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Have a fantabulous weekend! It’s Free Story Friday and I almost forgot! Happy reading! ~Morganna

What She Desires

All the way home she kept glancing at the book sitting in the passenger seat next to her; the images it brought to mind bringing a flush to her cheeks. She wriggled in her own seat noticing the tiny twinge of tenderness in her bottom.

The man had only landed a few swats, granted they were sharp and very well placed. She couldn’t help wondering what her bottom would feel like if he had finished taking her to task. Not of course that she’d done anything wrong; anyone would have questioned the man in the same situation and demanded answers.

The gall of him putting her across his knee like a child! Men don’t act that way! Women would never allow it! Although if she was honest, sometimes she found herself longing for a more masterful man, one that wouldn’t put up with all her bullshit. A wistful sigh escaped her as she climbed from the car. Not that she had any desire to be spanked!

She scooped the book up and carried it inside laying it in the center of the kitchen table.
She stood staring at her arms the flush in her cheeks growing more and more pronounced as she stared at it.

“This is nonsense!” Scolding herself she rubbed her arms and went to change. As she dropped her clothes she caught sight of her bottom in the full-length mirror beside the bed.

She gasped loudly. There on her backside were two distinct handprints! Proof positive that she hadn’t imagined the interlude; tying a robe about her waist she went back into the kitchen and studied the book thoughtfully.

“It’s all in the name of research right?” she asked the empty room. Licking her lips she pulled the book across the table to lie directly in front of her, with a deep breath she undid the strap and laid it open.

Once again she came to at the feet of the handsome stern-faced man, “I…”

“Good girl. I see you came back to finish your punishment. Wise choice, I assure you that you would have been sorry had you waited any length of time.”

She looked down and saw that she was still in her robe, “I…my clothes didn’t change!”

“I decided that the robe was appropriate for our unfinished business,” He smiled slightly then held out his hand. “Come my dear, let’s get this lesson behind us; there are far more pleasurable things I have to teach you.”

She studied his offered hand and shook her head, eyes filling with tears in a sudden panic, “I…I can’t!”

“You can and you will,” his tone brooked no argument; her body seemed to sway towards him of its own accord. When he sighed and barked “NOW!” She found herself standing before him.

He nodded and took her hand pulling her back across his lap. Since the robe was all she wore it took only seconds to bare her once again to his gaze. He smiled slightly at the two handprints that seemed to have been tattooed on her posterior. Those marks always brought them back. They would stay with her as long as she came to him. He ran his hand lightly across the pert feminine bottom enjoying her responding shiver. He had a feeling he would miss this one when the time came, but she would go like all the others. She would find her destiny in her own time and he would have to say goodbye.

He would make sure he did a good job preparing her though. He brought his hand up and back down sharply on the exposed area.

“OOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!” She gasped and kicked her left foot slightly. For some reason she hadn’t remembered the awesome sting. Why had she re-opened that damn book!?! This time there wasn’t going to be anyone to interrupt until he was finished.

The man’s hand descended again and again. Filling her poor bottom with searing heat and bright color. She kicked…she cried…she begged, all to no avail, the relentless hand continued to fall until she was a sobbing mess across his knee.

He lifted her to stand before him, “Now you will go stand in that corner and think about the manner in which you behaved earlier when you first entered my home. You will also think twice before using the atrocious language that spewed so readily from your mouth. Such filth from a lady is unacceptable. A fact you would do well to remember.”

She stared tearfully up at him rocking from one foot to the other trying desperately to ease the furious sting in her bottom, “The corner?”

She found herself immediately tucked under his arm as he delivered several more stingers to her already very sore bottom.


“You think to question me young lady?”

“No sir. I’ll be good I promise,” She almost gasped in shock when she realized those words had come from her own lips. What was happening to her? It also surprised her to find herself meekly standing in the corner with her robe pinned up to display her throbbing red backside to anyone that entered the room. Yet strangely she was content.

She felt a peace and safety she hadn’t felt since childhood. It seemed almost as if the world had shifted back to its proper axis. She sighed and pressed her face against the cool wall, confused by all the thoughts racing through her head.

Later as he held her and rocked her gently in his lap. She looked up at him with a thousand questions trembling on her lips, “How? Why?”

He smiled down at her, “You’ve cried out to me for a long time. I had to wait until you were prepared to listen to what I had to teach you. You had to be ready to find your freedom in submission. I sent the book to the library knowing you would be unable to resist its temptation.”

“Then the librarian interrupted,” sighed frustrated at the thought of even ten minutes wasted.

“No. I sent you back.”


“You had to come to me again of your own free will in order to listen with your heart. You had to open your heart to prepare yourself for him,” The hand that had so thoroughly punished her earlier now ran soothingly through her hair.

“Him?” she asked, thinking of the emptiness in her house and the way the loneliness seemed to echo all around her at times.

He caught the single tear that fell from her cheek on his fingertip, “He will come to you soon little one. You’re almost ready for him. You just weren’t ready to know yourself until now. How can you truly learn to know and love someone else if you refuse to learn about who you are?”

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