Free Story Friday!-Ladies Don’t Do That

It’s another free story Friday! Work has been insane for the last few weeks so I thought I better go ahead and get this blog post up rather than risk it being late again! 🙂 I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Happy Reading! ~Morganna

Ladies Don’t Do That

Ladies don’t pop their chewing gum that way Ellen! Ladies don’t wear pants! Ladies always move in a dignified and graceful manner, they do not run through the house like wild banshees!

Ellie frowned as all the different admonishments everyone from her mother to the town grocer seemed inclined to shoot her way. She wouldn’t be surprised if Barney threw his two cents in next. She glanced suspiciously at the family dog where he lay sleeping peacefully on the rug by her bed.

With a snort of disgust she got up from the bed and wistfully eyed the pair of jeans lying in a crumpled heap on the floor. Well why shouldn’t she? Mother wasn’t home to protest. Father was in the city. John was overseas, so he would never even know about the pair of jeans she’d liberated from his closet.

She grinned and hummed happily to herself as she pulled them on over her full hips. Ellie glanced at her backside in the mirror and frowned, she detested the shape of her body. The flamboyant curves of her hips and breasts just seemed to get in the way. She filled out her brother’s jeans in a way he never had that was certain. She used one of his old belts to cinch in the waist of the jeans where they gaped. She’d deliberately picked an old one so she could poke a hole in it and make it small enough for her tiny waist.

Tugging an old baseball cap on her head and tucking her hair inside, Ellie remembered the days when no one seemed to care about her tomboy ways. In fact they’d all laughed about it when she followed John and his friend George around; George forever tugging her braids and calling her the tag along brat.

Then she’d turned sixteen and everything had changed. George had suddenly stopped tugging her braids and seemed to avoid all contact with her. John and her parents began insisting that she stop wearing pants and dress like a lady; whatever that was. Suddenly no one was happy with her anymore.

Ellie sighed, what hurt the most was George’s defection. He hadn’t even said goodbye to her when he joined the Navy with John. She’d never understood what she did that made him so angry he wouldn’t talk to her anymore.

She scrubbed angrily at the tear that had formed in her eye. That was all water under the bridge, she was nineteen now. She didn’t need George Anderson or anyone else. Especially if they felt the need to tell her what to do!

Ellie sat happily on the bank of the river enjoying the cooling breeze coming off the water. Her shoes lay discarded next to her the tips of her toes flirting with the edge of the water. Just then she caught sight of a bottle bobbing up and down several feet off shore. It looked as if there was a note in it. It couldn’t be could it? There was no way it could possibly be the bottle she’d tossed in at the age of fourteen when she was head over heels for George. Or could it?

Unable to contain her curiosity Ellie began trying to get at the bottle. First she tried hanging on to the bass of a tree and leaning out to snag it with a stick. It wasn’t long enough. Sweeping the water back towards her with her hands certainly didn’t prove effective.

Then she began to eye the tree at her side. It was sturdy enough and one of the branches hung over the river; it looked like it would hold her.

Ellie grinned and climbed up the tree then inched her way slowly across the branch. When she was right over the bottle she gripped the branch with her knees and hung upside down. Eureka! She had it.

“What do you think you’re doing young lady?”

The deep voice booming at her from the bank startled her and she lost her hold on the branch, “SPLASH!!!”

Ellie came up sputtering and frowned at the man on the bank. It was George! Clutching the bottle to her chest she swam quickly to shore, becoming more and more angry. The nerve of the man! Ignoring her for years then choosing to scare the life out of her when he speaks.

George watched her progress with interest only adding fuel to the fire of her temper. She heard a sharp intake of breath when she stood in front of him not realizing the way her damp and muddy clothes clung to her body. She’d lost her hat so her hair hung in clumps around her head, full of river water and mud.

“What’s the big idea?” She demanded.

George took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a second, “What were you doing Ellie? When are you going to realize you’re nineteen and not nine?”

Ellie snorted, “What’s it to you?”

“I’ll tell you what miss…” George stopped at the sounds coming from the other side of the hill and frowned at Ellie. No doubt it was a group of teenage boys coming to fish, but no way was he going to have then staring at his Ellie. The damp clothes molded her body leaving nothing to the imagination from her enticing derriere to her lush breasts. He could even see her nipples puckering from the cool breeze through the thin material of her shirt. George took off his own shirt and wrapped quickly around her damp form.

