J is for Jealousy-Spanking A-Z Challenge and WIP it up Wednesday!!!

Since its WIP it up Wednesday as well as J day in the Spanking A-Z Challenge, I decided to share another excerpt from my current WIP. Remember WIP means “work in progress” so this is not polished by any means my focus during this stage is writing the story. Once I’m finished it will be sent to my editor and go through several revisions before being forwarded to the copy editor for its final edits. I hope you enjoy it. Have a wonderful day! Happy reading! ~Morganna

Max had a feeling she might have made the biggest mistake of her life by sending Rafe away the night before; an error that had now been compounded by Javier. The truth was she loved Rafe and needed him more than she wanted to admit to him or anyone else. Needing someone that much when they weren’t available had caused her to make some rash choices. She’d been scared by how great her need for him was and had decided to cut him out of her life.

Then she’d started drinking to numb herself to the aching emptiness inside her; what if she was too late now? What if Rafe decided she wasn’t worth the trouble? She’d been so drunk the night before her memory was a little muzzy on what’d he’d told her; she knew they’d had sex…a flush stole up her cheeks as she remembered how blatantly she’d used him to get off. Rafe hadn’t been happy with the situation but he’d allowed it.

The fact that he had was telling in itself; before he’d left Rafe would have simply paddled the daylights out of her then taken her to bed and loved her so thoroughly she would have forgotten all her misgivings.

Max shook her head as she realized there was a fairly large part of her that wished he’d done exactly that…taken the choice and the control away from her…then she wouldn’t have to worry about making the right decision.

What a coward she was!

“My lovely Maxine, you are miles away from here I think,” Javier said softly in his cultured voice.

Max blinked and looked over into his understanding eyes, “I’m being terribly rude, please accept my apologies.”

“No need to apologize dear lady, I only hope he’s worth all the thoughts flitting behind those lovely eyes,” Javier said smoothly.

“Who?” she asked, trying to dismiss the knowing look in her escort’s eyes.

Javier laughed, “The man that’s been glaring daggers at me from the bar I assume.”

Max stiffened and looked over her shoulder and straight into Rafe’s smoldering gaze, everything below her waist clenched in response to that look. Her bottom winced in trepidation but everything else clenched in remembered pleasure. He was angry.

“Maybe we should go?” Max asked Javier hesitantly. They’d been lingering over coffee but the air was thick with tension and no way did she want a confrontation with Rafe at the top of Reunion Tower.

“But of course my dear, I aim only to please,” he said with a grin rising from the table and offering his hand. “Let’s go the check has already been paid.”

Max sighed with relief as he led her quickly from the restaurant; they rode down in the glass elevator in complete silence, the view around them unseen.

Without a word Javier helped her into his low slung sports car and then drove quickly to her apartment.

“I give it about ten minutes before your man arrives to claim you,” Javier said jovially as he walked her up to her apartment.

“Don’t be silly…” Max began only to be cut off by Rafe’s terse voice.

“Less than that and you have about two seconds to tell me exactly you are,” he stood with his back to the wall facing Javier menacingly.

“Rafe you’ve no right to…”

Rafe grabbed her arm firmly and pulled her to his side after liberating the keys from her suddenly lifeless fingers and opening the door, “I would be very careful how you talk to me right now Maxine. You go on in your apartment while I deal with your…friend. I expect to find you bare bottomed and standing in the corner when I get inside.”

“How dare you!” she gasped, embarrassed he’d spoken to her that way in front of Javier.

He simply delivered four sharp swats to her skirt covered behind and pushed her gently inside, “You’re about to find out I’ll dare a lot when it comes to you. Mind me now unless you want a spanking out here in the hall in front of this gentleman and the neighbors.

Max promptly closed her mouth and hurried inside pulling the door shut behind her with a satisfying bang.

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