Free Story Friday is here again!-The Serving Wench

Is it just me or are the weeks flying by? I feel like it was Friday yesterday and here we are again. I hope everyone’s was truly fabulous even if it did go by fast. Have a great day today and Happy Reading!

The Serving Wench

Monique frowned as she watched the tall Lord retire to the room the innkeeper had given him. She was to serve him dinner in his room.

She, who only a fortnight ago had been the most popular girl UPSTAIRS; now reduced to the level of a serving wench.

It was intolerable!

All because the men of the village were excited about the new girls; so she wasn’t needed upstairs. The industrious Innkeeper had told her that she would earn her keep by waiting on the customers.

Monique scowled as she knocked upon the nobleman’s door.

He opened it immediately with a welcoming smile.

She glared at him in return and slammed his plate down upon the table, spilling some of the hearty stew in the process.

“There you are SERVED!”

“Where is my ale?”

“Be happy you have the stew!”

“For a serving wench you are a bit ill tempered. You’ve the tongue of a wasp.”

Monique rolled her eyes, “Oh a thousand pardons my Lord, I didn’t mean to offend.” She offered with a sneer.

“Never fear I know how to remove the stinger.” Then before Monique could so much as blink the tall lord grasped her hand and sat in the big chair before the hearth pulling her face down across his lap.

“You cannot do this!”

“Ah but I can,” he said tucking her skirts into the ties of her apron and pulling her pantaloons down her struggling legs. “You’ll not be in need of these anytime soon.” He tossed the knickers across the room and studied her pale round bottom.

It was definitely in need of color. He set to work painting the canvas before him a brilliant shade of crimson.

Monique bucked and yowled over his knee as he brought forth the vivid hue.

He let her drop from his lap to kneel between his knees when her backside was glowing with color and heat.

He stood unbuckling the sword belt at his waist, “I think six good licks with my belt should finish things nicely.”

Monique blanched at his words quickly reaching to unfasten his breeches, “Don’t spank me anymore my Lord. I promise I will make it up to you, I will show you my tongue is good for more than sharp words.”

She smiled up at him beneath her lashes as she freed his straining erection.

“You can make it up to me after I’ve finished your punishment.”

Monique knew she had to act quickly or her chance of reprieve was lost. Grabbing the base of his shaft she took the head of it into her mouth and rolled her tongue around it.

He groaned in response and she knew she had him. She followed him with her quick tongue and hot mouth as he sank back into the depths of the chair taking him deep into her throat.

Her hand held him tightly and she brought it up to meet her mouth as she took as much of him in as she could. Then she would tighten her lips as she brought them up his shaft and her hand stroked down. She would bring him almost out of her mouth then look up into his eyes as she circled her tongue around its tip before taking him deep into her throat once again.

She worked him feverishly, hand and mouth moving together to bring him the most pleasure possible. When he came she took every drop of his semen then sat back on her heels as satisfied smirk on her face; sure she’d gotten out of the rest of her punishment.

He looked down to where she knelt at his feet, full lips still glistening from his seed her skirts still tacked up in back to reveal her hot, red posterior.

He smiled and offered her his hand helping her from the floor. She gasped in dismay when he lifted her slightly at the waist and draped her over the back of the big hearth chair. Her feet dangled finding no purchase and her bottom arched high and vulnerable.

“I think we will add another six strokes for your efforts to distract me from the rest of your punishment.”

“No please!”

One hand in the small of her back held her easily in place as he doubled his broad belt and brought it sharply down on the undercurve of her buttocks.

She shrieked loudly in response as a line of fire rose across her already sore bottom.

He concentrated all of the remaining eleven strokes in that same place; wanting to be sure she remembered this punishment when she sat down for some time to come.

She hung crying limply over the back of the chair when the belt dropped between her hands where they were braced in the seat of the chair.

Her bottom was hot and swollen; she gasped when she felt him step between her thighs realizing that she was in an optimum position for more than spanking.

He thrust hard and deep imbedding himself to her core.

She gasped at the wonderful feeling of fullness then hissed as his pelvis slapped hard against her tender nether regions.

As he continued the pounding thrusts she soon began whimpering and moaning across the chair unable to move back to meet him, as she wanted.

Positioned as she was he controlled the pace and depth of their coupling. She could only groan and plead as he thrust.

His thrusts became harder and faster, she began to shudder as she came to a violent release. He slammed into her three more times before finishing.

Monique lay across the chair trying to catch her breath as he rose and fixed his clothing. Then he lifted her from the back of the chair catching her when her knees threatened to buckle.

He gave her a cocky smile standing her before him and righting her clothing. She sucked air in sharply when her skirts made contact with her blazing backside.

“Now Wench, fetch me my Ale,” he said with a sharp swat to her skirted behind.

Monique gasped and bent in an awkward curtsey, “Yes my Lord.” She scurried from the room suddenly eager to do his bidding.


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