U is for Underworld-Spanking A-Z challenge-A story from the underworld

I decided to post a story from the Underworld for U entitled The Little Devil; this is probably a stretch but stretching is good right? Happy reading! ~Morganna

The Little Devil

Charged by her master to wreck havoc here on earth…unseen by human eyes…she travels among us causing mischief and mayhem where she can. She’s the decadent whisper in your ear when you are deciding between right and wrong. The little hiss that says don’t bother when you think of repairing a rift with a loved one, the breeze of hot air that encourages lovers to say mean and hurtful things to one another and the sad despairing sigh that tells us we are unworthy of love.

Meridian sat on the shoulder of her latest assignment. The master said her naked body pressed into the neck of the one she was leading astray made them more prone to listen to her, especially when her assignment was male. This assignment was definitely all male. His name was Petruccio; he was a handsome gentleman from Verona come to this small village to woo the fair Kate. She was known by many names Kate the cursed, Kate the Shrew, Kate the Cat, he had been willing to brave it all for a taste of her dowry. Now the master had been all for that until Petruccio had caught sight of the fair Kate and become smitten by her beauty and spirit.

Now that she was his heart’s desire it was Meridian’s duty to see that he didn’t win her. This usually wasn’t a problem for Meri at all. She enjoyed toying with the affections of mortals and leading the astray from their chances for true happiness. This time however she was running into some difficulties.

She was amazed by the heat that seemed to generate from Petruccio’s body everytime he caught sight of Kate. It spread with such rapid intensity it made her head spin. She had never before seen this depth of desire from a mere mortal. It was enthralling to watch and made her want to explore its depths to the fullest.

Then it happened, in a blink of an eye she failed to do her duty and in turn failed her master. It was a moment of madness. Kate was throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Petruccio and as his thoughts wizzed through her head she heard him think. “I ought to paddle her bottom.”

Now she should have at that very moment pressed her body tight against his neck and whispered in his ear, “She’s not worth it. Leave you will find one with more money and a sweeter disposition. Leave this troublesome bitch here to rot.”

That’s what should have happened. Is that what she did? Nope. Instead she pressed herself to his neck and whispered, “Yes you should paddle her good, blister her bottom, tame her to your hand and then kiss her with all the passion within you.”

Of course that is exactly what Petruccio did. He turned the fair screeching Kate across his knee bared her bottom and paddled her but good. When her bottom was a bright and rosy hue he flipped her in his arms and kissed her until she was fair begging for more. The Cursed Cat was but a purring kitten in his arms. His heart’s desire was his and she had failed utterly in her duty.

The scene had no sooner unfolded than poof she was off Petruccio’s shoulder and standing before the Master.

“What have you to say for yourself girl?” He asked gruffly.

“I was just curious about the passion I sensed in them both. I wanted to see where it would lead.” She said softly in her own defense.

“I’ll tell you where it leads girl. It leads to happily everafter. We are not in the business of happy endings. We do our best to prevent them NOT facilitate them,” he yelled.

“I’m sorry Master. It will never happen again,” Meridian promised afraid of her master’s anger.

“So you wanted to examine the human’s passions and feel what they feel?” He demanded approaching the cowering little devil.

“I…well …I was a bit curious,” she said lamely.

“Then I will demonstrate a bit of what was felt this evening for you and in turn assure myself that you will never make such an error in judgment again,” he said firmly grabbing her by the arm and tugging her naked form across his knee. The rather large being grabbed hold of the middle of his tail and began to use its rather broad point like a paddle on the naked bottom of his subordinate.

“OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!” Meridian cried as the paddle like tail fell again and again across her vulnerable backside.

“What do you think of human reactions child?” he asked with a laugh as he continued to thoroughly paddle her backside.

“They stink!” she wailed as she kicked her cloven feet and pounded the floor with her tiny hands.

By the time the Master let her up tears were falling freely down her pink little cheeks. The minute she was up she began to frantically use her wings to fan her overheated bottom.

“What do you have to say for yourself now?” he asked interestedly.

“I promise to always interfere from now on. Never again will I not get in the way of true love,” she swore fervently still trying to fan the flame from her sore bottom.

“See that you do,” he said with a smile and a twinkle in his eye. He did so enjoy disciplining them when they misbehaved.

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