N is for No Fries!-Spanking A-Z Challenge


I hope everyone has had a beautiful and relaxing weekend. Mine’s been great yard work until I dropped on Saturday and a very peaceful day today. Tomorrow its back to the daily grind. I thought I’d share another excerpt from Naturally Naughty today for N but the N is for no fries. What’s a dieting girl to do when the waiter brings her fries? Probably not what Shannon does.


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I was excited about the concert. It was a benefit for the Make A Wish foundation and promised to be a wonderful evening.
Unfortunately, Landon had a family wedding coming up. Not that I didn’t want to go; of course I did. I had even found the perfect dress; the only problem was I needed to lose at least ten pounds in order to wear said dress. So I had been on a starvation diet for the past three weeks and I still had five pounds to go.
So dinner prior to the concert at the Hard Rock was a problem. The Hard Rock would only be serving basket dinners for this particular venue. Which meant fried stuff or a hamburger. I knew that French fries would be my downfall if I let even one of the succulent pieces of salty potato touch my lips. So I was determined that none even touch my burger.
Well, such are the best-laid plans of mice and me.
The evening started well, it really did. Landon came and picked me up in grand style and I was feeling especially ravishing. Amazing what the loss of even five pounds will do for a girl; imagine how I’ll be feeling when I lose the other five.
The crisp cold air seemed fitting since it was a holiday concert; they were calling it Holiday at the Hard Rock. I was looking forward to listening to some of my favorite soft rock artists up close and personal.
We left very early, as the seating was limited and first come, first served. Everyone else would be left standing once the seats ran out.
We got there in plenty of time to get seats and had a great view of the stage. The waiter came to take our orders and that’s when the trouble began. Due to my special circumstances and determination to not see one speck of potato on my plate, I was very specific in my order. Perhaps a little too insistent and specific, but nonetheless I wanted it as I ordered it.
“I want a hamburger with mustard, no onions, extra tomatoes and lettuce, oh, and no pickles either, absolutely no mayonnaise, and if it’s no trouble make sure they put no French fries on my plate.” I smiled at the waiter as I handed him my menu.
“Do you want chips instead of the fries?”
“No! Nothing, nada, no fried anything!”
Landon and the waiter both quirked their brows at the vehemence of my reply. Well, what’s a girl to do? I’d been on a strict diet for three weeks and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt if anything fried touched my plate, much less my lips, all would be lost.
Landon made his order then frowned across the table at me. “Don’t you think you’re being a bit ridiculous about this?”
“No. I am trying to take control in the beginning in order to circumvent a disaster.”
“Eating French fries or chips would be a disaster?”
“At this particular point, yes. Abstinence is critical if I want to wear the dress I bought for your cousin’s wedding.”
“I still don’t understand why you just didn’t buy one that would fit in the first place,” he said with not a little exasperation.
“Because this is the first time I am going to meet everyone in your family. I want to make a good impression. Not have them wondering how you ended up with the Bonanza Cow.” I glared at him for being so obtuse. Was this really so hard to understand?
“This is just silly. First, you are not a cow and second, even if you were, all that matters to my family is that you’re the girl I love.”
God, I loved this man, but he was so naïve. “Okay, sweetie, if that’s what you want to think, but I’ll stick to reality.”
“Be very careful how many buttons you push.”
The impulse to stick my tongue out had never been stronger; not the most mature of responses, but sometimes still very tempting. I decided instead that a change of topic was necessary to preserve the joy of the evening and the comfort of my bottom.
“I can’t wait till the music starts. This should be a fantastic concert.”
Landon smiled and quietly murmured his agreement before lacing his fingers through mine across the candlelit table. I melted; he was so sweet.
Then our food came.
I glared at my basket. French fries filled the entire thing and my hamburger rested on top of them happily soaking up all their greasy goodness.
“I said no fries!”
“Oh, well, the kitchen is really busy tonight with the concert crowd.”
“Well, now my burger has soaked up all the grease from them.”
