Free story Friday is here again!-Annie and the Trucker part two

Is it just me or is time going by crazy fast? I can’t believe it’s Friday again, but can’t say I’m not happy about the weekend. 🙂 Hope every one has a fantastic Friday, sensational Saturday and Stupendous Sunday! Happy reading. ~Morganna

Annie and the Trucker-part two

The ride to the next town was done in complete silence; both lost in their own thoughts.

Annie stared out the window wondering how in the world to explain to Luke that she didn’t normally take such chances. He’d never believe her and if she told him she’d just known he was the one for her and couldn’t bear to watch him drive away he’d really think she’d lost it.

She studied his strong profile. She’d been horrible to him earlier; the combination of disappointment that he wasn’t at all pleased to find her and fear he’d toss her out on her ear had made her brash and foolhardy.

Annie frowned and squirmed in her seat as she thought about his last comment. He couldn’t mean what she thought he had surely. He wouldn’t spank her. Would he? She shivered at the thought caught in a curious mix of fear, excitement and a little grain of hope that he’d follow through.

Just admitting it to herself made her blush.

When Luke glanced her way she hurriedly looked out the side window terrified he’d be able to tell what she was thinking with one look at her flushed face.

Luke shook his head as he studied his silent companion. Every time he thought of the risk she’d taken he got angry again. Part of him wanted to drop her and the trouble she was sure to bring off at the next stop. The other part wanted to give her the paddling of her life to keep her from ever doing anything so foolish again, then hug her tight and keep her around to see what would develop.

Sulky as she was now, he remembered the sunshine in her smile. It was a smile that could bring color and warmth on cold, rainy day.

He sighed, a man could put up with a lot too keep that brightness around, and the trouble was nothing a few trips across his knee couldn’t handle.


They pulled into a Love’s Truck Stop, just outside of El Paso. Annie quickly hopped down from the cab with nothing but the nearest bathroom on her mind.

“Hold it Sunshine.”

Annie turned back to Luke with a frown, anxiously shifting back and forth on her feet. “What?” Her level of discomfort made her a little short.

Luke’s eyebrows climbed into his hairline, “What did I tell you about that tone young lady?”

“Sorry, but I’m kind of in a hurry,” she said with a meaningful look in the direction of the building.

Luke almost smiled at her predicament but managed to keep a stern look on his face. “Just so you know I expect you back at this truck in fifteen minutes.”

Annie rolled her eyes and turned to run into the store with a shout of agreement over her left shoulder.

Luke followed her in with a different goal in mind. He bought a couple of sodas, a bag of chips and a paddle that he intended to introduce to his young friend before the day was over.


Fifteen minutes later Annie climbed back into the cab of the truck, smiling when Luke handed her a cold soda.

“Thanks,” she leaned back in her seat and went to prop her feet up on the dash only to freeze with them halfway there.

A small paddle lay on the dash right in front of her. It was like a miniature fraternity paddle, the same shape but on a much smaller scale, but Annie was in no doubt that wielded correctly it could turn a sinner to a saint in a matter of minutes.

“What’s that?”

“What does it look like?”

“A paddle.”

“Good then I don’t need to tell you what it is.”

“Why did you buy a paddle?”

“Why do you think I bought a paddle?”

“Would you stop answering my questions with questions! Tell me why in the hell you bought that damn paddle!”

“First, I’ve told you before about the language. Second, I see no reason to answer a question you already know the answer to.”

Annie gaped at him like a fish gasping for air. Finally finding her voice she spluttered, “You can’t think that I’d allow you to … to … to well …”

“Paddle your butt?”

“Yes! I mean NO! I won’t let you!”

“I actually wasn’t thinking on getting your permission first Sunshine.”

“I can’t believe you!”

Luke smiled, “That’s all right, you will soon enough. In the mean time I think your time would be better spent reflecting on your actions and what you should have done differently.”

Annie looked away from Luke and back at the paddle. Funnily enough the paddle wasn’t any easier to look at so she turned instead to the scenery outside her window.

