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After she becomes lost in a thick mist while hiking near the borders of Scotland, Charlene Kelly is shocked to encounter two men on horseback. To her horror, the pair—both of whom are dressed in Scottish tartans—accost her and won’t let her go. Though the men speak with accents so strong they seem to come from another era, Charlene is able to gather that they believe she is a thieving boy. Unsure what else to do, Charlene plays along.
When Will Sinclair and Robbie MacBride discover that their captive is in fact a woman—and quite a beautiful one at that—there is only one thing to be done. She must be punished for her deception, and punished thoroughly. A switch applied to her bare bottom does the job well, and soon enough the two men are comforting Charlene as she nurses her bright red, sore backside.
Upon learning that the highlanders are hand-carrying an important message from Elizabeth of England to the court of Mary, Queen of Scots, it finally dawns on Charlene that she is no longer in her own time. Though she is desperate to find a way home, Will and Robbie are both unlike any man she has ever met, and their unabashed dominance awakens in her a powerful need to submit. Soon enough, she finds herself blushing with shame and quivering with desire as she is taken long and hard by two rugged highlanders at once. But can these hardened warriors keep her safe from the perils of a world far more dangerous than the one she left behind?

Publisher’s Note: Shared by the Highlanders is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes including threesomes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


Robbie crouches beside me, his features stern. “Every time you swear at one of us, you’ll receive an extra stroke. So you’re on six from me, and now seven from Will. You can scream all you like, I expect that, but I’ll be having no more profanities from you. Is that understood?”
I glare back at him and seriously contemplate slapping his face. By now I have no illusions about who is to come off worst in this encounter, but even the smallest measure of satisfaction is an alluring prospect. My self-preservation instinct wins out though, and I keep my hands to myself and settle for glowering at him.
“Answer me, Charlie. Do you understand the rules about swearing? And about honesty and obedience? You’ll take your punishment now for what’s gone before, and from here on you’ll behave yourself. Yes?”
I don’t answer, so he takes my chin in his large hand and tips my face up to his. “Yes?”
“Yes,” I whisper, knowing when I’m beaten. Or about to be.
“Good. So will you undress, or do we need to strip you?”
“Why? Can’t you just… do it as I am?” I’m no longer protesting the act itself, just the manner of the doing of it.
“A woman should be naked for any punishment. It helps to drive the lesson home, I always think. Would you agree, Will?”
“Oh yes. And so much more enjoyable too. For us I mean, though of course you may find the experience an arousing one also, wee Charlie. In which case we’d be happy to oblige you in other ways too.”
Here it comes, the sexual abuse I feared. Why else would they want me naked? I gaze from one to the other, tears pricking the backs of my eyes.
“Enough. She’s already scared. We’ll just do this, then we’ll be off.” Robbie is usually the harsher, the more gruff of the two, but on this occasion he seems more attuned to my terror. And ready to alleviate it. He crouches beside me again. “I’ll be the one taking the switch to you. If you offer no resistance, and do as we ask, I’ll be quick about it and I swear I’ll do you no lasting damage. Fair enough, lass?”
It’s a measure of my rapidly shifting perspective that this seems like a decent offer. I nod, my gratitude almost pathetic.
“Good girl. Stand up then, and remove your clothes.”
“All of them?”
He inclines his head.
“It’s cold.”
“Chilly, to be sure. But not freezing. And as I say, this need not take long. A few minutes if you cooperate, that’s all. You’ll share my mount after, and I’ll make sure you aren’t cold as we continue on our journey. I have extra plaids in my saddlebags and you’re welcome to the use of them.”
As Robbie has been speaking to me, Will has arranged the thick blanket over the rough surface of the branch. The bough they have selected sticks out more or less vertically from the trunk and is maybe three feet from the ground. Waist height, I suppose. Very convenient for what Will and Robbie have in mind for me. Reluctantly I scramble to my feet. I glance from one to the other. They are both quite relaxed, watching me. Waiting.
In a last act of futile defiance I turn my back on them and unzip my quilted jacket.
I shiver as I slide it from my shoulders and drop it on the springy heather at my feet. The crisp early morning air only partially accounts for it. Next I bend to untie my stout hiking boots and toe them off, followed by my thick socks. The ground is frigid under my bare feet, but this is the least of my worries as I grab the hem of my fleece and drag it up over my head. My remaining layer, a thermal long sleeved vest is clingy and leaves nothing to the imagination. I pull that over my head too. The sports bra I am wearing is practical and far from sexy, but the supple bright lilac nylon does nothing to conceal my nipples, already swelling and hardening in the cool morning air.
“Turn around, girl.”
I consider refusing, but they will probably just add to my punishment if I do that. I turn and meet first Robbie’s intent gaze, then Will’s.
“Strange garments, wee Charlie. What fabric is that – item – made of?” Will eyes my colourful underwear with a degree of suspicion.
“Some sort of Lycra, I suppose. May I keep it on?” Hope springs eternal.
They both shake their heads. I grit my teeth and will my fingers not to shake as I reach behind my back to undo the row of small hooks which secure it. The bra slips forward and I allow it to drop at my feet. Determined now not to cower I stand before them, my hands by my sides, naked from the waist up.
Robbie’s lips curl in the faintest of smiles. Neither man makes any comment. They simply wait for me to complete the task they gave me.
My hiking pants have an elasticated waist so it takes just a moment to shove them to my knees and step out of them. The pile of my garments is growing, and I note that the pair of them seem almost as interested in what I am taking off as they do in my increasingly exposed body. Nothing about these two should surprise me now, but still this is odd.
I pause, briefly contemplate stretching out the moment just a little by peeling my leggings and knickers off separately, but opt to get the whole thing over at once. This is going to be awful. Period. Humiliating. Period. It’s going to hurt like fuck, and on top of that I’m bloody cold. The sooner I’m allowed to get my clothes back on, the better.
I hook my thumbs into the elastic waistband and haul both layers down my thighs and slip them off. I prefer to wax my pubic hair, and I am acutely aware of my unusually naked state as I stand before them. I drop my gaze, unable to bring myself to look either one in the eye. I shiver, my teeth starting to chatter.
“Truly exquisite. You are a lovely woman, wee Charlie.” Will’s remark is oddly comforting, despite my lingering uncertainty regarding his real intentions. “I can see you’re feeling the chill though, so I’ll be getting that switch cut. Robbie, while I do that you can see to making the wee lassie comfortable, aye?”

