Q is for Quinn-Spanking A-Z Challenge-Free Story Friday-Quinn Goes Camping

Hope after a wonderful week you are heading into a relaxing weekend! Today’s story is a lighthearted read I hope you enjoy. Happy reading! ~Morganna

Quinn Goes Camping

Quinn was so excited she could hardly contain herself. They were finally here, Beaver’s Bend National Park. She hung out the truck window as Tim pulled into the campsite. “Oh look Tim! Raccoons! Aren’t they cute?”

Tim smiled indulgently at his girlfriend’s enthusiasm. He shook his head, as he thought of the next four days in the woods trying to keep Quinn out of trouble. The woman could find a hornet’s nest to stir up in a padded room. He thought with a grin.

Tim parked the truck and Quinn was out almost before he came to a complete stop. “Quinn calm down. We have plenty of time.”

“I know,” Quinn stood looking out at the river. “Isn’t it beautiful? I can’t wait till the others get here. We are going to have such fun. There’s so much to do. I saw a sign for war canoes and another for paddle boats and yakanoes. What do you suppose a yakanoe is? Oh look there’s a boat coming. What do you suppose they’re doing? Do you think the fish are biting? I saw a lodge too and there was a big birdcage by it. We need to check that out too. And I…”

“Quinn. Calm down,” Tim said interrupting her excited chatter. “We will have time to do all of those things, but will it be okay if we set up camp and wait for the others?”

Quinn looked wistfully at the river. She wanted to explore so badly, but Tim was right there would be plenty of time later. Camp needed setting up. Quinn turned to Tim with a grin. “Race ya back to the truck.” She started running toward the truck, her laughter turned to a squeal when Tim scooped her up and tossed her over his shoulder, “Tim that’s cheating!”

Tim laughed and slapped her playfully on the rump before setting her on her feet by the truck, “Come on woman, andlet’s get to work.”


Several hours later, Quinn sat snuggled between Tim’s legs in front of the fire. She was full of hot dogs and s’mores. She smiled across the fire at her friends Patti and Ginny. Patti and Jim had been the last to arrive, about an hour ago. Ginny and David had pulled in about an hour after Tim and Quinn. The friends laughed and began talking about what to do the next day.

“I think we should check out those war canoes. We might all be able to fit in one canoe,” Quinn said excitedly.

The others grinned and agreed that they would check it out first thing in the morning. Quinn turned at a sound behind her and saw three raccoons standing on their hind legs sniffing the air. “Look!” she cried springing to her feet.

“Quinn, wait,” Tim said firmly. “The park ranger that came by earlier said to be careful with the raccoons.” He reminded her.

“Oh they’ll be okay,” she said waving off Tim’s warnings. “They’re so cute. I wonder if they like marshmallows.” Quinn snatched up the remaining marshmallows and tossed one out to the raccoons. A big one quickly snatched up a marshmallow and held it delicately between its paws as it began to nibble. “Oh, he likes it!” Quinn said excitedly, as Patti and Gina joined her.

Soon all three women were feeding the raccoon’s against the better judgment of their men folk. After each marshmallow the raccoons inched closer and closer. Quinn looked over to where Tim was sitting by the fire to see if he was watching. He seemed to be involved with whatever Jim was saying; Confident that she wasn’t being observed Quinn got down on her knees and held a marshmallow out to one of the raccoons. The little raccoon crept up and daintily took the marshmallow from her hand. Quinn had just started to pet its head when an arm hooked around her waist jerked her to her feet.

“Tim! You scared the raccoon away!” she said accusingly.

“Good thing too! Were you listening to the park ranger at all young lady?” Tim asked glaring down at her.

Quinn sighed, “Yes Tim, I was, but they’re so cute. It wouldn’t have hurt anything for me to pet it.” She said defending her actions.

“Quinn half of those cute little creatures are rabid. I don’t want you feeding them again, and I certainly don’t want you trying to touch another one,” he said firmly. When he didn’t get an immediate response Tim tilted her face up to his with a finger beneath her chin. “Do you understand me young lady?”

“Yes sir,” Quinn said with a bit of a pout.

“Good girl,” he said hugging her tightly to him. “I think its time we went to bed don’t you?” Tim whispered in her ear.

Quinn grinned up at him putting her arms around his neck. She went up her tiptoes and bit him sharply on the ear. “Race ya!” She said turning to run into their tent and flopping down on the air mattress with a laugh. Tim followed quickly, diving on top of her and tickling her till she begged for mercy; then kissed her till she begged for more.


The next morning found the group walking down the path to the war canoes, with Quinn eagerly leading the way. “Look! There they are.” She said excitedly pointing to where the big canoes were tied to the dock.

Tim and the guys talked with the attendant about the rental of the fifteen man canoes. Quinn heard the man say they would be getting the red canoe and was off like a shot, Patti and Ginny reluctantly following.

“Quinn don’t you think we should wait for the guys?” Patti asked frowning as her friend put on leg into the yellow canoe.

