O is for Orgasm!-Spanking A-Z Challenge

I hope your day was stress free and full of joy! I decided to share an Excerpt from The Commander’s Daughter for today’s A-Z. Happy reading! ~Morganna

After they’d ridden for a little over an hour, Liam pulled the bike into a somewhat secluded picnic area, assisting Melody off the bike and sitting down at one of the tables, pulling her to stand between his knees.
She smiled at Liam hesitantly. “Thank you. That was wonderful.”
“You are welcome. I would like to win more smiles from you. Unfortunately, we must also deal with the disrespect you showed earlier,” he said firmly.
“Earlier, you showed great disrespect toward me with your siblings as Maggie’s words demonstrated and you demonstrated disrespect for both myself and your parents with your behavior in the dining hall. I would not have our beginnings shrouded in discipline, but I cannot allow such behavior to go uncorrected.” With his little speech out of the way, Liam made short work of unsnapping her jeans to tug both them and her panties to her knees before tumbling her face down across his waiting lap.
Melody was mortified; no man had ever seen her without clothing and now he was staring down at her naked bottom. “No, Liam! You can’t!”
“Yes, little mate, I can and will,” Liam said sternly before bringing his hard hand down sharply across her vulnerable bottom. She couldn’t believe the difference between the few swats she’d received over her jeans earlier in the day and the blazing fire his paddle-like hand left in its wake on her naked backside.
As the shock wore off, Melody began to fight him, but Liam only pulled her in tighter to his torso and lifted one leg to scissor hers between his strong thighs. He put a stop to the slight rebellion almost before it began, never once losing the rhythm with his rapidly falling hand.
“Owww! Please… stop… owwwie! Owww! Please, Liam… please…” Melody’s pleas seemed to fall on deaf ears as his punishing hand continued to fall again and again, leaving no skin on her bottom and upper thighs untouched.
When Melody fell limp and sobbing across Liam’s lap, every trace of resistance leaving her body, he stopped. He ran a gentle hand soothingly across her punished flesh as he continued to hold her in place until she quieted. “Shh, little mate, you took your punishment well. You will soon see things are not as bad as you think. I will love and care for you always.”
When her sobs subsided to the occasional sniffle, Liam lifted her to sit on his knee, cradling her against his chest, “Sweet, sweet Melody, it is all over and forgiven. Next time you will know better how to handle your displeasure, will you not?”
“Y-you beat me!” Melody looked up at him, her breath catching again on a partial sob.
Liam smiled down at her indulgently, lifting her to stand between his legs and cupping a sore bottom cheek in each hand. “I spanked you, little one. I did not beat you nor would I ever do so, but leave you with a sore bottom I will if you misbehave again in the future.”
“It hurt!”
“It was intended to, how else would the lesson be learned?” he asked her reasonably.
“I don’t like you.” She glared up at him, crossing her arms over her chest. Melody tried to ignore the fact that he was literally holding her scorched and naked bottom in his hands.
He smiled again, leaning down to kiss the tip of her nose. “Yes you do, little mate. You may not want to like me, but you do. You wonder what my kiss will be like.”
Melody gasped in outrage, “I do not!”
“You do and you know it, shall I show you?” Liam asked with a twinkle in his eyes.
“No…I…” The pressure of his mouth over hers stilled the rest of her protest. Liam’s mouth pressed insistently against her own, his tongue tracing the seam of her lips, tapping lightly against them for entrance.
When she continued to keep her mouth stubbornly closed, he ran his nails across the burning flesh of her bottom in a sharp caress that made her gasp. Taking advantage of her open lips, Liam took possession immediately, sweeping his tongue inside to conquer everything in its path. His tongue seemed to be everywhere at once, stroking along the roof of her mouth before twining with hers and leading it into his own mouth where he suckled it gently.
Melody found herself getting restless and achy, whimpering into his mouth, needing something more from him—what, she wasn’t sure.
Liam responded to her need by cupping her bottom and urging her pelvis against his own. Melody tried to open her legs to him but found them hampered by the jeans still bunched around her knees. Liam lifted her easily and pulled them off with her panties, leaving her bare from the waist down. Melody found her legs lifting to wrap around him almost of their own volition, and she moaned as he tilted her so her naked heat pressed against the ridge of his desire, encouraging her to grind against it.
Freeing her mouth from his for a moment, Melody grasped his shirt tightly in her fists. “Please, help me Liam!” she begged.
Liam untangled her limbs from his own and laid her back on the picnic table, seating himself between her wantonly splayed thighs. Melody was beyond caring about her lewdly displayed nakedness, need governing her will.
He pressed his thumbs to her wet core and spread her lips wide before placing his mouth against her wet heat.
Melody jerked in a silent scream as his tongue thrust up inside her with bold powerful strokes, leaving her helpless to do anything but respond. As Liam drove his tongue deep inside, licking along her sensitive walls, his thumb began to rub circles on her ever tightening little bud of desire.
Her thighs tightened around his head, pulling him in closer while her hands tried to push his head away, so overwhelmed by the pleasure she didn’t know whether she was begging him to continue or to stop.
When her body stiffened in his arms before shuddering in ecstasy, he lapped up every bit of her essence as if he couldn’t get enough of the taste of her. Liam pulled Melody’s limp body up and into his lap, tugging her shirt up then lifting her breasts free from the cups of her little lace bra.
A soft scream escaped her when he wrapped his lips around one tight nipple to suckle strongly. Melody wrapped her arms around his head to hold him to her, as he thrust two fingers into her still rippling sheath.
He continued to pump his fingers in and out of her in an increasingly strong rhythm as his thumb once again strummed across her tight little clit, his other hand never ceasing his delicious torment of her breasts.
Melody began emitting little mewling sounds of need as the heat in her body tightened to an almost unbearable level. When he curved his fingers inward in a come-hither motion, stroking them across the rough patch of skin just inside, she came, screaming his name.
This time Liam cuddled her close, his hands now soothing rather than arousing as Melody came back to herself. “You are so beautiful when you come apart in my arms; it is a sight I will never tire of, little mate.”

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