Shannon is Naturally Naughty on Saturday Spanks!

It’s great to be back on Saturday Spanks with my new book Naturally Naughty. In this excerpt Landon and Shannon are about to have some erotic spanking and bootie action.

Naked and in the corner, I waited for Landon. He planned to take my bottom tonight, and apparently, waiting in the corner naked as a jaybird was supposed to help me get in a submissive frame of mind.
Not sure I was feeling all that submissive; the corner can be rather boring, but soon I found myself thinking about Landon and his big cock filling my ass.
A shiver having nothing to do with cold ran through me and wetness was trickling down my inner thighs.
Moaning, I restlessly squeezed my thighs together, enjoying a little jolt of pleasure. Where was he?
“I think I said wait in the corner with your legs shoulder width apart, young lady,” his husky voice said from directly behind me.
How long had he been there? I shuddered as his hand ran down my spine and across my bottom, as I obediently spread my legs.
“Have you been a good girl while you waited here for me?” Landon asked, speaking softly in my ear.
“Yes, sir,” I said breathlessly.
He ran his hand between my legs, his fingers stroking through my wet folds, the tip of one finger teasingly grazing my clit before he withdrew. My hips bucked in response.
“Turn around and look at me,” he instructed, his voice darkly seductive, different from any way Landon had spoken to me before.
Turning, I looked up at him and gasped, suddenly embarrassed. He held his hand up for me to see that it was covered in the fluids dripping so freely between my legs.
“Is all this honey for me?” Landon asked before sticking his fingers in his mouth and cleaning my essence from them.
My knees nearly buckled as a wave of desire stronger than anything I’d ever known rolled through me.
“Answer me,” he ordered.
I swear I nearly came from the demand implicit in his voice. “Yes… all for you… only for you.”
“Get up on the bed on all fours, bottom out toward me,” Landon instructed.
Quickly climbing up on the bed, I presented my bottom, eager to get this show on the road. I needed him inside me so badly I ached. Catching sight of a very large black butt plug as I got into position, I felt a tiny sliver of trepidation.
A firm hand pressed down between my shoulder blades, urging my chest to the bed. Then he moved my legs farther apart until they stretched wide, opening me up so he could see all my secrets.
His hand landed on my left bottom cheek, leaving a slight sting in its wake. It fell again and again all over my bottom, alternating the stinging swats with sweeping strokes across my heated flesh.
I found myself pressing my chest even harder to the bed and lifting my bottom to meet his hand, eager for more. A broad finger teased through my folds again, stroking my clit then sinking deep into my needy channel.

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