Z is for Zeal-Spanking A-Z Challenge

I can’t believe it’s Z Day. I hope everyone else enjoyed the Spanking A-Z Challenge as much as I did, though I have made a note to myself to have some posts completed ahead of time if I participate again.  Z is for Zeal. What do you do with an angel with a zeal for being naughty? Thankfully Saint Sebastian has things well in hand. Happy reading! ~Morganna

The Naughty Angel

Divinity heaved a great sigh and flung herself backward upon her soft bed of clouds. It wasn’t fair! What good did being good do if you were doomed to an eternity of boredom?

She stretched her long curvy frame before flipping to her stomach. Raising herself a little she used one hand to smooth apart the clouds so she could look down below.

A smile stretched her full lips as she watched. It was like a giant TV screen with millions of little pictures, all that she had to do was zone in on the picture she wanted to watch and enhance it. Viola! A real life home movie of her own to help liven things up; a guilty pleasure she used to spy on the humans down below with zeal.

Today, she was watching the Kayla and Hank channel.

She laughed as Kayla said something smart. That girl had a sassy mouth! Luckily she had a man that knew just how to deal with it too. A deep sigh escaped the voyeuristic angel as Hank tossed Kayla’s squirming form across his knee. Soon Kayla was sobbing out her apologies and within seconds of that her sobs turned to moans.

This was hot stuff. Divinity was soon leaning so far over the entire front half of her dangled from the hole she’d made in the cloud.


She started when her name was barked and shot straight up to see Saint Sebastian standing in the doorway of her room. She blushed and tried to cover herself. The red bra and thong were hardly Heaven Issued attire. She’d copied it from some women she’d seen on the Victoria channel, “Sebastian! I…er…I wasn’t expecting any visitors.”

“I can see that young lady. You should be ashamed. The windows are not for spying or entertainment! They are only used in certain circumstances when one of your charges needs guidance.”

Divinity hung her head, ashamed that she’d abused her privileges as a guardian angel. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what got into me. The first time I looked it was an accident, I opened the wrong window by mistake. The people seemed to be having so much fun, I just…I just wanted to be a part of it.”

“Silly girl, you can no longer be a part of that world. You must keep both feet and wings firmly on heavenly ground or your charges will suffer for it. What good is a guardian angel that’s so busy spying on everyone else she doesn’t recognize when one of her own need her?”

“I’m so sorry,” A crystal tear glistened on her cheek as she looked up at her stern mentor.

“You’re obviously in need of a lesson to help you remember to keep your head in the clouds young lady,” Saint Sebastian began rolling up the sleeves of his heavenly tunic and seated himself on the side of Divinity’s cloud. “Come here.”

“Sir?” Surely he couldn’t be suggesting…they didn’t do that here…did they?

“Now Divinity!” He held out a big hand to her.

Divinity gulped and placed her hand in his. Quick as a flash she was across Sebastian’s knee with her pretty little red thong a thing of the past.

“I trust this lesson will enable you to remember your duties,” with that the old Saint’s large palm connected sharply with the little angel’s full white bottom.

“Oooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!” This hurt a whole lot more than she’d thought!

His hand fell in relentless rhythm. Falling again and again Sebastian’s hand drove his lesson home. Her bottom was on fire when he picked up the brimstone paddle and delivered several licks with it just to insure that the lesson would not be forgotten.

Then Divinity was stood on her feet before him and kissed gently on the forehead. “Now, you will contemplate our discussion from the corner of your cloud.” A gentle pat on her bright red bottom sent her on her way.

Divinity stood in her corner thinking about the spanking she’d just received. Who would’ve thought she could be spanked here? Then again she did remember talk of fire and brimstone preachers on earth. Now she knew what they were talking about.

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