Free Story Friday!-Love’s Elusive Dream

Hi all I hope you’re having a great week. My week has been decidely soggy since we are having record rainfall and flooding in my neck of the woods but so far I’ve managed to keep my feet relatively dry. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Happy Reading! ~Morganna

Love’s Elusive Dream

Devon sat at the bar sipping her bourbon and coke while she watched the people in the crowd. The desperation in the air was almost sickening. She took a deep drink and shook her head.

Everyone searching for that elusive thing called love. Love … caring … commitment …what a crock of shit.

She’d been around that block a couple of hundred times and had always been left standing alone.

No thank you.

She could manage just fine on her own. From now on she’d approach it all with the same attitude as a man. When she felt a need, she’d find someone to scratch her itch. No strings attached.

She could play their game. She’d play it and win.

Funnily enough, since she’d changed her outlook on things, they seemed to flock to her in droves. Her “I don’t give a shit” attitude drew them. They all wanted to be the one to turn her back into a simpering, besotted fool.

Not happening; Devon knew the truth now, love was an illusion, pretty to look at yes, but it quickly faded with the light of day.

She was roused from her dark musings when HE walked in the door. Her heartbeat quickened and her breath stopped for a space of seconds.

He stood at least six foot four with the shoulders of a linebacker, a five o’clock shadow along the edge of his roughly hewn jaw. He walked in and pierced her with his dark gaze. Everything in the room froze for a space of several heartbeats.

She couldn’t look away; she sat helpless and watched his approach.

Then he was in front of her, looking down at her with his smoldering brown eyes. “Hello. Have you been waiting long?”

His voice was like smoky honey; it rolled over her like an invisible caress.

Devon blinked and shook her head trying to escape from his spell, “What?”

“Have you been waiting long?”

“Waiting long for what?” she tried for a disinterested tone but her shaking hand as she brought her glass to her lips betrayed her.

“For me.”

Devon snorted, “Honey I’m not waiting for anyone. I don’t play that game.”

He smiled revealing a dimple in his left cheek, “I think you do.”

Devon stiffened as he ran a finger up the side of her neck and along her cheek.

“In fact … I think you’ve been waiting a long time.”

“I told you, I don’t wait for any man.”

“You’ll wait for me.”

“I won’t!” Devon stood to walk away only to be pulled tightly into his arms and led onto the dance floor.

“You will.”

Devon groaned her body melting into his as if it recognized him, “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Because I need you as much as you need me.”

They moved as one across the dance floor; his body easily leading hers, seducing her with every movement.

She struggled against the lure … the heat, knowing she couldn’t escape from this man unscathed, “This is stupid … I don’t even know you.”

“You know me.”

“I don’t know your name.”


“Quint,” she tasted the name on her tongue as she filled herself with his scent. Then she remembered he didn’t know hers. “I’m Devon.”

He smiled down at her, “Are you ready to go home Devon?”

As Devon gazed up at him part of her wanted to run but she knew she wouldn’t. She had to find out if the promise in his eyes … the illusion… would fade.

“I’m ready.”

Time seemed to stand still as he led her from the crowded dance floor and out to his waiting car. Devon felt suspended in the moment as he drove silently toward some unknown destination.

She knew she should ask where he was taking her but didn’t want to break the spell.

Devon was being foolish, but for the first time in a long while hope was budding in her heart.

“Here we are.”

Quint led the way into a small beach house. It was sparsely furnished but tidy.

He took her hand and pulled her behind him to the couch. She was startled when instead of pulling her down next to him; he pulled her face down across his lap instead.

“What are you doing?”

He lifted her short skirt to the small of her back and pulled her almost non-existent panties to her knees, “You know.”


“You’ve waited too long as it is,” he brought his hand down smartly on her white upturned bottom. “This is for giving up and trying to grow hard and cold.”

She whimpered and squirmed as his hand began to heat her bottom with building sting. Then he stopped and began to caress the hot, stinging skin that he’d brought to a hot pink hue.

Devon groaned and parted her thighs for him as he delved deeply between them, “This is for waiting for me.”

“Quint,” his name came from between her lips on a breathy sigh.

“Yes. It will always be me,” he lifted her to her knees and skimmed his hands beneath her dress, bringing it over her head.

She eagerly helped him divest her of the last of her clothing then complied when he placed her back on her hands and knees before him.

His hands stroked up and down her back and across her buttocks as she arched into him. Every nerve seemed to be alive and screaming with need.


“Please what?”

“Quint please …” she groaned as his hands again skimmed the area that needed him most. “I want … I need …”

“What do you need Devon?”


“You’ve got me,” He said as he came behind her and entered her with one smooth thrust, taking them both to the stars.


Devon woke as dawn began its ascent on the horizon. She was alone.

She sobbed into her pillow, mourning the night. Mourning Quint … her love … her everything…”

She sighed, tears gone and prayed for the dream to come again … love’s elusive dream.


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