• Genre (s) – Historical, erotic, ménage
• Publisher – Stormy Night Publications
• Release Date – 19 June 2015
• Buy Links – Amazon US Amazon UK AllRomance Barnes&Noble
• Approximately 70,000 words

Author bio

I’ve been an avid reader of fiction for many years, erotic and other genres. I still love reading, the hotter the better. But now I have a good excuse for my guilty pleasure – research.
I tend to draw on my own experience to lend colour, detail and realism to my plots and characters. An incident here, a chance remark there, a bizarre event or quirky character, any of these can spark a story idea.
When not writing – which is not very often these days – my time is divided between my role as resident taxi driver for my teenage daughter, and caring for a menagerie of dogs, rabbits, tortoises. And a very grumpy cockatiel.
I have twenty four (at the last count) titles on general release with publishers on both sides of the Atlantic, and I have several more in the pipeline. All my books feature BDSM. I write explicit stories, always hot, but they offer far more than just sizzling sex. I like to read about complex characters, and compelling plots, so that’s what I write too. Strong, demanding Doms are a given, often paired with new submissives who have a lot to learn.
I have a pile of story ideas still to work through, and keep thinking of new ones at the most unlikely moments, so you can expect to see a lot more from me.
Author links

• Blog : http://ashebarker.com/
• Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ashe.barker.9
• Twitter : https://twitter.com/ashebarker
• Amazon Author Page : http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ashe-Barker/e/B00FL04NOS/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1434470965&sr=1-2-ent
• Goodreads : https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7143377.Ashe_Barker
• Ashe Barker Newsletter : http://us9.campaign-archive1.com/home/?u=6a241193a36eea6c22d220ae5&id=e30c83fe71

Wow I don’t know about all of you out in reader land but I can’t wait to read this one! It sounds HOT, be sure to grab your copy today! Happy reading! ~Morganna

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