E is for Egg, A-Z Spanking Challenge-It’s still free story Friday-One Less Egg to Fry

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One Less Egg to Fry

Jessica tried not to cry as she sang along with the words as the voices of Fifth Dimension filled the room.

One less bell to answer
One less egg to fry
One less man to pick up after
I should be happy

But all I do is cry
(cry, cry, no more laughter)
Oh I should be happy
(oh why did he go?)
I only know that since he left my life’s so empty

At that line she finally gave up the pretence and dropped into a chair and wailed out her misery. She was so lost in her sorrow she didn’t notice at first the music had ended abruptly. When she finally noticed the silence in the room with the exception of her own sobs Jessica sat up with a frown and looked around.

At first the sight of Jim standing next to the doorway leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest filled her with joy but then she remembered. He’d left her!

“Why are you here?” she asked with a noisy sniff of misery.

He quirked a brow, “Really Jess? One less egg to fry? That’s a little dramatic even for you.”

Jessica stood up and glared at the man she’d once promised to love forever, how dare her accuse of her being dramatic! He left her! “You left me you big…”

A broad hand reached out to cover her mouth, “No name calling young lady, you’re in enough trouble as it is. I did not leave you and you know it.”

When she pulled her mouth from his hand to argue he held up his hand to stop her, “No. You know better. You threw the tantrum of all tantrums last night. Throwing books and lord knows what else at me. Completely refusing to listen to reason, I told you I worked late. I am not now nor have I ever had an affair and I will never have an affair. By the time I walked out the front door I was so angry with you I knew I had to leave or break the promise I made to myself never to lay a hand on you in anger,” he told her sternly.

Jessica had the grace to flush, “I know I behaved a little…”

Jim snorted, “Your behavior was totally out of control and completely unacceptable young lady.”

She paled at the implacability in her husband’s voice her bottom clenching almost reflexively at the tone. It was a tone she was quite familiar with after ten years a marriage and generally preceded a very thorough spanking.

“I’m sorry honey. I don’t know what gets in to me sometimes I know you’d never cheat on me but you’ve been gone so much lately and I’ve missed you sooo much…I guess I just needed a little attention,” she finished lamely.

“Well you’re about to get more attention that you bargained for little miss,” Jim said grabbing his wife firmly by the arm and hooking a chair out from underneath the table with one foot as he pulled it to him and sat down.

In less than a heartbeat Jessica found herself face down over her husband’s strong thighs with her pants and panties pulled all the way off and tossed over his shoulder. Her bottom clenched again, if she didn’t need pants and panties anymore this was going to be bad.

The thought barely had time to register before his hand started falling on her upturned backside with gusto.

“Jessica Remington I better not ever see a tantrum the likes of that again! You behaved worse than a three year old,” Jim scolded as his hand continued to fall hard and fast.

“Yes sir!” she yelled. “Ohhh Jim not so hard!”

Her pleas were ignored as Jim gave his wife the longest and hardest spanking he’d ever administered in their ten year marriage. By the time he stayed his hand she was sobbing limply over his lap and her full bottom was the color of a ripe plum.

Jim eased her legs apart to straddle his right knee and then used his left hand to spread her bottom cheeks apart.

Jessica stirred over his knee with a wail, “Please no Jim! I’ll be good I promise!”

“I intend to see to it you are,” he told her firmly as he began to sink one long finger into her tight bottom hole.

“OOOH Jim it burns!” she cried as he began to work his finger relentlessly in and out of her vulnerable ass. Soon though even though she was terribly embarrassed by the anal punishment her moans became a little less distressed and she couldn’t help raising her bottom up to meet each thrust.

Then he added a second finger bringing the discomfort back as she uttered a distressed wail. Ignoring her protests Jim continued to stretch and work her tender hole until once again her whimpers were of the more pleasurable variety.

Then he withdrew his fingers and slapped her tender bottom before lifting her to stand, “What happens to naughty wives Jess?”

She blushed prettily, “Naughty wives get their bottoms punished inside and out.”

“That’s right,” Jim said as he stood and turned her to face the table. “Now you bend over that table, spread your legs and then hold your bottom cheeks open for me like a good girl.”

Jessica shuddered in response to his words, then turned to comply with a softly voiced, “Yes sir.”

“Why are you bending over the table Jessica?” he asked firmly as he washed his hands and pulled some lube out of his pocket.

She pressed her hot face against the cool surface of the table as she reached back and caught a sore bottom cheek in each hand with a wince as she spread herself wide for her husband, “Because naughty wives take their husbands big hard cocks in the ass.”

Jim smiled as he pressed the tip of his well lubed cock against her shy little hole, “That’s right baby, bad girls get it up the ass.”

She whimpered as the broad head of his shaft slipped inside her and he began working himself in and out of her tight hole. Moisture dripped from her as the pleasure pain of his entry made her want to beg for more.

Soon he was in to the hilt and she could feel his balls against her body as he pressed deep. It wasn’t long before Jessica was pressing back against him with each hard thrust as he took her hard and fast. She craved this ultimate act of dominance, his utter control her legs moving further apart in an effort to take him even deeper inside.

When he sank three fingers into her waiting heat and began to work them in and out of her in time with his thrusting cock she couldn’t contain her cry of pleasure.

Her hands convulsing on her sore bottom and pulling it open even more for his pleasure and hers. The pain in her burning cheeks and the sting in her ass as he pounded into her entwining with her pleasure in such a way that she could no longer separate the two.

Now she cried out in need as he pounded into her, “Harder Jim…harder please…yes…oh Jim!”

Then he reached beneath her with his other hand and caught her swollen pulsing clit between his fingers and pinched it hard and she exploded around him clamping her muscles down tight on his cock as he released into her with a groan.

She shivered as she felt his hot seed pouring deep into her and felt a peace wash over her that had been sadly lacking as of late. Jim still loved her.

Jessica didn’t realize she’d spoken aloud until he pulled free from her body and slapped her ass hard before gathering her up in his arms and sitting back down with her in his lap.

“Of course I still love you, you little idiot. I never stopped loving you and I never will. That stupid song you play about one less egg to fry? Not ever happening babe,” he said kissing her deeply.

Then he sat her on her feet in front of him once more, “Now get cleaned up and fry me some eggs woman!”

Jessica jumped to do as he asked with a wide grin on her face.

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