G is for Getting More Than She Bargained For-Spanking A-Z Challenge

I decided to go with an excerpt from Claiming Their Mate for today’s blog post. Madison has been stealing orgasms from her mate’s and she’d about to get way more than she bargained for in the way of punishment. Hope you enjoy the excerpt! Happy Reading! ~Morganna

Ethan raised a brow, “I hope our mate is ready for everything her little manipulations have earned her.”

“Indeed,” Jared said succinctly as he opened the door.

The sight greeting them when they opened the door was one neither would ever forget. Madison lay on the bed, her legs spread wide with the rabbit vibrator moving swiftly in and out of her glistening lips as her hips ground up hard and she cried out in what was obviously a very satisfying orgasm.


Ethan groaned at the sight, his cock swelling uncomfortably in his jeans as Madison looked up at him, her face flushed with passion.
“It took you long enough to get here,” she said with a small pout before pulling the vibrator from her body and licking her juices from the shaft as she studied her mates.

Ethan felt his cock grow impossibly tighter at the evocative vision she was deliberately presenting as she used her mouth to clean every trace of her essence from the vibrator.

“I think you’ve been told before mate, your pleasure belongs to us,” Jared said firmly.

“You will be punished for each and every orgasm you stole from us,” Ethan assured her and watched with satisfaction as she shivered in response to the sensual threat. “How many times Madison?”

She gave him a satisfied smile, “How many times what?”

“How many times did you make yourself come?” Ethan asked. He began to roll up his shirtsleeves and watched as Jared did the same.

Madison watched them, licking her lips a little nervously as she clearly realized how dangerous it was to tempt a pair of wolves.

“Madison,” Jared said her name warningly.

“Three,” she said a little hoarsely.

“Three orgasms that belonged to your mates,” Jared said sitting down next to her on the bed and pulling her easily face down across his thighs. Ethan watched, enjoying the view as Jared spread her over his lap, positioning her to ensure her clit would graze his knee with every swat of his hand.

Jared began to spank Madison hard and fast, leaving bright hand prints behind on the alabaster skin of her bottom. This wasn’t the quick spanking she’d been receiving the last few weeks, this was punishment pure and simple with pleasure thrown into the mix.

As Ethan watched Madison began to writhe over Jared’s knee. She cried out as her bottom when from white to pink to red and finally crimson under Jared’s hard hand. She was soon thrusting her round backside up and down rubbing against his knee harder and harder with each blow.

Then as Jared finished with a volley of swats to the sweet under curve of her bottom she suddenly stiffened and cried out with a confused mixture of pain and pleasure as she came under his punishing palm.

Ethan quickly stripped his clothing, breathing a sigh of relief to have his aching cock free of the confining jeans. He sat himself to straddle the corner of the bed as Jared lifted Madison to stand in front of him.


Madison looked at Jared with tearstained cheeks, longing to rub her stinging backside. Jared’s spanking had hurt but at the same time brought a fourth orgasm which had been shocking in its intensity.

“That was just your first punishment young lady. You better be ready for what you were asking for by sending us such a provocative message because this is going to be long night,” Jared told her before handing her to Ethan so he could strip.

Even though she knew Ethan was about to spank her too, Madison couldn’t help but look longingly at his erect cock where it stood stiffly against his abdomen. She felt a throb begin anew in her clit as she studied it.

“Come here Madison,” Ethan held his hand out to her.

She started to lower herself over his lap only to frown when he stopped her, “No Madison. I don’t plan to spank your naughty bottom. I have a very different target in mind.”

Ethan’s intentions became all too clear when he positioned her on his lap facing away from him with her legs hanging over his spreading her open wide to him. The first biting slap across her pubic mound was shocking; Madison yelped and bucked in response to the hot sting.

“It was very naughty of you to steal orgasms little mate,” Ethan whispered against her ear making her shudder.

Another slap landed, Madison felt the lips of her sex swell in response and her clit began to throb as pleasure and pain seemed to intertwine. Three more quick slaps landed on her outer lips, each wringing a whimpering cry from her lips.

Then Ethan used the fingers of one hand to spread her lips wide, leaving her clit vulnerable to his punishing hand.

Madison wrapped put one hand on the thick wrist of the hand holding her open and the other in the bedding in an effort to brace for whatever was to come.

The next swat was delivered directly to her clit just as she anticipated, fresh tears leaked out from the corners of her eyes in response to the hot sting which quickly morphed into intense pleasure making her both crave and dread the next stroke.

“This naughty little clit deserves to be punished doesn’t it Madison?” Ethan asked.

“Yes sir,” she panted her eyes looking up to be trapped in Jared’s gaze. He stood in front of her watching Ethan punish her hungrily, stroking his cock as he watched.

Each successive swat to her poor little clit wound her body tighter and tighter. Ethan delivered the fifth and final swat to her swollen little nub, it was the hardest of all and it sent her straight into orbit.

Everything inside her tightened to an unbearable degree then felt like it blew apart as she came screaming and shuddering.

Jared took Madison from Ethan and laid her on the bed with his face between her thighs before she finished shaking from the intense orgasm the punishment had given her, he sucked her abused clit between his lips and worked it mercilessly.

Madison shot straight from one screaming orgasm into another and still Jared continued to nurse at her clit then thrust deep into her channel with two thick fingers.

She moaned loudly and felt her body grow impossible tight again as he began thrusting in and out of her in a relentless rhythm.

“Please oh please…I can’t…” she whimpered.

“Oh but you can little mate. That’s your third punishment, you will come tonight as many times as we demand it,” Ethan told as he positioned himself to straddle her neck and fed his rigid cock between her lips. “Tonight we will take you every way possible and by the end of the night you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt who you belong to.”

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