K is for Kicking bad guy butt-Spanking A-Z Challenge


I decided to use another excerpt from His Girl, His Rules for today’s post. In this post Glory kicks some bad guy butt and ends up with a very unhappy Dom. Happy Reading!~Morganna

Panic threatened to swamp her as Glory neared the open doorway and the darkness beyond it. Looking up, she saw a large bald black man leaning down over a balcony and watching her progression toward the door.
He had on sunglasses so she couldn’t see his eyes, but she could feel them on her. Glory straightened her spine and lifted her head, staring straight ahead as she pretended to be unafraid.
What a joke! She was terrified. As Glory walked into the building, she turned left into a very narrow and dark corridor, the sound of frightened sobs coming from somewhere ahead; she hurried toward the sound.
Her eyes were adjusting to the darkness and she could make out a door on her right with a very small amount of light coming underneath it. The crying was coming from behind the closed door.
Glory knocked lightly and softly whispered, “Julie?”
The crying stopped and a soft voice spoke from directly behind the door. “Miss Glory?”
The door quickly opened and a small figure hurled itself into Glory’s arms. She caught the girl’s trembling form and held her close as she blinked at the sudden light from inside the room. It wasn’t very bright coming in from where someone had chipped a hole in the wood covering one of the windows, but it was welcome in the face of such inky darkness.
“We’ve got to get out of here, Julie,” Glory said quietly. “If we hurry, maybe we can…”
The press of something hard in the small of her back stopped her words short. “Who’d you call, Julie? I told you we don’t have a choice. If you don’t give it up, they’ll kill me.”
Glory and Julie were shoved back into the room. Glory spun around to face the man with the gun and backed away from him, pulling Julie with her. She recognized Linc almost immediately.
His dirty blond hair was sticking up in several directions, his face scarred and pockmarked from the years of drug use. Suddenly he smiled, revealing blackened teeth, “Miss Walters? Really, Julie? This is who you called? What do you think she can do? Now I have two women to give them. It’ll definitely put me in good with ’em, might even give me some free product.”
“Linc, this is a really bad idea. You’ll go to prison for the rest of your life if you don’t stop this right now!” Glory said sternly as she pushed Julie behind her; the frightened girl clutched her shoulders nervously.
“Shut up, lady! You ain’t got say-so over me anymore! In fact, the way I see it now I have say-so over you! Maybe I’ll have you suck my dick before I hand you over to the guys. I bet you’re real good at it.”
Linc moved toward her, already starting to unbuckle his belt, reaching out to touch her face with the end of his gun.
Glory moved almost without thinking. Bringing her fist up on the inside of the wrist holding the gun, she slapped the back of his hand as hard as she could simultaneously with the other. Surprisingly, it worked and the gun flew out of his hand across the room.
Before Linc could recover from the shock, Glory stepped forward and jammed her foot into the front of his knee as hard as she could, hearing a cracking sound as Linc crumpled to the floor holding his knee. Glory kicked him in the groin as soon as he was down for good measure, grabbed the gun, and backed up to a wall with Julie, pointing the gun at the injured man crying on the floor.
Her hands were shaking, but she knew she could shoot if she had to.
“Where’d you learn to do that, Miss Glory?” Julie whispered in her ear, her thin body still pressed tightly against Glory.
“When I worked for DADS, they had a guy come in and give us a quick self-defense class. That move is all I remembered; actually, I’m kind of surprised it worked,” Glory said with a shudder.
As the minutes wore on she found herself getting more and more shaky. Suddenly she remembered the phone in her pocket and scrambled to get it. “Hello?” she asked, hoping the operator was still there.
The operator gave an audible sigh of relief. “Is everyone okay, Ms. Walters?”
“Yes, but I’m hoping help is on the way?” She voiced the statement as a question.
“The SWAT team is already on site, ma’am, just stay put and they will come to you,” the operator instructed.
A knot formed in the pit of her stomach. “Did you say SWAT team?” Glory had a feeling Gabriel would be less than pleased about her little adventure.

* * *

Gabriel sat in the front of a squad car resting his head on the steering wheel. He’d bowed out of the raid. He was too emotionally involved with the situation since his girlfriend was in the building surrounded by gang members. He would put the rest of his team at risk if he went in with them.
Usually cool under fire, Gabriel was surprised to find himself almost shaking at the thought of Glory in there surrounded by God knows what. He’d already watched his wife die an agonizingly slow death; the thought of losing Glory too almost unmanned him.
Gabriel could hear what was going on with the raid in his earpiece and was relieved when he heard Ramirez enter the room where Glory was and ask her to put down the gun.
“You’re not gonna believe this, sarge, but your girl disarmed the suspect and has been holding him at gunpoint with his own gun,” Ramirez said into his ear and Gabriel could hear the smile in his voice.
While Gabriel was relieved she was safe and had been able to protect herself, he was a long way from smiling. Now that the danger and fear had passed, he’d skated past relief and straight into outrage that she’d put herself in harm’s way.
When she and a small thin blond girl were walked out toward the waiting ambulance to be checked by the EMTs, Glory looked up and spotted him. At first she smiled and started toward him, but then she stopped and stood still, biting her lower lip nervously, watching his face as he approached.
Gabriel grabbed her to him, hugging her hard before setting her away and giving her a little shake. “What were you thinking? You could have been killed! Confronting a man with a gun? Even coming to a place like this at all was…”
“But Gabriel…” she began.
He held his hand up. “No, I won’t listen to any excuses from you. There aren’t any acceptable excuses for this.”
“I had to, Gabriel… I…”
“No. I can’t do this right now. I can’t deal with you. Ramirez?” Gabriel handed Glory off to the other man and walked away. He was so angry with his little author. If she’d uttered one more word of her excuse, he wouldn’t have been able to stop himself from jerking her over his knee, pulling down those sensible pants, and paddling the daylights out of her in front of his entire team and the ambulance guys.

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