X is for Xandie-Spanking A-Z Challenge

I decided to share and excerpt from my current WIP, The Werewolf Diet. In this scene, Xandie is being taken to the pack while she undergoes her first change. She was bitten and changed by a rogue wolf in an effort to undermine the pack leader who happens to be her mate. Because of the danger from the rogue wolf it is necessary for Xandie and her friend Epenie to be brought into the pack for their own protection. I hope you enjoy this excerpt. Happy Reading! ~Morganna

I heard the commotion the minute I put one foot outside of the car; Epenie’s shrill yell nearly stopped my heart.

I discovered first hand how much faster I was as a werewolf.

One moment I was half way out of the car and the next I was in the house standing between E and the large bald wolf she’d been trying to beat senseless with a rolled up newspaper.

He looked over my shoulder to glare at her, growling from deep within his throat.

I immediately growled back, she was here for her safety, not to be threatened by this balding bully.

In the next second Tara was standing with me shoulder to shoulder in front of Epenie and adding her own growl to the mix, Dizabell stood at our feet adding her own yips of outrage.
Suddenly Epenie stepped around me and raised the newspaper to swat the man right on the end of his nose as she yelled up at him, “Don’t you growl at me you over grown, hairy excuse for a man! Bad Dog!” Epenie

“I am NOT a DOG!” he bellowed ending in another outraged growl. Then almost faster than I could blink the man went down on one knee with Epenie bent across it as he delivered slap after slap to her upturned posterior.

As soon as I recovered from my shock, I ripped Epenie off the man’s lap and pulled her behind me again, where she stood glaring over my shoulder and rubbing the sting out of her bottom.

Suddenly we were all yelling, growling and barking at once. I’m sure to a passerby would have looked certifiable.

“ENOUGH!” The authoritative voice boomed out with power from the top of the stairs.

All of the wolves present dropped their heads and shoulders in submission, Dizzy rolled over onto her back. I was shocked at my impulse to bow down to him in response to the raw power sizzling across my skin.

Epenie gulped loudly and back away from Jared back towards the bald man who’d just been paddling her bottom with such zeal.

It said a lot about Jared that she thought the other man the safer of the two.


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