They were passing through some beautiful country as they climbed into the mountains, but Annie didn’t see any of it. She was too busy trying to think of what kind of explanation she was going to give the big man sitting next to her for her behavior.

All too soon the truck took a detour off the main highway. If she’d been with anyone else Annie would have feared for her virtue, but she had a hunch the only thing in any danger was her backside.

Butterflies began twirling a merry dance in her tummy as Luke parked the truck along side an abandoned shed.

The butterflies did double time when Luke turned his attention to her. His dark eyes seemed to pierce her very soul pinning her in place.

“Now I think it’s about time you and I had our little talk.”

“Talk?” she asked hesitantly.

Luke quirked a brow at her, “Meet me in the sleeping compartment. Bring your paddle.”

Annie watched as Luke climbed down from the truck feeling like her heart and stomach had switched places.

She frowned at the paddle before grabbing it, muttering to herself as she climbed down from the cab of the truck, “MY paddle … why does it have to be MY paddle? It’s not like I want it!”

Taking a deep breath she walked around the truck and climbed into the sleeping compartment with Luke.

“Okay. I’m here,” she said shooting him a dark look.

“Good girl. You’ll find things much easier if you cooperate.”

“Oh it will be much easier if I COOPERATE with my beating!”

Luke placed a gentle hand beneath her chin and tilted her frightened eyes up to his, “I’m not going to beat you Sunshine. I’m going give you a spanking. A spanking you deserve for taking such foolish chances with your life.”

Annie flushed guiltily, tears gathering in the corners of her eyes, “I’m sorry.”

He smiled and hugged her close, “I know you are Sunshine, but I want to make sure you never do anything so foolish again.”

Annie relaxed as he hugged her; somehow the fact that he was still calling her Sunshine made her less afraid of what was about to happen.

Luke unsnapped her jeans and lifted her slightly to tug them down her hips before guiding her gently across his lap.

He nearly laughed out loud when he saw her yellow underwear was decorated on the seat with a big smiling sun in sunglasses. Sunshine had been the perfect nickname for his Annie.

Annie felt ridiculous. Lying across his lap with her bottom pointed skyward. She’d imagined being in a state of undress with the handsome truck driver, but this wasn’t exactly how she’d pictured it.

“Why are we here Sunshine?”

What did he mean why were they here? It wasn’t like it was her idea! “Huh?”

A sharp swat on her right cheek made her gasp, “I asked you question young lady.”

“Because I was stupid and stowed away in your truck?”

“Why was that a poor choice?” three more swats accompanied his second question.

“Because I didn’t know you?”

“That right. You didn’t know me, I could have been a rapist or a murderer for all you knew,” Luke began spanking her in earnest, making sure to cover every area.

“Oooowwwwwwww! Okaaaaaayyyy!”

“No it’s not okay! You’re lucky you’re not lying in a field somewhere!”

Annie jerked in surprise when she felt his fingers in the waistband of her panties, “Nooo Luke!”

“Yes Annie! Naughty girls get spanked on their bare bottoms.”

Soon she forgot about being embarrassed as his hand began to make contact with her bare bottom. He was a very thorough spanker, every inch of her posterior felt like it was on fire; then he tilteded her forward and paid special attention to the tender undercurve bringing fresh tears.

“OOOOWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEE! I swear I’ll never do it again! I promise!”

Luke patted her back gently, “No you won’t, but just to make sure you get the point, hand me the paddle.”

“Please no, I promise Luke. I’ll be good from now on…a veritable saint!”


Annie whimpered and placed the paddle in his hand. The cried out as it bit into her tender flesh.

Luke brought the paddle down six times in quick succession on Annie’s sit spot. The last of her resistance fled and she sobbed, lying limply across his thighs.

He turned her in his arms and cuddled her close to his chest, “Shhhhhh … it’s all over Baby. You’re okay.”

She quieted as he crooned gently to her, feeling safe and secure in his arms. She realized she also felt loved. Special that he cared enough to correct her foolish behavior.

A secret smile came across her face as she pressed her face into his chest. He really was the one.


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