“What are you doing? Stop it! Take your hands off me George Anderson!” Ellie struggled against him and finally kicked him in the shin with her bare toe, “OOUUCH! Now look what you made me do!”

George glared down at her, “You have to be the most exasperating female on the face of the earth.” He said button a couple of the buttons on his shirt to keep it firmly closed.

“I can’t move my arms you…you…” Ellie thought frantically for something to call him and remembered the name she’d once heard her brother call someone that had sent her mother into hysterics. “You BASTARD!”

George froze and stared down at her for a full minute before tossing her shocked and wriggling form over his shoulder, “That does it! You’ve been allowed to run wild for entirely too long. It stops NOW!”

“George what are you doing? Put me down this instant! My shoes! George put me down!!!”

George delivered a slap to her posterior that brought tears to her eyes with its sting, “I’d suggest you settle down young lady. Trust me you’ve more than enough trouble to deal with, no need to look for more.”

Ellie blinked still shocked by the searing heat he had left in her backside from that one slap and more than a little nervous about his intentions. Maybe she’d pushed it a little too far with that name. She wasn’t really sure what it meant but she knew it had to be a bad one from her mother’s reaction, “Ummm…George I’m sorry I called you…well…that name.”

“Mmmmmmmm…” was his only response.

“George where are you taking me?”

“You’ll find out soon enough little girl.”

Little girl? For some reason Ellie found him calling her a little girl outraging, “I’m NOT a little girl!”

“Couldn’t prove it by me or anyone else in this town.”

“Oh…why you…”

Another slap landed, not nearly as hard as the first but enough to warn her, “I’m about two seconds from blistering your bottom right here so I’d be very careful were I you.”

Blistering her bottom? He couldn’t be serious! Could he? That thought was enough to keep her silent the rest of the way home.

Being almost as familiar with her house as she was George didn’t even pause at the front door but went right on in setting Ellie on her feet in the front hall. She stared up at him and chewed worriedly on her bottom lip.

George undid the buttons holding his shirt on her and it dropped to the floor. He frowned again at the sight of the damp clinging clothes as he thought of anyone else seeing her like this.

Shaking his head he grabbed her by the hand and pulled her across his lap as he took a seat on the hall tree in the foyer of the Madison home.

Ellie was so surprised by being taken across his knee she dropped the bottle she’d been clutching and it rolled across the floor.

“George you can’t!”

“I certainly can. It’s long over due in my opinion!” he told her as he brought his hand down sharply on her upturned bottom. “I’ve watched and waited on you for years. You run around this town like a complete hoyden. Ignoring all attempts to get you to behave as a proper young lady should.”

His hand continued to rise and fall as he lectured her about the behavior of proper young ladies. Ellie’s painful yelps soon turned to sobs as his heavy hand belabored her behind.

“Please George…stop…I’m sorry…I’ll be good…I promise!”

“I’ll see to it that you are!” he said giving her another five swats for good measure before standing her on her feet in front of him. “And another thing, your mother invited me to dinner tonight and I expect to see you in a dress.”

“Yes George,” Ellie said meekly surprised at the flutter of butterflies in her tummy as she gazed up at him. She shouldn’t be excited by the prospect of seeing him again after he so thoroughly tanned her backside should she?

“Now you go upstairs and take a hot shower and make yourself presentable before your parents get home.”

“Yes George,” Ellie said staring up at him still a little dazed by all the thoughts running through her head. A quick swat to her seat hurried her on up the stairs.

She winced as she tugged the river soaked jeans down over her tender bottom then looked in the mirror with a wistful smile. The bare skin of her bottom was a bright pink and hot to the touch. Ellen ran her fingers lightly over the tender skin and shivered at the memory of masterful way George had taken her hand.

As she climbed into the shower she wondered what dress she should wear to dinner. She wanted to look her best for George.

George shook his head as he watched her fly up the stairs. So much for a ladylike exit, he had a feeling this leave wasn’t going to be nearly long enough to complete the task of taming Ellen. As he turned to leave his boot hit a glass bottle.

George frowned in puzzlement as he picked it up from the floor. He remembered Ellie clutching a bottle tightly to her chest as she came out of the water. What had been so important about this bottle? Then he saw the note. Uncorking the bottle and pulling it out he read the words: “I’ll Love George Anderson till the day I die.”

George smiled and tucked the note in his pocket. “I’ll hold you too that brat,” he whispered to the girl upstairs.


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