The waiter just blinked at me.
“Honey, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it. A few French fries won’t matter.”
“Won’t matter? Yes, they will. I said no fries and I meant no fries.” I frowned fiercely at the waiter.
To my surprise, he was beginning to glare back. Whatever happened to the customer always being right? “If you don’t want the fries, lady, don’t eat them.”
“I don’t want the fries in my basket, period. What am I supposed to do now?”
“Lady, I don’t care if you throw them on the floor. The kitchen can’t make a new basket; they can barely keep up with the orders coming in as it is.”
Now I realize that there was no excuse for what I did next, but what can I say? I was a woman on a mission to lose weight, which actually means I was damn hungry and I wanted those fries desperately. Which also means they could be nowhere near me!
I picked my hamburger up from the basket, pulled the grease-soaked bottom bun off it and set it back in the basket. Then, after carefully placing my hamburger on a napkin, I dumped the entire contents of the basket on the floor at the waiter’s feet.
To say both he and Landon were shocked by my behavior would be a gross understatement.
The waiter’s eyes bulged and Landon’s jaw nearly hit the floor before he gathered his wits and began to grind his teeth with that scary little muscle popping along his jaw.
“Pick those up right now.” The softness of the almost whispered command somehow made it more frightening than the loudest yell would have been.
The waiter smirked at me and crossed his arms as he waited for me to comply with Landon’s order. I shot him another glare.
“Don’t you have some waiting to do?”
He merely looked at Landon and then back at me with a grin. “It can wait.”
“Pick them up, Shannon. I won’t tell you again.”
Sudden visions of being upended there in the Hard Rock Café before God and everybody, including the smart-ass waiter, filled my head. I was on my hands and knees scooping my mess back into the basket faster than you could say jackrabbit.
When I had them all back in the basket, I set it on the table and blotted at the grease stains on the carpet with a napkin. I would have cleaned the whole damn carpet to keep from looking back at Landon at this point.
A firm hand on my arm pulled me up to my feet. “Now apologize.”
I frowned at Landon, then at the still grinning waiter. “But…”
“Now!” I jumped at the sharp bite in Landon’s voice.
“I’m terribly sorry for my rude behavior,” I said softly.
“Uh huh,” came the disbelieving reply.
Landon turned to the waiter. “If you could send our food back and hold it for us, I would appreciate it.”
The waiter’s grin became even broader if that was possible. “Sure thing, sir.”
Landon then proceeded to march me right out of the restaurant and down the sidewalk. I considered pleading my case, but changed my mind when I glanced up at Landon’s profile. I looked around, wondering where on earth he could be taking me. He finally stopped at a building that said ‘for lease’ and pulled me quickly up the walk to the partially enclosed entrance.
I looked around and realized that we were shielded from the view of passersby and nearly panicked. This was not good.
Landon sat on a bench built into the wall of the building and had me across his lap with my skirt up and panties down in record time. His hand landed hard across my bottom, bringing a sharp gasp from my lips. He covered every inch of my vulnerable bottom with stinging smacks, giving no quarter. Then he covered the entire area a second, third, fourth, and I’m not sure but I think a fifth and sixth time.
I was sobbing by the time he completed his third trip across my poor posterior. Then he lifted me to my feet and turned me to face the bench, bending me at the waist.
“Put your hands on the bench,” he said sternly.
“Please… I’m sorry…” I begged.
“Now, Shannon,” Landon said in a tone that brooked no argument.
With a whimper, I bent completely over, my hands resting on the bench and my forehead resting on my hands. I shuddered when I heard the sound of his belt being pulled free of his pants.
A large hand came to rest on the small of my back to hold me in place, “I don’t think we really need any further discussion of why you’re getting a taste of my belt, do we, young lady?”
“No, sir,” I said with a little sob in my voice.
The sound of the belt whistling through the air came just before a line of fire rose up across both cheeks on the tender crease between my bottom and thighs. To my horror, each and every stroke fell in the exact same place. I think I got ten in all, but it was hard to keep track since the blistering fire in my nether regions was so distracting.

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