her hungry sheath.

He worked her hard, another finger joining the first and pounding into her without mercy as his thumb found her swollen clit.

“Ooohhh…Cole,” she moaned, as her body raced towards what was promising to be an orgasm of epic proportions.

Then he stopped, withdrawing his fingers just as she was about to fly.

“Nooooo!” she wailed, all embarrassment overridden by the need he’d left her in. “Please Cole.”

“Please what baby?” he asked as he pulled the panties and jeans from her trembling legs.

“Please bang me on the table,” she said using her earlier line.

A snort of laughter sounded as he lifted her and laid her face down on the edge of the big conference table he used as a desk.

“With pleasure baby,” Cole said. She heard the sound of his pants unzipping and then he caught a tender bottom cheek in each hand and spread her wide. Then he was there…driving deep inside her…taking her to the hilt with one hard thrust.

Stacy could only moan, as he filled her completely. He held himself still as her body stretched to accommodate him and then when she started trying to work herself on his big cock Cole stilled her movements with the hands on her throbbing butt.

“Hold on to the table Stacy, I’m going to take you hard,” he told her.

A fresh burst of moisture bathed his cock in answer to his words as Stacy grasped the other side of the table.

Then he was pulling out and slamming back inside hard, pounding into her body relentlessly giving her no option but to take everything he had to give.

The first orgasm took her by surprise, bowing her back and hurtling her into the sky as she screamed his name, “Cole!”

“That’s it baby, come for me.” Cole said as he began to take her even harder, shooting her straight from one orgasm into another until she was emitting a continuous wail of pleasure.

His hands slipped down her body and caught her nether lips stretching them tight around his cock making her even more sensitive.

“Cole I can’t…I…” she finished on a hoarse moan as he pressed against something deep inside her and ground against it. Stacy screamed again as he sent her over the edge and into the abyss beyond it.

She came again when he released inside her and his hot seed bathed her sensitive walls. He rested his face against her for a moment before pulling out.

Stacy whimpered at the loss as he pulled free of her sore well used body.

He sank back down in the chair and pulled her to straddle his lap, kissing her deeply. “Let that be a lesson to you young lady. My woman doesn’t make overtures to other men, even in jest.”

“Yes sir,” Stacy said with a dreamy smile and snuggling into his chest, happy to be in Cole’s arms where she’d always known she belonged.


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