S is for Strap-Spanking A-Z


I hope everyone is having a lovely day. I decided to share and excerpt from Claiming Their Mate. In this scene Jared and Ethan are showing Madison what happens to naughty little mate’s who put themselves dowm. Happy reading! ~Morganna

“What a naughty little mate we have to deal with, Alpha,” Ethan remarked with a grin. “She is too beautiful to speak so negatively of herself.”
“I agree, we must ensure it never happens again,” Jared said firmly. “The large plug, I think, Ethan.”
“Jared? Why are you sending Ethan for a plug?” Madison hissed in a whisper.
“Because he is going to help me to teach you a lesson you will never forget, little one. Come, let’s take this dress off for a minute, I don’t want it wrinkled.” Jared quickly divested her of the offending dress and her bra, laying them carefully over the back of a chair.
Madison could only groan in humiliation when he turned her back to his chest then picked her up under her knees, held her off the floor, and spread her wide. When he turned to face Ethan, her mortification was complete.
Ethan stood there holding a butt plug, large enough to make her clench her bottom cheeks, and a tube of lube. The knowing smile on his face sent another hot flush of embarrassment through her.
Holding her eyes hostage, Ethan began to squeeze lube onto the plug. As she watched, he coated it thoroughly.
“Jared, please… I…” she wailed in desperation.
“Shhh, we would never hurt you, little mate, but this is a lesson you will learn once and for all.” Jared’s tone was implacable.
She groaned when Ethan sank to his knees in front of her and immediately sucked her clit into his mouth. As he alternated between licking and sucking, he slowly sank a finger deeply into her ass. He rocked it in and out of her until she was trying to follow his finger for more.
Then she felt the broad tip of the plug at the entrance of her tight little pucker, pressing firmly for entrance.
As he sucked her clit hard he pressed it home, twirling it around inside of her until she was panting, building toward a climax.
Then he stopped; pulling his face away from her needy slit, Ethan looked up at her. “Look at me, my lady.”
When she would have stubbornly stared at the ceiling, Ethan delivered a sharp swat to her thigh.
“Lady Madison, look at me,” Ethan said firmly.
“Madison,” Jared added his own warning and she gave in and looked down to meet the intensity of Ethan’s gaze.
“You are beautiful, my lady,” Ethan said firmly as he pressed the plug even deeper inside her bottom until he was able to lock it into place.
Madison could only moan in a combination of pleasure, pain, and shame. How could another man’s touch and discipline be so arousing? Especially when she was being held in place by her mate.
Then he used one hand to spread her labia even further apart. “Look at how your body weeps for us, my lady, your pretty little clit standing at attention begging for our discipline.”
She shook her head as if to deny the obvious.
“Oh yes, naughty girl,” Ethan told her before slapping three of his fingers on the other hand down sharply right on her clit.
“Ohhh.” Madison’s body jerked in response as the sharp sting bloomed almost immediately into pleasure.
His fingers slapped down three more times in quick succession and Madison knew one more little slap and she’d come hard and beg for more.
Her body tensed in anticipation of the next blow and the impending climax, but Ethan stepped away from her with a grin and licked his fingers clean of her juices.
“Naughty girls don’t get to come, my lady, do they, Alpha?” Ethan asked.
Jared lowered her to the floor on shaking legs. “No, they don’t.”
Madison shivered in need and confusion and Jared and Ethan quickly dressed her again.
“By the end of the night you will never doubt your attractiveness again. This is only the first part of the lesson, Madison. Now we must leave for the gathering but first I think we should deal with your lack of respect. Come here, Madison,” Jared said as he sat down on the corner of their bed. Ethan once again sat down in the chair across the room.
Madison came to stand between his legs where he sat. “I’m sorry… I know I could have handled that better. I could have told you I didn’t like the dress without being so disrespectful and rude or putting myself down.”
He tilted her face to his staring into her eyes as he spoke. “You definitely could have chosen your words much better, baby-love. I’m very disappointed in you, young lady. Now I want you to go to the closet and pick the implement you think you deserve for your behavior, then bring it to me.”
She gasped. He wanted her to pick something to spank her already thoroughly punished backside? Choose her own instrument of torture? “I don’t think I can,” Madison said softly.
Jared turned her and delivered a sharp swat to her left thigh. “You can and you will. Dawdling with only earn you extra.”
At the closet Madison gulped at the array of scary-looking implements. The big paddles looked horrendous, there were several straps and a couple of canes. Realizing she was taking too long, Madison finally grabbed a thick strap. It was only less scary than the rest by a small margin but seemed the best choice.
When she took the strap back to Jared, she found he’d moved a stool into the center of the room. He took the strap from her trembling hand then guided her down over the top of the stool.
“Hold on to the lower rungs and don’t get out of position. I’ll help you by placing a hand on your back. This will not be pleasant, as I want to ensure we don’t need to have this discussion again. Do you understand?” he asked.
“Yes, sir.” Her reply was almost a whisper.
Madison heard a whoosh as Jared swung the strap and then a line of fire bit into the tender skin where her bottom met her thighs, jolting the intruder in her bottom. To her horror the next stroke landed in the exact same place. When the next two landed on top of the first two, Madison began to beg, “Please, somewhere else…. somewhere else!”
Jared seemed immune to her pleas and delivered twelve strokes directly on top of each other leaving an angry reddish purple weal on her sit spot. The width of the strap ensured there was no way she would be able to sit for some time to come without remembering the lesson.

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