It’s Free Story Friday!!!!-The Cowboy

Good afternoon everyone! Hope you’ve had a great week or at least a fabulous friday! Here’s wishing you a wonderful weekend! Happy Reading! ~Morganna

The Cowboy

She watched him closely from her shadowed corner. He was like the Marlboro Man revisited; tall, dark and hard. The way he filled out his wranglers was a sin and she loved the way his grey Stetson was tipped down over his eyes; the ultimate cowboy.

Not that he would notice her in a million years. She was not the type of woman a man like that noticed. When he looked her way as if feeling her gaze she shrank back against the bar, pretending a sudden interest in her drink.

When a deep silky voice drawled into her ear she nearly jumped off the barstool. “Darling I’ve been looking for ages but I didn’t expect to find you here.”

Blinking up at him she got lost in his dark brown eyes, “Huh?”

He smiled and removed the drink from her hand, “Dance with me.”

“I…I don’t dance,” she stammered helplessly as he lifted her from the stool.

“Sure you do.”

“I don’t, I’m too clumsy. I’ll make you look bad,” she tugged futilely at her hand but he didn’t let go and instead pulled her into his arms on the dance floor.

“No you won’t Darlin’, I’ll take care of you.”

He smelled like expensive leather, she inhaled deeply and gave into impulse allowing herself to sink into his embrace.

She felt beautiful in his arms and not like the awkward klutz she knew herself to be. Sighing she pressed herself just a little bit closer.

“What’s your name?”

The sound of his voice broke through her dreamlike state and she looked up at him with a blush straightening up away from him a little, “Sorry. My name is Mattie.”

“Don’t pull away from me Mattie. I liked you where you were. Snuggled against me you’re a perfect fit. I’m Logan.”

Mattie smiled up at him, “It’s nice to meet you.”

The smile caught him in the gut. It seemed to come all the way from her toes. It also clinched the deal. This was the woman he’d been waiting for; she was lovely but obviously didn’t realize it. Sweet, lovely and soon to be his; she had a body designed to keep a man warm even on the coldest of nights. He didn’t understand what she was doing here though; a soft creature like this didn’t belong in a Roadhouse. It wasn’t safe.

“Why are you here Mattie?”

She blushed, “It was a dare.”

Logan frowned, “A dare?”

Mattie nodded, “Some women I worked with dared me to come in here and pick up a cowboy. I knew I couldn’t do it but they laughed at me and said I’d never even make it in the door. I had to prove them wrong.” She looked up at him with the beginnings a spark of indignation in her eyes. “I couldn’t let them think me a coward.”

“Honey, I understand what you’re saying but this isn’t the kind of place for a girl like you.”

A look of horror came across her face as she jerked herself away from him. He’d just been playing with her. Logan didn’t really want her after all then another thought occurred to her, “Did they put you up to this?”

“Where do you think you’re goin Darlin’?”

“They did! They probably paid you to make me think that you…and I fell for it hook line and sinker! Stupid ole Mattie, she’ll fall for it, so starved for a little male attention!” She spluttered, glaring up at him as she worked herself up into a fine rage.

“Calm down Darlin’. I don’t know what you’re talking about but we’ll get this all straightened out.”

“Screw you…you big jerk!” Mattie yelled and kicked him sharply in the shins.

She turned determined to storm out the door but didn’t make it two steps.

Logan caught her high in his arms then tossed her over one broad shoulder. She kicked and beat her fists on his back earning a sharp swat to the seat of her jeans for her efforts.

“You best simmer down Young Lady. Be glad I’m in a generous mood since I found my dream girl tonight, any other night and I’d have already warmed your fanny good.”

She stilled, “You wouldn’t.”

“I would, I won’t have any girl of mine acting like a shrew.”

“Who says I’m your girl?”

Logan stopped at the door of his truck and set her on her feet. He tilted Mattie’s face up to his by cupping her chin, “I do and from the way you curled into me on the dance floor I think you agree.”

Suddenly feeling braver than she ever had before, Mattie jerked her chin from his grasp. “Maybe I cuddle up to every cowboy that will have me.”

He raised a brow and began to roll up his shirtsleeves, “Another thing I won’t have from my girl is a lie.”

At the serious look in his eye Mattie’s momentary bravery fled and she back up a step. He caught her by the arm and jerked her across the denim-clad knee he had propped on the side step of the truck.

“No Logan! You can’t!”

“I can and I will. I mean to start as I intend to go on. We will be honest with each other.”

His hand clapped off her bottom again and again. The heat seared right through her jeans. She yelped and kicked as he made his point, “Be glad we’re in public little girl, otherwise I’d take these pants down and spank your bare bottom.”

Mattie cried out as some especially hard slaps lit into the tender crease between her bottom and thighs, “Owww! Oh please…”

“You ready to be a good girl?” Logan asked as he brought his hand down even harder and faster in the same area.

“Yes! I’ll be good! I promise!”

He delivered another quick volley of swats then he lifted her to her feet and jerked her close.

Mattie banged her small fists against his chest but he caught them in one large hand and kissed her.

The kiss was her undoing; she melted into him like butter. Her lips parted for his and his tongue sank inside claiming every bit of her mouth for his own. Large hands cupped her hot sore bottom and his leg slid between hers putting pressure on her tender slit. She felt almost drunk when he sat her away from him.

Logan stroked a hand down the side of her face, “See Baby girl, we’re a perfect fit.”

She stared up at him wonderingly as she realized it was true, “I’m so glad you found me in there.”

“Me too and now I’m not ever gonna let you go.”


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