“No. Don’t be silly. It looks easy enough. We just have to step into the yellow canoe first then go from it to the red one,” Quinn said as she began to put her words to action. Quinn stopped to catch her balance as the yellow canoe began to bob with her weight. She gingerly made her way to the side of the canoe then put one foot over in the red one, but before she could hop into it the red canoe began to move away from the yellow one. “Shit!” Quinn cried as the canoes moved away from each other causing her to do the splits between the canoes. She looked down between her legs into the water and saw long seaweed looking stuff. No way was she falling into that stuff. Quinn tried to bring her legs back together to no avail and instead she found herself dangling between the two canoes barely clinging to each by her knees. “Tim!” She yelled.

Tim started at Quinn’s distress cry and looked up to the site of her balancing precariously between the two canoes with her bottom dangling inches above the water. “Quinn!” Tim and the other men hurried to the canoes. The attendant pulled the red canoe close while Tim scooped Quinn up.

Quinn hugged Tim tightly. “Whew, I thought for a minute I was gonna fall into that nasty water,” She said grinning up at him.

Tim frowned down at her, “It would’ve served you right. You should have waited for me.”

Quinn sighed, “I know. Trust me next time I’ll wait.”

Tim shook his head. He was trying to give Quinn a little more leeway than normal because it was their vacation, but she was really pushing it, “You’re pushing it you know.” He said softly.

Quinn made a face and swatted him in the chest, “Lighten up Tim. It was an accident.” Quinn jumped lightly into the red canoe now that it was held securely by the attendant and then turned to grin at her friends. “Come on guys, what are you waiting for?”

Soon everyone was as caught up in the moment as Quinn. Everyone was thoroughly enjoying the morning on the river. Tim decided that there would be plenty of time to discuss Quinn’s impulsiveness later.


The next morning Quinn woke well before everyone else. She went to the bathroom and then puttered around camp for a little while, but still no one stirred. Quinn sighed and then her eyes lit on the sign for the hiking trail. It wouldn’t hurt anything for her to do a little exploring until the others woke up. Soon she was caught up in the sights and sounds of the forest.


Quinn frowned as she made her way back into camp. Tim and their friends surrounded the park ranger. They seemed to be having a serious discussion.

“What’s wrong?” Quinn asked.

“Quinn!” They all yelled in unison.

Tim lifted her into a tight bear hug, “We’ve been so worried. Where have you been?”

“Worried? I just went for a little walk up the hiking trail,” Quinn said in surprise.

The park ranger snapped the little notebook in his hand shut, “Well since it looks like the little lady has been found, I’ll get back to work.” He said then he frowned at Quinn, “It isn’t a good idea for you to wander around these woods by yourself young lady. Be more careful.” With that he got in his truck and drove away.

“Do you realize that you’ve been gone for over two hours?” Tim asked sternly.

“Two hours? Oh…well I guess I just got caught up in the moment,” Quinn said with a smile. “Sorry for worrying you.”

Tim snorted and then grabbed Quinn’s arm, he turned to the hiking path and began pulling her quickly behind him, “You’re about to get caught up in a moment, young lady.” He said sternly.

“Tim…wait!” Quinn cried as he pulled her away from the campsite.

As they were leaving she heard David say, “It’s about damn time!” Followed by a chorus of agreement; traitors!

Tim continued pulling Quinn after him without another word. He stopped when he came to a fallen log. “This seems like as good a spot as any,” he said turning and pulling her shorts and panties to her knees without further ado, sitting on the log he jerked her across his lap.

“Tim wait…can’t we talk about this?” Quinn cried, mortified to find herself in this position.

Tim brought his hand down firmly across her upturned bottom. The crack of his palm seemed to echo through the stillness of the tress. “This is where I talk and you listen,” he said as he delivered more blistering swats. “You are going to have to learn to control yourself and think before you act. You have pushed me and ignored my warnings since we got here. It stops right now! Understand?”

“Yeeeeessssssss!” Quinn howled as the spanking and the lecture continued. “I’m sorry!” Her bottom felt like it was being roasted across the campfire.

Tim ignored her cries of distress and continued with the lesson. Quinn’s creamy white bottom was soon a bright shade of crimson under his knowing hand. His hand slapped down over and over again careful not to miss any of her bottom.

Just to be sure he tilted her over his lap a little further to apply the last volley of swats directly to her sit-spots.

“Please…oh please…I’ll be good! I promise!” Quinn cried; her poor bottom was so sore she wouldn’t sit for the rest of the trip!

Satisfied that the lesson had been well and truly learned Tim turned her in his arms and hugged her close.

When Quinn was calm again Tim stood her before him and helped her fix her clothes. “Now, you are to go straight back to camp and apologize to everyone for worrying them,” he said firmly.

“Yes sir,” Quinn sniffed. Then she turned and wrapped her arms tightly around him. “I really am sorry I scared you Tim.”

He smiled and returned her hug, “I know baby.”

As they walked back to camp Quinn remembered the aviary, “Oh, Tim I found out that its owls they have in the big bird cages. They have feeding times that you can go and watch,” she told him excitedly. “Maybe if I asked them…”

“No!” Tim said firmly. Quinn opened her mouth to argue but when she looked at Tim’s face her eyes widened and her hands automatically went back as if to protect her sore bottom. “And don’t even think about asking.”

Quinn sighed, “Yes sir.”

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